Chas. H. Gabriel

Chas. H. Gabriel
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Short Name: Chas. H. Gabriel
Full Name: Gabriel, Chas. H. (Charles Hutchinson), 1856-1932
Birth Year: 1856
Death Year: 1932

Pseudonyms: C. D. Emerson, Charlotte G. Homer, S. B. Jackson, A. W. Lawrence, Jennie Ree
For the first seventeen years of his life Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (b. Wilton, IA, 1856; d. Los Angeles, CA, 1932) lived on an Iowa farm, where friends and neighbors often gathered to sing. Gabriel accompanied them on the family reed organ he had taught himself to play. At the age of sixteen he began teaching singing in schools (following in his father's footsteps) and soon was acclaimed as a fine teacher and composer. He moved to California in 1887 and served as Sunday school music director at the Grace Methodist Church in San Francisco. After moving to Chicago in 1892, Gabriel edited numerous collections of anthems, cantatas, and a large number of songbooks for the Homer Rodeheaver, Hope, and E. O. Excell publishing companies. He composed hundreds of tunes and texts, at times using pseudonyms such as Charlotte G. Homer. The total number of his compositions is estimated at about seven thousand. Gabriel's gospel songs became widely circulated through the Billy Sunday­-Homer Rodeheaver urban crusades.

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Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (August 18, 1856 – September 14, 1932) was a writer of gospel songs and composer of gospel tunes. He is said to have written and/or composed between 7,000 and 8,000 songs, many of which are available in 21st century hymnals. He used several pseudonyms, including Charlotte G. Homer, H. A. Henry, and S. B. Jackson.

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أراني دوما مذهولاChas. H. Gabriel (Author)Arabic1
إحملوا الإنجيل بشروا الأنامChas. H. Gabriel (Author)Arabic1
我要更像主,我天天追求 (Wǒ yào gèng xiàng zhǔ, wǒ tiāntiān zhuīqiú)Charles H. Gabriel (Author)Chinese2
有如當初在五旬節 (Yǒurú dāngchū zài wǔ xún jié)Charles H. Gabriel (Author)Chinese2
A band of faithful reapers, weCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English37
A band of true and valiant soldiersC. H. G. (Author)English4
A call rings out to allCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
A glad new song of praise I singCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)4
A little while and then the summer dayJennie Ree (Author)English9
A little while to gather flowersChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
A royal army marchingC. H. G. (Author)English2
A song is ringing in my soulC. H. G. (Author)6
A song we sing of a mighty KingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
A stranger stands outside the doorCharles H. Gabriel (Author)19
A sure foundation I have foundCharles H. Gabriel (Author)5
A true and worthy soldier of JesusCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
A veil is hung before me, one step is all I seeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
A voice came to me out of silenceC. H. G. (Author)3
A voice comes to me o'er and o'erCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Abide with me Lord, in mercyChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Above the fields of Bethlehem Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
After the storms and the trials are pastChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
Aia pau a'e ku'u mau luhiCharles H. Gabriel, 1856-1932 (Author)Hawaiian3
Ala'e! Ala'e! a ha'i i ka lono laniCharles H. Gabriel (Author)Hawaiian1
All around on every side there's work to doChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
All around the battle rages with the hosts of sin and wrongChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
All glory and honor be unto our GodC. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let men and angels loud proclaimChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English6
All hail, thou Son of DavidCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
All hail to the day when our tribute we payChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
All I am I owe to Thee, LordChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
All in all to me is JesusC. H. G. (Author)English12
All my human weakness feelingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)3
All praise to Thee, God of our home, land and nationCharles H. Gabriel (Author)6
All the way my Lord is leading meCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English25
All the way my Savior leadeth meCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English8
All things are ready, come to the feastCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English56
Always the best for JesusChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
Amazing thought! Lord, can it beChas. Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English4
Angel messengers herald the tidingsChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
Angels sang that wondrous storyCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Another week has flown awayChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Any ambony fonenana tsaraCh. Gabriel (Author)Malagasy2
Anywhere with Jesus I will go, cheerfully goC. H. G. (Author)English5
Are you growing heavy heartedC. H. G. (Author)English3
Are you happy all the whileCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Are you heavy hearted and oppressed with grief and care Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
Are you heavy hearted, are you sore distressed?C. H. G. (Author)English12
Are you hungry, come and take the bread of lifeChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Are you looking unto Jesus, asking Him to be your stay?Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Are you worn and weary, burdened and oppressedCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English5
Arise, arise, and speak the praiseCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Arise, arise, the morning breaksCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Arouse, ye Christian soldier, And join your brave commandC. H. G. (Author)English2
Arouse ye, O soldiers of JesusCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
As nigh unto Jerusalem in triumph Jesus cameCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
As pilgrims we, a loyal bandChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
At the door I'm knocking, knockingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
Awake, awake, and sing the blessed storyCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English102
Awake, let songs of joy and gladness ringC. H. G. (Author)English7
Banded together in the service of our kingChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Be a shining lightCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Be in earnest every moment of the dayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Be my Guide, thou great JehovahCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Be not aweary, for labor will ceaseCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English39
