Little Branches No. 3: a collection of songs prepared especially for the primary and infant departments of the sunday school

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1Happy are the little childrenPage Scan
2Look out little womanPage Scan
3Little buds of promisePage Scan
4If I could fly like a bird with wingsPage Scan
5We are happy little children, walking in the narrow wayPage Scan
6We are little travelers, on our journey homePage Scan
7Stepping lightly, singing brightlyPage Scan
8In the vineyard of the MasterPage Scan
9We are little pilgrims, walking in the lightPage Scan
10We are lambs of Jesus, In his pastures fairPage Scan
11I would be a constant lightPage Scan
12Pretty rose blooming so bright on your sprayPage Scan
13Jesus hears me when I prayPage Scan
14Little soldiers in the fieldPage Scan
15We are happy little pilgrims, singing as we goPage Scan
16Around the throne of God in heaven, thousandsPage Scan
17Sing a pretty storyPage Scan
18Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowedPage Scan
19Speak kindly to the erring onePage Scan
20Whispered by the evening breezePage Scan
21Holy Bible, book divinePage Scan
22Be a golden sunbeamPage Scan
23Step by step, every day, He will lead usPage Scan
24I have two hands, a right and leftPage Scan
25Happy in the Savior we are marching on to gloryPage Scan
26Little feet so weak and tenderPage Scan
27Sing we a song of the SaviorPage Scan
28My country, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of libertyPage Scan
29Marching along together true and bravePage Scan
30That is how the Father gavePage Scan
31I love my beautiful BiblePage Scan
32We're soldiers of a KingPage Scan
33I've a message from the KingPage Scan
34Work for Jesus, little onesPage Scan
35I want to be like Jesus, I want to heed his wordPage Scan
36I am but a little workerPage Scan
37Jesus calls the little onesPage Scan
38The birdies sing for JesusPage Scan
39I'm so glad that I love JesusPage Scan
40The Lord watch between me and theePage Scan
41As a shepherd he will lead themPage Scan
42Glory be to the Father, and to the SonPage Scan
43Pretty little rosebudsPage Scan
44Softly singing, lightly wingingPage Scan
45Beneath a lofty stack of hayPage Scan
46In my heart there ever is a happy songPage Scan
47Low in a manger, dear little StrangerPage Scan
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