Hymns for Children, Selected and Altered

Publisher: Munroe & Francis, Boston, 1825
Language: English
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1God is good! each perfumed flowerPage Scan
2Almighty God! by thy great powerPage Scan
3My God! I thank thee that the nightPage Scan
4Another day its course has runPage Scan
5All Nature shows in various waysPage Scan
6To be resigned when ills betidePage Scan
7O heavenly Father, gracious FriendPage Scan
8Thou shalt not steal thy neighbour's rightPage Scan
9Sweet is the voice of well-earned praisePage Scan
10What pleasure can the idol feelPage Scan
11How pleasant it is, at the close of the dayPage Scan
12Wake, wake! see the dawn, it is time to arisePage Scan
13What can I, my Maker, doPage Scan
14Sabbath-day of peace and joyPage Scan
15Another night has passed awayPage Scan
16Another fleeting day is gonePage Scan
17These emmets how little they are in our eyes!Page Scan
18There is a tongue in every leafPage Scan
19Father, beneath whose watchful eyePage Scan
20O, happy is the child that hearsPage Scan
21Awake, my heart, and sing the praisePage Scan
22Once more, my soul, the rising dayPage Scan
23Awake, my soul, and with the sunPage Scan
24Our Father God! who dwell'st in HeavenPage Scan
25The wind blows down the largest treePage Scan
26O! thou who rul'st the realms on highPage Scan
27Guard me from pride, from vain desirePage Scan
28Are thou my Father?--then no morePage Scan
29With warm affection let us viewPage Scan
30We sing thy mercy, God of lovePage Scan
31Great God, and wilt thou condescendPage Scan
32Say, what is life? 'Tis like a flowerPage Scan
33The summer winds sing lullabyPage Scan
34O Thou! to whom the grateful songPage Scan
35We've passed a pleasant Sabbath dayPage Scan
36Oh! I will make, and quickly risePage Scan
37The morning hours of cheerful lightPage Scan
38With firm resolve, and equal mindPage Scan
39For life with all its varied joyPage Scan
40Guide of our youth, to thee we prayPage Scan
41Now behold, the mid-day sunPage Scan
42Dark is the sky when day retiresPage Scan
43Child of patient industryPage Scan
44There's not a tint that paints the rosePage Scan
45Father! I would not live in vainPage Scan
46Evening hail! thou grateful shade!Page Scan
47Author of life, of joy, of healthPage Scan
48See the leaves around us fallingPage Scan
49Almighty ruler of the skies!Page Scan
50O Father! spread thy guardian armPage Scan
51There is a world we have not seenPage Scan
52Humbly walk, and heaven will love theePage Scan
53Great source of unexhausted good!Page Scan
54Fruitless the wish, and vain the prayerPage Scan
55Father of good, to whom belongPage Scan
56Great God! I would not seek to knowPage Scan
57O God, to thee, who first hast givenPage Scan
58Taste not from envy's poisonous fountainPage Scan
59Frail though my young devotions bePage Scan
60When near, O, Lord thy heavenly thronePage Scan
61The sun goes down--another Sabbath dayPage Scan
62Whate'er thou purposest to doPage Scan
63I see a God at every stepPage Scan
64A God appears of grace and powerPage Scan
65Almighty Lord! to Thee alonePage Scan
66Mortal! while the sunny beamPage Scan
67Far from mortal cares retreatingPage Scan
68Thou art, O God! the life and lightPage Scan
69Onward, onward, may we pressPage Scan
70Glory to our heavenly king!Page Scan
71Night is the time for restPage Scan
72God of mercy! God of love!Page Scan
73Hail sacred season! peaceful day!Page Scan
74Begin, my child, in early youthPage Scan
75By the cutting north-wind rentPage Scan
76Tell me, moments now no morePage Scan
77The willow that droops by the side of the riverPage Scan
78My God, thy boundless love I praisePage Scan
79Lord, through the slippery paths of youthPage Scan
80When in thy temple, Lord! we bowPage Scan
81Look through creation, and beholdPage Scan
82Shun delays, they bring remorsePage Scan
83Author of life! with reason's dawnPage Scan
84Providence, profusely kindPage Scan
85Father of Heaven! thy wond'rous powerPage Scan
86The summer ends its short careerPage Scan
87Let me with fervor praise the LordPage Scan
88To thee, O Lord, we humbly prayPage Scan
89Love God with all your soulPage Scan
90See the golden orb of dayPage Scan
91Bright stars of eve, your lucid raysPage Scan
92Hast thou, my soul, improved each powerPage Scan
93I live again to see the dayPage Scan
94See the gleams of daylight swimPage Scan
95Oh, is there not a Mighty PowerPage Scan
96When in the morning of my daysPage Scan
97O grant thy blessing, Lord, to-day!Page Scan
98Almighty God and King on highPage Scan
99Greatest of beings! source of lifePage Scan
100Of all the gifts in virtue's powerPage Scan

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