Be still, my heart, no longer anxious beCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Be strong in the Lord, in the power of His mightChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Beautiful EasterJennie Ree (Author)2
Beautiful hills of EasterCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Beautiful home, Jesus has madeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Beautiful songs we sing unto our Savior KingC. H. G. (Author)English8
Beautiful story, fragrant with gloryCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Beautiful Zion, the home of the blestChas. H. G. (Author)2
Behold! a stranger standing at the doorChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Behold how the fields are wavingChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Behold in the eastCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Behold the harvest draweth nearCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Behold the King! go forth to meet Him!Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be savedChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Beneath the banner of the KingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Beside blue Galilee I standCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English7
Bless and praise our great JehovahC. H. G. (Author)English2
Blessed inheritanceCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LordCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Blessed Lord, and only SaviorCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Blest Rock of ages, cleft for meC. H. G. (Author)English3
Brave Christian soldier, rejoicing, march to victoryCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Brief is my spanCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Brighter than the sunlight glows on my wayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Bring in the children to JesusC. H. G. (Author)2
Bring them in and keep them from going astray againCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English8
Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, 'Tis the word of God that speaks to youC. H. G. (Author)English3
Bring your best to JesusCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Bringt die frohe Kunde über Meer und LandC. H. G. (Author)German4
Brother, if thy step gets wearyC. H. Gabriel (Author)English5
Brother, keep the Savior with you as you journey on the wayChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
¿Cómo podré estar triste?Charles H. Gabriel (Author)Spanish2
Calvary, O beautiful CalvaryCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Carol, carol sweet and cheerilyChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Cast thy bread upon the water (Gabriel)Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Cast thy bread upon the waters Nothing from the Lord withholdCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Children can do somethingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Children, sing now a merry Christmas carolChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Children young and small are weChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
Christ is watching at the doorChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English4
Christ the Lord is risen, Wake the triumph songChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Christi Tag wird kommenChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German2
Christian soldier, is the battle long?Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
Christian, wake, be up and doingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English12
Christian workers, rejoice, although your labors seem in vainCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Christians should be happy all the livelong dayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Christmas again is hereCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Christus ist erstanden, Singt's mit frohem MundChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
Claim the promise, whatsoever it beCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Cling to the faith of our fathersCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Close to the side of JesusC. H. G. (Author)English4
Closer, dear Lord, to Thee, closer to Thee (Gabriel)Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Come and labor for the Master, He is calling thee todayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Come, dear Savior, to our meetingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Come, let us sing unto the Lord A grateful song of praiseJennie Ree (Author)English2
Come to me, ye little childrenChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
Come unto me, whoever is thirstyC. H. Gabriel (Author)English10
Come, ye that love the Savior's nameC. H. G. (Author (Chorus))English1
Coming when the day is brightCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English15
Coming with the morning lightC. H. G. (Author)English9
Cry aloud in joyful adorationCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Cuando de afanes ya libre esté yoCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)Spanish4
Cuando mi lucha termine al finalChas. H. Gabriel (Author)Spanish3
Cuando mis luchas terminen aquíCharles H. Gabriel, 1856-1932 (Author)Spanish6
ആശ്ച്യ-ര്യം ഞാൻ പൂണ്ടു നിൽ-ക്കും (Āścya-ryaṁ ñān pūṇṭu nil-kkuṁ)Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)Malayalam2
Dare to stand for the right, though a host opposeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
Das Feld ist schon weiß zur ErnteChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
Dear is the story of wonderful loveCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English6
Dear Lord, I cannot see where thou art leading meCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
Dear Lord, I cannot see where thouCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Dear Lord, I hear thy voiceCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Dear Lord, I need Thy saving care about meChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English6
Dear Lord, I've tried to make this dayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)6
Dear Savior, I will love theeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Dear Savior, we praiseJennie Ree (Author)2
Deep in my heart, like a riverCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Deep in the west now the sun is sinking lowChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Der Herr hat viel für mich getanChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German2
Desejo a presença do meu SalvadorCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)Portuguese2
Dios al pródigo llama que venga sin tardarCharles H. Gabriel (1856-1932) (Author)Spanish3
