Hymns and Hymn Tunes in the English Metrical Psalters

Editor: Edna Parks
Publisher: Coleman Ross, New York, 1966
Language: English
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d1A blest conversion and a strange
d2A city now we have obtained
d3A comet dangling in the air
d4A contrite heart and broken spirit
d5A convert and conversion strange
d6A holy sacrament his day
d7A soul that's burdened with the weight
d8A sov'raigntie, though some obtain
d9A thousand perils every day
d10A time so cursed once was here
d11A winged harbinger from bright heaven flown
d12Accept, O God, my holy fires
d13Adam comes forth; but in a new edition
d14Adieu, dear Lord, I kiss your sacred feet
d15Adieu, dear Lord, if you'll ascend from me
d16Adieu, dear Master, we must part I see
d17Ah conscience! conscience! when I look
d18Ah helpless wretch what shall I do
d19Ah me where may I seek a friend
d20Ah on my Savior's tender flesh
d21Aid me O lord my God for there be three
d22Alas my heart what meanest thou
d23Alas my Lord is going
d24All glory belongs to Jesus alone
d25All glory unto God
d26All human succors now are flown
d27All people praise the Lord
d28All praise and glory that we may
d29All praise to thee in light arrayed
d30All that exceptions save I love
d31All the created works, O Lord
d32All this is just, Lord, I confess
d33All you that fear the Lord, give ear
d34Almighty God, how hast thou born
d35Almighty God, when he had raised the frame
d36Although he knows it putrifies
d37Although, my God, that sacrifice
d38Although that hope is frustrate made
d39Although transgressors, Lord, we be
d40Amid so many miseries
d41Among the Jews let every tribe
d42Among these blessings which on me
d43Among those points of neighborhood
d44Among those wonders here on earth
d45An humble heart, O God
d46And art thou come, blest Babe, and come to me
d47And art thou parting, dearest Lord, to go
d48And do we then believe
d49And dost thou come, O blessed Lord
d50And may I yet, dear Lord, be dear to you
d51And now, my soul, canst thou forget
d52And now ye day which in ye morn was thine
d53And shall I drown the man, and drench the beast
d54And this is just, Lord, I confess
d55Armies of angels, myriads of saints
d56As blessed Andrew on a day
d57As due by many titles I resign
d58As he that sees a dark and shady grove
d59As I in hoary winter's night stood shivering...
d60As those three kings, touched with a sacred zeal
d61Attend, O Lord, and hear
d62Attend, ye nations and give ear
d63Awake, my soul, awake and see
d64Awake my soul, chase from thine eyes
d65Awake sad heart, whom sorrow ever drowns
d66Away despair; my gracious Lord doth hear
d67Be fervent in the truth
d68Be gracious, Lord, unto my grief
d69Be thou, my trust, my God, and I
d70Because the world might not pretend
d71Before my face the picture hangs
d72Before there was a light there was a light
d73Before thy face, and in thy sight
d74Behold, by misadventure, how the wind
d75Behold, dear Father! with whose gracious eyes
d76Behold, he comes, comes from on high
d77Behold my right, and right my wrong
d78Behold, O God, the wretched state
d79Betimes awake thee
d80Bless me, oh God! and be thou near
d81Blessed are the feet which bring the news
d82Blessed Creator, let thine only son
d83Blessed Lord, before you go
d84Blessed Lord, thy servants see
d85Blessed, O Lord, be thy wise grace
d86Blest are the feet which bring the news
d87Blest be the God of love
d88Blest Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
d89Blest Jesu, thou, on heaven intent
d90Blest little martyrs for the new born God
d91Blest Lord, I sigh and mourn, and come away
d92Blest spirits of the triumphant church above
d93Blest spirits, while you above shine bright and clear
d94Bright Queen of heaven! God's virgin spouse
d95Bright queen of saints
d96Bring all the brutish and unwise
d97But art thou come, dear Savior? hath thy love
d98But by way of nourishment and strength
d99But man rebels, and for one tast doth choose
d100By art, a poet is not made

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