The Helping Hand: extended and dedicated to Sunday schools and praise meetings

Editor: W. T. Giffe, J. H. Rosecrans
Publisher: George D. Newhall & Co., Cincinnati, Oh., 1878
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
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3When upon the stormy seaPage Scan
4Fully armed with sword in handPage Scan
5Jesus calls, he bids me comePage Scan
6Jesus, Savior of my soul, May I ever Thee adorePage Scan
7In the Lamb's book of life that is kept in heavenPage Scan
8Send a shout along the linePage Scan
9Clinging to Jesus Fondly am IPage Scan
10I'm kneeling at the thresholdPage Scan
11Sav'd by grace, oh, blessed tidingsPage Scan
12Let us work with our might, let us do what we mayPage Scan
14When the tempest rages highPage Scan
15Sweet Sabbath eve, My thoughts I'll weavePage Scan
16I love Thee more and morePage Scan
17Jesus, I have room for theePage Scan
18We're a band of little workersPage Scan
19In peace I lay me down and sleepPage Scan
20Around the throne of God in heav'nPage Scan
21I lean on Thee, my Savior dearPage Scan
22The Lord of life and glory knocksPage Scan
23We are almost home, we are almost homePage Scan
24There's a land far away, 'mid the stars we are toldPage Scan
25Pass me not, O gentle SaviorPage Scan
26Work on with tireless zealPage Scan
27Unto Thee, O God, I callPage Scan
28There are days of deepest sorrowPage Scan
29Awake, my soul in joyful laysPage Scan
30Hark! hear the Christmas bells!Page Scan
31Waiting till I can offerPage Scan
32Speak with kindness, loving, tenderPage Scan
33Like a Shepherd His flock He'll feedPage Scan
34There is a house not made with handsPage Scan
35Oh, the wondrous love of GodPage Scan
36Jesus, my Savior, I pray Thee be mercifulPage Scan
37Always with you, wherefore fear?Page Scan
38Tell the good news, the wondrous story!Page Scan
39Sadly I wander'd in error's dark nightPage Scan
41On what are you building, my brotherPage Scan
42There's a jubilee in heavenPage Scan
43Bright, bright water, Sparkling and freePage Scan
44Oh if for me the cup you fillPage Scan
45Touch it not, it biteth, stingethPage Scan
46Almost persuaded a Christian to bePage Scan
47I am the way, the only wayPage Scan
48Close by the side of a loving SaviorPage Scan
49With weary, falt'ring feetPage Scan
50Once I wandered away from the good Shepherd's foldPage Scan
51There is a fountain filled with bloodPage Scan
52Press on, press on, ye sons of lightPage Scan
53Up and away, like the dew of the morningPage Scan
54The Father is willing to save theePage Scan
55Guilty soul, lift up thine eyesPage Scan
56Look, ye saints, the sight is gloriousPage Scan
57Come to Jesus, little onePage Scan
58Remember the poor on the cold wint'ry dayPage Scan
59When thou art wearied and distress'dPage Scan
60I am coming to the fountainPage Scan
61Jesus, hear me when I prayPage Scan
62Jesus is merciful, Free to forgivePage Scan
63I'll not give up the BiblePage Scan
64aWe are pressing toward the markPage Scan
64bWe will meet, all meetPage Scan
66In the cross of Christ I gloryPage Scan
67We are coming, we are comingPage Scan
68Look to the precious JesusPage Scan
69I want to be like JesusPage Scan
70O'er the hill the sun is settingPage Scan
71Soon we shall leave this world of sinPage Scan
72Thoughtless sinner, while you stayPage Scan
73Jesus, on thy love relyingPage Scan
74Nearer the Savior, nearer, nearer GodPage Scan
75When by affliction sorely triedPage Scan
76Is there anyone here whose heart is touch'dPage Scan
78Cheer up, Christian! why that sadness?Page Scan
79Savior, I am asking, askingPage Scan
80Whatsoever is convenientPage Scan
81We shall be like Him, O beautiful tho't!Page Scan
82Seeking to save the fallenPage Scan
83Lord, I bring my life to TheePage Scan
84We saw Thee not, when Thou didst comePage Scan
85Bright rays of Autumn quiverPage Scan
86Jesus, Thou art divinePage Scan
87Of all the names in earth or heav'nPage Scan
88Under the shadow of Thy wing abidingPage Scan
89I will come to Jesus In my early youthPage Scan
90If we knew, when walking thoughtlessPage Scan
91I hear the "old, old story"Page Scan
92My hope is built on nothing lessPage Scan
93Ever faithful, ever truePage Scan
94We know not yet what we shall bePage Scan
95Work when the morning shinethPage Scan
96Oppress'd with noonday's scorching heatPage Scan
97When the last farewell is spokenPage Scan
98Golden curls are laid to restPage Scan
99The nations to Jesus shall bowPage Scan
100We shall meet beyond the riverPage Scan
101Thou, who didst with love and blessingPage Scan
102The Savior has triumphed o'er death and sinPage Scan
103Beautiful Zion built abovePage Scan
104In the joyous hours of youthPage Scan
105Teachers, while the harvest lastsPage Scan

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