Do no sinful actionCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Do you ever pray to JesusChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
Does your burden heavy growChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Down the valley of the shadow alone I must goC. H. G. (Author)English4
Draw me, dear Savior, still closer to Thee, sweetest contentment there only can beC. H. Gabriel (Author)English4
Draw nigh to us, O God of hostsCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English6
Drawn by the cords of infinite loveCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
Ein Kind, das seinen Heiland kenntCharles H. Gabriel (Author)German4
Ein treuer Freund, wie's keinen andren gibtChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German2
Ein treues Auge wacht! Herz, sei getrost!Chas. H. Gabreil (Author)German1
En este bello díaChas. H. Gabriel (Author)Spanish2
Enlisted for the KingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Es erschallt ein Ruf weit über Meer und LandC. H. G. (Author)German5
Es ertönt ein Rufen an dem MeeresstrandChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
Estupendas y vastas sonChas. H. Gabriel (Author)Spanish1
Eternal King, all hail to theeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Every little act I doCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Every moment, every hour I have need of theeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Every voice in nature sings the same sweet songJennie Ree (Author)1
Faint not, falter notJennie Ree (Author)2
Father in thy mercyCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Fear not, for God the FatherCharles H. Gabriel, 1856-1932 (Author)4
Fear not the struggle before youChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
Foer allt hvad Herren gjort foer mig JagCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Follow me, rings out to the world todayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
Follow the standard, Christian, never be dismayedC. H. G. (Author)English2
Following Jesus, blessed RedeemerChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
For all the Lord has done for meChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English67
For loyalty to Jesus is the cry todayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
For service enlistedCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Forth from the home of the angels of lightC. H. G. (Author)English2
Forward, forward, we are marching in a service gloriousCharles H. Gabriel (Author)6
Forward, ye faithful, be ready for dutyCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Freundlich ruft der HeilandChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
From the cross of Christ upliftedCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English6
Gar süß ist die Kunde von JesusChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
Give me thy heart, the Savior criesCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Glad bells ringingJennie Ree (Author)2
Glad is the song that the reapers singCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English16
Gladly the will of my Lord I obeyCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English15
Glory, honor, majesty and powerCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Go forth to the harvest, To the fields of ripened grainCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English4
Go, gather in the golden grain, for, lo, 'tis harvest timeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English8
Go, tell the glad story of Christ and His loveChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Go tell the story to the worldCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)5
Go ye out to meet him, It is the midnight cryCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
God help a little child to prayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
God is calling the prodigal, come without delayC. H. G. (Author)English118
God is good, say the cloudsJennie Ree (Author)2
God is love, 'tis written on the flowersCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
God is with us, what a blessingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
God loves His own as the shepherd His sheepCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
God will take care of thee, be not dismayedCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English3
God's own book of love is mineCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Gott liebt sein Volk wie de Herde der HirtChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
Grandly our host is marchingJennie Ree (Author)English4
Great and marvelous are thy works, O Lord of hosts, almighty One!Charles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
Great is Jehovah! Let all creation bow before Him!Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Great is the Lord God, our mighty Redeemer, our glorious King!Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Great is the Lord, great is the Lord (Gabriel)Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Great is thy never failing kindnessChas. H. Gabriel (Author)4
Great Jehovah, God of our fathersCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Great Maker of uncounted worlds, we own Thee God aloneChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
Gud dig kalder, forlorne, han kalder, iagttag!Charles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Had we only sunshine all the year aroundC. H. G. (Author)English69
Hail, banner of the freeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
Hail, mighty King of gloryCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Hail the resurrection day (Ree)Jennie Ree (Author)2
Hail to thee, O King victoriousJennie Ree (Author)English2
Hallelujah, Christ is risen (Gabriel)Charles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Hallowed be thy name, dear SaviorCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Happy are the hearts and lightChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Happy in the Savior we are marching on to gloryC. H. G. (Author)English6
Happy songs from the heartCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Happy the songs we singChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Happy voices sing praises to the KingC. H. G. (Author)English2
Hark, I hear the Savior callCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Hark, the voice of countless thousands singing Worthy is the Lamb that was slainC. H. G. (Author)English10
Have you been looking for real, true loveCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Have you found the SaviorCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Have you thought of life, my brotherCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Have you trials oppressing, falter notC. H. G. (Author)6
He arose, our blessed JesusCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
He hath chosen me for a serviceCharles H. Gabriel (Author)1
He is come, the great MessiahCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
