Hymns for Christian Devotion: especially adapted to the Universalist denomination

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301Lo! what a glorious sight appearsPage Scan
302Long as the darkening cloud abodePage Scan
303Come, kingdom of our God, Sweet reign of light and lovePage Scan
304Pour, blessed gospel, glorious news for manPage Scan
305Hark, the song of jubileePage Scan
306See how great a [the] flame aspiresPage Scan
307Thou whose wide extended swayPage Scan
308On thy church, O Power divinePage Scan
309Sound the full chorus, let praises ascendPage Scan
310We long to see that happy timePage Scan
311The radiant dawn of gospel lightPage Scan
312Amazing, beauteous changePage Scan
313Still in shades of midnight darknessPage Scan
314Ye subjects of the Lord, proclaim The royal honors of his namePage Scan
315Daughter of Zion, from the dustPage Scan
316O who shall see the glorious dayPage Scan
317Father of faithful Abraham, hearPage Scan
318Onward speed thy conquering flightPage Scan
319O Zion, tune thy voice And raise thy hands on highPage Scan
320O thou Sun of glorious splendorPage Scan
321Isles of the south, awakePage Scan
322To Christ, the Son, the Father spakePage Scan
323Lord, have mercy when we pray [strive]Page Scan
324The long lost son, with streaming eyesPage Scan
325Forgive us for thy mercy's sakePage Scan
326The wandering star and fleeting windPage Scan
327Sweet is the friendly voice which [that] speaksPage Scan
328Lord, we have wandered from thy [the] wayPage Scan
329Jesus demands this heart of minePage Scan
330O sinner, bring not tears alone Or outward form ofPage Scan
331My soul before thee prostrate liesPage Scan
332Times without number have I prayedPage Scan
333There was joy in heavenPage Scan
334Blest instructor, from thy waysPage Scan
335O God, thy grace impartPage Scan
336Soft are the fruitful showersPage Scan
337When darkness long has veiled my [the] mindPage Scan
338O thou who hast at thy commandPage Scan
339So let our lips and lives expressPage Scan
340A soldier's course, from battles wonPage Scan
341Thus shalt thou love the almighty LordPage Scan
342Thrice happy souls [men] [they], who born [heirs] from [of] heavenPage Scan
343My soul be on thy [your] guardPage Scan
344Blest are the humble souls that [who] seePage Scan
345Patience, O 'tis [what] a grace divinePage Scan
346Who shall to [towards] thy chosen seatPage Scan
347Lord, who's the happy man, that mayPage Scan
348Blest are the meek, he saidPage Scan
349Happy the meek, whose gentle breastPage Scan
350Whatever dims thy sense of truthPage Scan
351Blest are the pure in heart, For they shall see our [their] GodPage Scan
352O 'tis a lovely thing to seePage Scan
353The bird that soars on highest wingPage Scan
354Is there ambition in my heartPage Scan
355Thus saith the first, the [and] great commandPage Scan
356Servants of Christ, arisePage Scan
357And is the gospel peace and lovePage Scan
358Ye servant [servants] of the Lord, Each in his [your] office waitsPage Scan
359Children of light awake at Jesus call arisePage Scan
360Through sorrow's night and danger's path [way] [road]Page Scan
361O speed thee, Christian, on thy wayPage Scan
362The Christian warrior, see him standPage Scan
363Religion, in its blessed rayPage Scan
364Thus saith [speaks] the high and lofty OnePage Scan
365They who seek the throne of gracePage Scan
366Sweet is the prayer, whose holy streamPage Scan
367Awake, my soul, lift up thine eyesPage Scan
368Awake my soul, stretch every nervePage Scan
369Am I a soldier of the crossPage Scan
370Awake, our souls, away our fearsPage Scan
371Prayer is the soul's [heart's] [saint's] sincere desirePage Scan
372Child amid [amidst] the flowers at playPage Scan
373Go, when the morning shinethPage Scan
374'Tis by the faith of joys to comePage Scan
375Faith adds new charms to earthly blissPage Scan
376Faith is the Christian's propPage Scan
377O, for a faith that will not shrinkPage Scan
378Borne o'er the ocean's stormy wavePage Scan
379Children of the heavenly king as we journeyPage Scan
380There is a hope, a blessed hopePage Scan
381All nature feels attractive powerPage Scan
382O may our sympathizing breast [breasts]Page Scan
383Happy the heart where graces reignPage Scan
384O God, my Father, and my KingPage Scan
385This is the first and great commandPage Scan
386God of our mercy and our praisePage Scan
387Faith, hope, and love now dwell on earthPage Scan
388Faith, hope, and charity, these threePage Scan
389Mistaken souls, that [who] dream of heavenPage Scan
390The uplifted eye and bended kneePage Scan
391How beautiful the sight Of brethren who agreePage Scan
392Lord, subdue our selfish willPage Scan
393Blest are the sons of peacePage Scan
394The glorious universe aroundPage Scan
395The saints of earth and those abovePage Scan
396Let party names no morePage Scan
397How blest the sacred tie that bindsPage Scan
398Omniscient God, 'tis thine to knowPage Scan
399Not different food nor different dress, Compose the kindgom of our LordPage Scan
400Imposture shrinks from lightPage Scan

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