Hymns Written for the Use of Hebrew Congregations

Publisher: Congregation Beth Elohim, Charleston, S.C., 1867
Denomination: Judaism
Notes: 3rd ed., revised and corrected. Available online http://huc.edu/research/libraries/guides/earp/hymnskkbe
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1When Faith, too young for a sublimer creed
2By Babel's streams Thy children wept; Then mute, O Israel! was thy choir
3Israel! to holy numbers
4Before the glorious orbs of light
5One God! One Lord! One mighty King!
6O God! as we on nature gaze
7Glorified, throughout all time
8The Lord of heaven reigns
9In God, the holy, wise, and just
10Divine Disposer of events!
11Almighty God! whose will alone
12Wherefore Hallelujah sing
13I tremble not! Thou, Lord, art nigh
14Not for affliction, gracious God!
15When light broke forth at God's command
16O King of glory! when we contemplate
17O'er all this wide and beauteous earth
18Weeping, and loth from all she loved to part
19I will extol thee, O my King!
20How cold that man! to faith how dead!
21I will still remain with Thee
22We look to Thee, ineffable King!
23The sun shines on with glorious light
24Lo! He sleeps and slumbers not
25Fear not, fear not, O Jeshurun
26Unless the land where ye abide
27O God! within Thy temple-walls
28Exult, my soul, in consciousness proud
29God of power! in Thy gift
30Oh! what avails my destination
31Oh! turn at meek devotion's call
32How long will man in pleasure merged
33Man of the world! wilt thou not pause
34In holiness, eternal Lord!
35"Blest is the man to whom the Lord
36Oh! how imperfect, blind, and false
37The heavens, Almighty! Thy glory declare
38Lord, me Redeemer and my Rock!
39God of my fathers! merciful and just
40When morning paints the eastern sky
41A mournful lament for the dead!
42Though man of all the ruin hears
43Through the valley of tears as we thoughtfully stray
44O man! frail child of finite pow'rs!
45O Thou! who dwell'st in heights supernal
46Let choral songs of gladness flow
47Lord! when I hear Thy holy law
48To smile when we on life's breakers are tost
49Remember, man! while thou art young
50Blest are the enlight'ners of mankind
51Lord! what is man, that Thou should'st take
52Glory not in a gift so vain
53Formless and void creation stood
54Oh! how shall man with God contend
55Though sorrows may be multiplied
56Deep silence reigned in Isaac's tent
57I weep not now as once I wept
58O God! to Thy paternal grace
59Let thy heart forever delight in the Lord
60Rebuke me not nor chasten me
61I lift mine eyes unto the hills
62Though I from kindred meet from scorn
63"Why art thou cast down, my soul?"
64When grief on the heart has weighed
65Oh! love the Lord with all thy heart
66With ardent love and reverence deep
67To man with reason's gift endued
68God Supreme! to Thee I pray
69Oh! that on morning's dewy wings
70Draw nigh, O Lord! unto my soul
71I wept when from my eager grasp
72Oh Thou! in whom the power dwells
73"Affliction cometh not from dust
74Healer of the wounded heart!
75Lord! let Thy countenance now shine
76Despond not, O my heart!
77Many are the pains and sorrows
78When I would smile, remembrance brings
79God of the universe! unfailing friend
80Frail, feeble, inefficient man!
81My God! my God! to Thee I cling
82While man explores, with curious eye
83Descend into thyself, my soul!
84Why, O heedless mortal! dost thou fly
85In glory, Lord! dost Thou appear
86Hearken not, man! to the voice of self-love
87Out of sorrow's depths I cry
88On Shinar's plain see Babel's tower rise
89My God, my Father, and my Guide!
90In the great scales of human life
91Oh! whence doth human happiness arise?
92On dim futurity, with idle aim
93Let me for present hours borrow
94Oh! where is he who yesterday
95Hear my voice and grant my pray'r
96O thou! possest of health and bloom
97Let the standard of truth by Judah be planted
98Early and late my God I seek
99Father! will abstinence, or prayer, or song
100The prophet to the people said

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