He is risen, cried the angel at the doorwayC. H. G. (Author)English3
He lives, he lives, hallelujah, comeJennie Ree (Author)3
He lives, our Lord the CrucifiedCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
He shall feed his flock like a shepherd (Gabriel)Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English4
He stood just outside my door, knockingC. H. G. (Author)English2
He that believeth on the Son, 'tis written in His wordCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
He was despised and rejected of men, My wonderful SaviorCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
He will hide me in His pavilionChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Hear the blessed Savior callingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Hear the din and strife on the field of lifeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Hear the loving Savior calling, Open the doorCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
Hear the Savior calling so tenderly todayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
Hear the shout of triumph, As our host is onward pressingC. H. G. (Author)English2
Hear the song the happy reapers singCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Hear the sweet voice of Jesus sayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English20
Hear the voice of Jesus cryingChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Heavy burdened sinnerCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English3
He'll go with me all the wayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Help me to come to JesusCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Help to fill the world with singingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Here's my pledge, my brother dearCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Herr, deinem Willen gehorche ich gernChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German2
High up in glory, where angels are dwellingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
His name above all other namesCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Ho, all ye saints, awakeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Ho, everyone that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, come ye to the waters that flow unto all mankindCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Ho ye thirsty travelersCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Hold up the grand old Bible to the peopleCharles H. Gabriel (Author)21
Holy Lord, God of hosts, we bend before theeChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Hosanna, loud hosanna raiseCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Hosanna to the Lord our KingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)1
How dear to us all isCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
How little we thought when we said GoodnightCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
How marvelous! how wonderful!Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
How still is the hourCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
How sweet is the love of my Savior, 'Tis boundless and deep as the seaCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English73
How sweet the old, old story of Jesus our SaviorCharles H. Gabriel (Author)6
How the golden moments goCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
How wise you look, little star, awayJennie Ree (Author)3
Hurrah for the flag, Old GloryCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Hvor overv'ttes kost'ligCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
I am a temperance advocateCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English8
I am bound for a mansion of glory on highCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
I am clinging to the SaviorChas H. Gabriel (Author)English8
I am going home in the morningCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English7
I am pressing on to the prize that hangs in viewC. H. G. (Author)English3
I am so happy in Jesus nowCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
I am Thine, O Lord, Thou hast called me by my nameC. H. G. (Author)English2
I am waiting for the messageCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I am walking every day with JesusCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English6
I am walking today, in the straight, narrow wayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
I belong to Jesus, I'm his little friendChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
I can hear my Savior say I am with theeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
I can hear my Savior's voice, Calling me, calling meChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
I cannot tell how precious The Savior is to meCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English8
I cannot tell the worldCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I carry my troubles to Jesus my FriendCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I do believe in the crucified OneCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I dream of a city no moral hath seenChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
I had wandered away as a sheep from the foldCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I have a faith that can never be shakenCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
I have a friend, divine, sincereCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)4
I have a friend of all others the bestC. H. G. (Author)English2
I have a Savior I want you to knowC. H. G. (Author)3
I have a Savior so loving and trueCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
I have a Savior who is more than all the world to meChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
I have found a retreat where my Savior I meetCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
I have had sweet dreams of my eternal homeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English5
I have heard Thee, Savior, calling, Jesus, friend divineChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
I have often been told of a wonderful countryC. H. G. (Author)English7
I hear them telling of a wondrous countryCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English6
I heard the blessed Savior sayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English4
I heard the reapers' happy songChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
I heard the voice of Jesus say, Poor weary child of griefC. H. G. (Author)English2
I know it was Jesus who suffered to beC. H. G. (Author)4
I know Jesus died my salvation to winCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I know not what before me liesCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
I know that mamma loves meChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English7
I know that the toils and caresCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
