Hymns for Social and Private Worship, Altered to a Devotional Form

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d1A meek inquiring mind
d2Almighty Father, gracious Lord
d3Almighty God, before whose throne
d4Almighty God, in prayer to thee
d5Almighty God, thy powerful word
d6Author of being, God of love
d7Author of good, we rest on thee
d8Author of life and bliss
d9Be thou still with us, gracioius Lord
d10Before thy awful throne we bow
d11Beset with snares on every hand
d12Blest instructor, from thy ways
d13Come, blessed Lord, descend and dwell
d14Come, thou almighty King, Help us thy name to sing
d15Eternal God, Almighty Cause
d16Eternal God, enthroned on high
d17Eternal God, how large the sum
d18Eternal source of every joy
d19Eternal Source of life and thought
d20Father, adored in worlds above
d21Father divine, before thy view
d22Father divine, joys ever new
d23Father, how sweet thy voice
d24Father of mercies, God of love, My [Our] Father and my [our] God
d25Father of mercies, in thy [your] word
d26Father of our feeble race
d27Father of peace, and God of love
d28Father Supreme, thy gracious power
d29Father, thy hallowed name be sung
d30Father, we thank thee, may no thought
d31Fountain of blessing [blessings], ever blest
d32From every thought and wish impure
d33Glory to thee, my [our] God [O Lord], this night [day]
d34God of mercy, God of love [grace], Hear
d35God of my [our] strength, to thee I [we] cry
d36God of our lives [life] thy constant care
d37God of our lives, our thanks to thee
d38God of our lives, whose bounteous care
d39God, our supporter and our hope
d40God, thou art here, let us adore
d41Great art thou, Lord, our souls adore
d42Great Author of all nature's frame
d43Great Author of the immortal mind
d44Great First of beings, mighty Lord
d45Great God, as [the] followers of thy Son
d46Great God, at whose all-powerful call
d47Great God, attend our humble call
d48Great God, let all my [our] tuneful powers
d49Great God of grace, arise and shine
d50Great God, our Father and our Friend
d51Great God, thine attributes divine
d52Great God, thy peerless excellence
d53Great God, to Thee our all we owe
d54Great God, to Thee our grateful tongues
d55Great God, whose all pervading eye
d56Great Source of boundless power and grace
d57Great Source of life, our souls confess
d58Great Source of unexhausted good
d59Greatest of beings, source of life
d60Hail, King supreme, all wise and good
d61Hear, O my [our] God, in mercy hear
d62Heavenly Father, gracious name
d63Heavenly Father, sovereign [might] Lord
d64How are thy servants blest, O Lord [God]
d65How oft, alas, this [our] wretched [sinful] [wicked] heart
d66In all my [our] vast concerns with thee
d67In all thy dealngs, gracious God
d68In glad amazement Lord I [we] stand
d69Indulgent Father, how divine
d70Indulgent God, whose bounteous care O'er all thy works is shown
d71Indulgent God, with pitying eye
d72Let every tongue thy goodness speak
d73Lord from mortal cares retreating
d74Lord, from the confines of our hearts
d75Lord, in thy great, thy glorious name
d76Lord, midst our cares, may we present
d77Lord of nature, God almighty
d78Lord of the world's majestic frame
d79Lord, raise each weak desponding mind
d80Lord, should we count thy mercies o'er
d81Lord, should we trace creation o'er
d82Lord, thou art good, all nature shows
d83Lord, through the dubious [devious] path [paths] of life
d84Lord, we would love thy holy name
d85Lord, when abroad our soaring thoughts
d86Lord, when our thoughts delighted rove
d87Lord, while my [our] thoughts with wonder trace
d88Lord, while thou hast led the sun
d89Low at thy gracious feet I bend
d90O God, all nature owns thy sway
d91O God, allow our tongue
d92O God, as merciful as just
d93O God of grace, before thy throne
d94O God, on thee we all depend
d95O God, our earliest, latest hope
d96O God, our Father, and our king
d97O God, our king, O let thy praise
d98O God, our strength, our hope
d99O God, permit us not to be
d100O God, the covenant of our love

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