International Singing Annual for Sabbath Schools

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d1A charge to keep I have, A God to glorify
d2A fountain of life and of grace In Christ, our
d3All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fall
d4Are we sowing seeds of kindness
d5Are your souls the Savior seeking
d6As pants the hart for cooling flood [springs] [streams]
d7Beautiful mansions, home of the blest
d8Beyond the dark river of death
d9Bury thy sorrow, the world has its share
d10Called of God, the sons of Levi
d11Christ is the way, in him I'd walk
d12Come and hear the grand old story
d13Come, O thou traveller unknown
d14Come, this poor heart of mine
d15Dear Savior, these commands of thine
d16Everywhere with Jesus, O how sweet
d17Far from my [our] thoughts, vain world, be gone
d18Father, when thine ancient people
d19God moves in a mysterious way
d20God will not hear deceitful tongues
d21God's mercy provided, the people were fed
d22Guide me, O thou great Jehovah
d23He breaks the power of cancelled sin
d24He dies, the friend of sinners dies
d25Heavenly Father, bless me now
d26Hold on hold on in Christ believing
d27Holding up the hands of Moses
d28How beauteous are their [his] feet
d29How tender is thy hand
d30I have heard of a Savior's love, And a wonderful
d31I'm not ashamed of Jesus, my Savior and my King
d32Jesus alone is our hope of salvation
d33Jesus, and shall it ever be
d34Jesus, the name high over all
d35Jesus, the name that charms our fears
d36Jesus, the wonderful, the gift of God's great love
d37Jesus, who on Calvary's mountain
d38Land ahead, a light is gleaming
d39Living fountain ever flowing
d40Lo on the cross extended high
d41Long I struggled climbing
d42Lord, thou hast heard thy servant [servant's] cry
d43Lord, we are vile, conceived in sin
d44My God I am thine, what a comfort [pleasure] divine
d45My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness
d46Now from oppression Jacob's sons
d47O glorious hope of perfect [heavenly] love
d48O love divine, how sweet [good] thou art
d49O render thanks to God above, The fountain of eternal love
d50O sing, for the arm of Jehovah
d51O that my load of sin were [was] gone
d52O where tell me where is the joy that once was mine
d53O wondrous power, the door of sound
d54Often, as we travel onward
d55Only leaves, and yet the summer
d56Say, is your lamp burning, my brother
d57Son of David, hear my cry
d58Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross
d59Surely Jesus bore our sorrows
d60The burning bush before him
d61The gospel, O what endless charms
d62The Lamb was slain, the Pascal feast
d63The Lord appeared to Moses
d64The offerings God demanded
d65There is life for [in] a look at the Crucified One
d66There is no wound for which Christ has not healing
d67There is only one way to the cross
d68There's a beautiful land above
d69Thou hast heard the voice of Jesus
d70Thou Shepherd of Isr'l, and mine [divine]
d71Though I have grieved thy Spirit, Lord
d72Though 'mured within a dungeon wall
d73Though trouble assail us, and dangers affright
d74Three months a loving mother
d75Thrice a year, the Lord commanded
d76Toiling in the house of bondage
d77Vain, delusive world, adieu
d78We will sing of a land where the storms
d79When Christ in Judah's land was born
d80When I survey the wondrous cross
d81White as snow, what a promise
d82Why should the children of a King
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