I know the love and grace of him whose heartCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
I long had wandered from my Lord who diedCharles H. Gabriel (Author)1
I love my beautiful Bible, its worth can never be toldChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English6
I love to hear the story, Of Jesus and His birthJennie Ree (Author)English2
I love to tell the story, Since I've been redeemedCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
I love to think the Man of SorrowsCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
ആഴി മീതെ മാറ്റൊലിയായ് കേൾപ്പൂ നാം (Āḻi mīte māṟṟeāliyāy kēḷppū nāṁ)Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)Malayalam2
I may not know all the joyful songs of heavenChas H. Gabriel (Author)English5
I never could travel life's mazes aloneCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
I rejoice in a new found gladnessCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I rest on Him, the CrucifiedChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English5
I rest upon God's promisesCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
I see my Savior on the treeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
I see the cross before me lieCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I see upon the rugged cross the Lamb of GodC. H. G. (Author)English4
I shall know my Savior when I reach that cityC. H. G. (Author)3
I sing because I love Him soChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English5
I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers meCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English78
I stand amazed in the presenceC. H. G. (Author)English199
I stood in the garden of GethsemaneCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I think, when I read the sweet story, How Jesus came down from His throneC. H. G. (Author)English19
I walked upon sin's drifting sandCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English5
I wandered from the fold of GodCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I want the whole wide world to knowCharles H. Gabriel (Author)1
I want to be like Jesus (Gabriel)Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I will cling to Jesus every dayChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
I will follow thee, my Savior, All alongCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
I will not go where I cannot take JesusC. H. G. (Author)English6
I will sing of Jesus and his love for meCharles H. Gabriel (Author)6
I will sing the love of Jesus, precious loveCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
I will sing the praise of Jehovah while I liveC. H. G. (Author)English4
I will sing the praises of Jesus and his loveCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Ich staune die nie zu begreifende LiebeChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
Ich trau' auf Gott, er ist mein HirtChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
Ich weiß die Mamma liebt michChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German4
I'd be so happy to knowCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
If God were your FatherCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
If I have wounded any soul todayCharles H. Gabriel (Arranger)English22
If today, amid the storms of lifeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
If ye love the blessed SaviorCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
If you cannot fight the battle, go and carry the armorChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
If you have forgotten JesusCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
If you have started out in the way you knowC. H. G. (Author)2
If you know Jesus savesC. H. G. (Author)2
If you only keep smiling as onward you travel Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
If you will, you may know the gladness of your sins forgivenC. H. G. (Author)English15
I'll be a soldier, a valiant soldier tooChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
I'll give my heart to JesusCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
I'll sing of my Savior's precious loveC. H. G. (Author)2
I'll trust in God, He knows the bestCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
I'm drinking at the fountain Of Jesus' precious bloodCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
I'm dwelling now upon the heightsCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
I'm happy in my Savior, I'm singing all the dayChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
I'm unworthy to call Thee FatherChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
In a lowly manger bedJennie Ree (Author)2
In a manger a Baby sleptC. H. G. (Author)3
In a midnight dungeon lowC. H. G. (Author)English6
In doubt and darkness long I wanderedCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)6
In from the highways, in from the bywaysChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English10
In loving kindness Jesus cameCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English166
In marching order, armor cladCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
In my heart there ever is a happy songCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
In the army of the Lord (Gabriel)Chas. Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
In the Christian warfare with the hosts of sinCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
In the darkness of nightCharles Gabriel (Author)2
In the day when all the nations of the earthC. H. G. (Author)English3
In the glare of earthly pleasureC. H. G. (Author)English7
In the Lord be strong, go forth His will to doCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
In the name of Jesus do we watch and prayJennie Ree (Author)English2
In the name of our Savior CommanderCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
In the quiet hush of nightCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
In the secret of his presence hidingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
In the service of the Master Our days are pasing byCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
In the silence of the night, In the dawn of morning lightCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
In the strength of Christ our RedeemerCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
In the vineyard of the Master There is work for all to doChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English5
In this world there is so much to doC. H. G. (Author)English6
Into my darkness shineChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Is your trust in the LordCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
Ist einst die Arbeit und Trübsal vorbeiChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
It may not be on the mountain's heightCharles H. Gabriel, 1856-1932 (Author)English8
It only costs a little, to keep a sunny faceJennie Ree (Author)2
I've a letter from mother today, boysCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Jézus régóta hív mint az elveszett fiútChas. H. Gabriel (Author)Hungarian2
