Philip Phillips

Philip Phillips
Short Name: Philip Phillips
Full Name: Phillips, Philip, 1834-1895
Birth Year: 1834
Death Year: 1895

Phillips, Philip, commonly known as the "Singing Pilgrim," was born in Chautauqua County, N. York, Aug. 13, 1834. Although engaged in farming for a time, from an early age he devoted himself to music, and ultimately devoted himself to the work of a "Singing Evangelist," in which capacity he has visited most English-speaking countries. His popular hymnals are: (1) Early Blossoms, 1860; (2) Musical Leaves, 1862; and (3) The Singing Pilgrim, 1866. In these works he published one or two hymns, including "I have heard of a Saviour's love" (The love of Christ), as in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, 1878.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by Philip Phillips (49)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A Cristo doy mi cantoP. Phillips (Translator)Spanish8
A guilty sinner once was I, Till God in heaven heard my cryPhilip Phillips, Jr. (Author)English2
Altogether persuaded the Saviour to seekPhillip Phillips (Author)2
Are there no years in heavenPhillip Phillips (Author)English1
Ashamed to be a ChristianPhilip Phillips (Author)English6
Beautiful city, city beyondPhilip Phillips (Author)2
Beyond the dark valley of deathPhilip Phillips (Author)1
Courage, brother! Do not stumbleP. Phillips (Author)English1
Disciples of Jesus, why stand ye here idleP. Phillips (Author)English6
Far from home, yes, far from homePhilip Phillips (Author)English1
Father, when thine ancient peoplePhilip Phillips (Author)English1
God, who gave us each a talentPhilip Phillips (Author)English1
God's mercy provided, the people were fedPhilip Phillips (Author)3
He leads us on by paths we did not knowPhilip Phillips (Author)English3
Holding up the hands of MosesPhilip Phillips (Author)3
I cannot do without Thee, Any moment of my lifePhilip Phillips (Author)English3
I come, O Christ, to TheePhilip Phillips (Author)English1
I dreamed, and lo, 'twas Sabbath evePhilip Phillips (Author)English2
I have heard of a Savior's love, And a wonderful love it must bePhilip Phillips (Author)English14
I kou hele io ioPhilip Phillips (Author)Hawaiian2
I will sing for Jesus, With His blood He bought mePhilip Phillips (Author)English1
I will sing the storyPhilip Phillips (Author)3
ലജ്ജിച്ചിടുന്നോ നീയും (Lajjicciṭunnēā nīyuṁ)Philip Phillips (Author)Malayalam2
Let the nations awake to the signs of the timesPhilip Phillips (Author)English2
Lo on the cross extended highPhilip Phillips (Author)3
Long I struggled climbingPhilip Phillips (Author)2
Now from oppression Jacob's sonsPhilip Phillips (Author)English3
O blessed words of JesusPhilip Phillips, Jr. (Author)2
O Christian, awake, for the strife is a handPhilip Phillips (Author)English1
O help me sing for JesusPhilip Phillips (Author)2
O sing, for the arm of JehovahPhilip Phillips (Author)English1
Often, as we travel onwardPhilip Phillips (Author)3
Singing the gospel of JesusPhilip Phillips (Author)1
The Lamb was slain, the Pascal feastPhilip Phillips (Author)3
The offerings God demandedPhilip Phillips (Author)3
The Sabbath school's a happy placePhilip Phillips (Author)4
The Savior is my all in allP. P. (Author)English1
This little life is full of griefPhilip Phillips (Author)3
Though 'mured within a dungeon wallPhilip Phillips (Author)3
Toiling in the house of bondagePhilip Phillips (Author)3
Vereinigt sind wir heute hierPhilip Phillips (Author)German3
Vom Vaterhaus, so weit und fernPhilip Phillips (Author)German1
We come together here, once morePhilip Phillips (Author)English7
We have a house abovePhilip Phillips (Author)English1
We may spread our couch with rosesPhilip Phillips (Author)English4
What is your mission, my brotherPhilip Phillips (Author)2
What means this golden glory roundPhilip Phillips, Jr. (Author)2
Who does not love his native landPhilip Phillips (Author)2
Wohl, ich weiß, dass der Heiland liebtPhilip Phillips (Author)German1

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