Jesús me vino a rescatarCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)Spanish1
Jesus, author of salvation, into Thy presence we comeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Jesus blest many little childrenCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English6
Jesus came to me a strangerCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Jesus Christus, unser Herr und Heiland, heißtCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)German3
Jesus, er rufet! O höre sein Fleh'nC. G. H. (Author)German2
Jesus, I will trust thee, Trust with all my soulCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
Jesus is calling, lovingly callingC. H. G. (Author)English5
Jesus is calling, O hear Him todayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English10
Jesus is mine, in his divineCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Jesus is real to meCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Jesus is risenJennie Ree (Author)2
Jesus is the truthCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Jesus' little ones are weCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English5
Jesus loves even the little onesChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
Jesus, Master, look upon meCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Jesus, my Lord, went to CalvaryCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Jesus, my Lord, what wilt thouCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, Thee I loveCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
Jesus, Redeemer, all-wonderful SaviorCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Jesus rules and reigns aboveC. H. G. (Author)English2
Jesus the homeless one who sought meC. H. G. (Author)English4
Jesus, thou art my redeemerCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
救主耶穌由天而來,為要使我蒙祂慈愛,(Jiù zhǔ yēsū yóu tiān ér lái, wèi yào shǐ wǒ méng tā cí'ài,)Charles H. Gabriel (Author)Chinese2
Joyfully now our songs are resoundingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)5
Joyfully we will sing the storyChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Just a few more days to be filled with praiseC. H. G. (Author)English77
Just to be more like the MasterJennie Ree (Author)English2
Just to know that Jesus leads meChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Keep me near to Thee, dear Savior, ever keep me near to TheeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Keep me near to Thee, dear Savior, keep me near the night and dayC. H. G. (Author)English2
Keep praying and trusting, there's no time for repiningC. H. G. (Author)2
Keep the faith our fathers held beforeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Keep the heart bells ringing as you travel onwardCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English5
La gloria de Cristo el Señor cantaréCharles H. Gabriel (Author)Spanish3
Lamp to my feet wherever I strayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)9
Leaning on Jesus, blessed RedeemerC. H. G. (Author)English3
Let mountains and hills with joy resoundCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Let the earth with gladnessCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Let the little children come, And forbid them not the rightCharles H. Gabriel (Author)6
Let us bear one another's burdens as we travel onCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Let us each be up and doingChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
Let us gird on the armorCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Let us rally, rally, rally, round the banner of the crossC. H. G. (Author)English7
Let us sweetly sing, of our Savior kingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Let us walk in the light of the gospelChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Let us walk in the light that Jesus gives usChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Let us work with a will for JesusCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Let your light shine, let your light shine (Gabriel)Charles H. Gabriel (Author)English17
Lift Him up to all, the Savior of the worldCharles H. Gabriel (Author)1
Lift your eyes and look upon the fields of rainCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Light is spreading, sing the jubileeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
Light of the gospel, How clearly and steadilyCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
Like a mighty army (Gabriel)Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
Like a shepherd, ever true and lovingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Like a tidal wave of glory Reaching over landCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
Like an army We are marching under a bannerCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)14
Like an army we are moving Steadily and at commandCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English16
Like music, floating on the evening airC. H. G. (Author)English5
Lilies, beautiful and whiteCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Listen, a voice that is stillCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Listen, boys, to what I proposeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Little branches of the vine, Jesus we are truly ThineC. H. G. (Author)English4
Little feet, be very careful where you goC. H. G. (Author)English11
Little hearts may love the SaviorCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Lo, a great and mighty army now is marching through the landC. H. G. (Author)English5
Lo! now the feast of the King is readyC. H. G. (Author)English5
Lo! the day of God is breaking, See the gleaming from afarCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Lo! the harvest field is bendingC. H. G. (Author)English11
Long sailing on life's troubled seaCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English6
Long you have pled at the throne of His graceC. H. G. (Author)English4
Look away to Calvary's rugged mountainCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English4
Look out, little woman! Look out, little man!Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Look, the harvest field is teemingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English41
Look upon the fields of harvestCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Lord, as of old at PentecostCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English83
Lord God omnipotent, we lift our hearts to TheeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Lord, hear us while we prayJennie Ree (Author)3
Lord, how wonderful thy gloryCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Lord, I know not what is best for meCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Lord, I would honor thee in all things alwaysCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
Lord of the universeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Loud be our hosannas to JesusJennie Ree (Author)2
Loud hosannas joyfully we singCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Loud hosannas we sing unto Christ, our RedeemerCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Loudly unto the world is a chorus resoundingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English22
Low in a manger, dear little StrangerC. H. G. (Author)English56
Loyalty, loyalty is our watchword everCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Loyalty unto Christ the trumpet now is soundingC. H. G. (Author)English13
මාගේ දුක් පීඩා නිමකරලා (Māgē duk pīḍā nimakaralā)Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)Sinhala2
Más como Cristo siempre anhelo serChas. H. Gabriel (Author)Spanish3
Más cual mi Cristo quiero siempre serCharles H. Gabriel, 1856-1932 (Author)Spanish1
Más semejante a Cristo quiero serChas. H. Gabriel (Author)Spanish2
Many a soul in the battle of lifeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)7
Many a soul in the battle of life Trembles with fear at the din and strifeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Many are anxiously seeking today For wisdom to guideChas. H. Gabriel (Author)7
Many are happy in Jesus tonightCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
Many gifts our Lord hath givenCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
March along together firm and trueCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English11
Marching along together true and braveChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Marching bravely onCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
Marching onward like the men of oldChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
Marching together at the Lord's commandC. H. G. (Author)English2
Marching, we are marching onwardCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Med h'pnad jag ser all den naadCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Men of valor, of all ages, join the conflictCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)4
Merrily singing all the day longCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Merry bells today are ringingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Mi Salvador en su bondadCharles Gabriel (Author)Spanish5
Mighty God, my God, CreatorCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Min Jesus, min konung, hur dyrbar han 'rCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Minden, minden nékem JézusChas. H. Gabriel (Author)Hungarian1
More like the Master I would ever beC. H. G. (Author)English124
More strength for service, Lord, we prayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
My god, how shall I renderCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
My hand is in the hand of him who guides me day by dayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
My heart is filled with gladnessCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
My hope is in thee Lord, help me to beCharles H. Gabriel (Author)6
My life shall be for JesusCharles H. Gabriel (Author)1
My Lord, my God, I will adoreChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
My pathway through life may be one of weal or woeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
My Savior, how I long to be at home with theeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
My Savior, in Thee I am trustingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
My Savior loves me dearlyChas H. Gabriel (Author)2
My Savior's love, how sweet to meChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
My sins though outnumbering the sands on the shoreChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
My soul shall forever be glad and rejoiceCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English6
När jag har utkämpat jordlivets stridCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)Swedish2
拿撒勒人耶穌面前我站立,心便震驚!(Ná sā lēi rén yēsū miànqián wǒ zhànlì, xīn biàn zhènjīng!)Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)Chinese2
Naar al min gjerning og strid er forbiCharles H. Gabriel (Author)Norwegian2
Nations arise to power for a dayChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Nearer to Jesus I am drawing every dayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English5
Never be afraid to standCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
No amin ti aramidco malpasC. H. G. (Author)Tagalog2
No other one but JesusCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
No other way my soul would goCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
No room for him, in whose small handC. H. G. (Arranger)English1
No time to give to JesusChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Now I may come to my Savior dearCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
Now in songs of joy and gladnessCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Now is the time to decide for ChristJennie Ree (Author)1
Now unto the Lord all gloriousCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Now unto the Savior our voices we raiseCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Now's the time for sowingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
N'r jag foerlossats fraan moederCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Nur voran! mein Heiland leitet michChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German2
O Christian, gird the armor on and press the fight with sin!Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
O come, and go with me to ZionChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
O empty heart, behold a heavenly strangerCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
O have you not heard that the Master is come?Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
O hear ye not the Lord's commandCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
O how sweet the blessed promiseCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
O how sweet the blessed storyChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
O hur l'ttas moedans dagCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
O I love to think of Jesus, And His life in GalileeChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
O jag 'r saa full af salig froejdCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
O Jesus, thou my helper I trust thee as I goCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
O kingdom of God, how beautiful and brightCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
O Liebeswort, so wonnevollChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
O Savior, loving Savior, we hear thee gently callingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
O say, do you know there's a mansion in heavenC. H. G. (Author)English3
O sing a new song to the Lord, Sing, all the earth and bless that Name (New Metrical Version of the Psalms)Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
O soldier brave, in strength ariseCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English7
O soul, where hast thou gleaned todayChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
O soul, without a Savior, O body tired and wornC. H. G. (Author)English3
O speak the name of JesusCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
O sweet is the story of Christ and his loveChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English5
O sweet is the story of Jesus, The wonderful Savior of menC. H. G. (Author)English59
O tarry with me, Lord, I need thine aidChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
O think of the glory when we get homeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
O thou great almighty LordCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
O weary souls, by care oppressedCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
O what changes we shouldCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
O what delightful musicCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
O what peace is mineChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
O why will you go away tonight Unsaved, far away from God!Jennie Ree (Author)English2
O wondrous love, O boundless loveCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English3
O work and wait a little whileCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
O ye of little faith, why will ye doubt?Charles H. Gabriel (Author)English6
O'er all the way green palms and blossoms gayCharles H. Gabriel, 1856-1932 (Adapter)English1
Of Christ alone my song shall beCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Of the Lord JehovahJennie Ree (Author)3
Of the Savior and His love, to those you meet Tell the storyChas. H. Gabriel (Author)3
O, by and by, thank God I'll seeC. H. G. (Author)2
O how I love my Jesus, The Lamb who died for meC. H. G. (Author)English2
O say have you heard the glad news of a Savior's loveChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
O wanderer, turnChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
O why will you turn from the Savior away?C. H. G. (Author)English2
Old Glory stands without a peerC. H. G. (Author)2
Om vi hade endast soldken aaret omCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
On our knees we're kneelingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
On the Rock of Ages standingC. H. G. (Author)English2
On the shore the saintsChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
On to the front, for the fight is onC. H. G. (Author)6
On where the cross is leadingJennie Ree (Author)English3
Once a little mousie livedCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
One sweet hour with Jesus every dayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English6
One there is above all others we adoreCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
One there was, born in a poor and lowly mangerC. H. G. (Author)5
Only ask and the Lord will save youCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Only in Jesus my heart is at restChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
Only one thing my soul desiresCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)4
Only the blood, yes, only the bloodC. H. G. (Author)English3
Onward, Christian soldier, ever onward, at the King's commandCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Onward up the King's great highwayJennie Ree (Author)English6
Open the windows! the blessings come downC. H. G. (Author)English2
Our cause is just and at the righteous biddingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Our sweetest song of gladnessC. H. G. (Author)English12
Out on the highways, out on the bywaysCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Out on the waste of sin and deathChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English4
Out upon the ocean of lifeC. H. G. (Author)English3
Over life's dark and troubled seaChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Patient reapers of the harvestChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Poor, weary pilgrim on your wayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Por sua graça e compaixão, Jesus me due a sua mãoCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)Portuguese2
Praise God for salvation so full and so freeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Praise Him, praise Him, Carol a song of gloryCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
Praise him, praise him, raise a songJennie Ree (Author)2
Praise the Lord, all ye peopleCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
Praise the Lord in song, bless His holy nameCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Praise the Lord, the God of agesC. H. G. (Author)2
Praise the Lord, the mighty One victoriousC. H. G. (Author)3
Praise the name of our RedeemerCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Praise the Rock of our salvation, come before Him with a songCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Praise we give unto him who loved usCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Praise ye the Lord, timbrel and harp employJennie Ree (Author)8
Pure affection divineC. Gabriel (Author)2
Que Cristo me haya salvadoChas. H. Gabriel (Author)Spanish6
Raha afaka entana aho atyCh. Gabriel (Author)Malagasy2
Rehefa vita ny asako etyCh. Gabriel (Author)Malagasy2
Rejoice, O earth, thy KingJennie Ree (Author)2
Repentant I wandered, a prodigal childCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Rest upon the LordJennie Ree (Author)2
Ring, bells of heaven, let your sweet music fill the airCharles H. Gabriel (Author)1
Ring out, O happy Easter bellsChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Ring out, O merry Sabbath bellsCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
Ring, ring, ring, cheerfully ringCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)6
Roll on, thou mighty riverCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Savior, be with me every hourCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English8
Savior, fold Thine arms around meChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Savior, I am lost without TheeChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
Savior, I'm waiting, longingChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Savior, lay Thine arm around meChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Savior, I come to Thee with broken heart todayC. H. G. (Author)English2
Schicke Scharen deiner Friedensboten ausChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German2
See the fields for harvest readyCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
See, the hosts of God are marching onCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Send the gospel message over land and seaCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English6
Send the tidings over the seaC. H. G. (Author)English3
Servant of God, awake unto thy dutyCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English7
Shall we all arrive in gloryCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Shepherd of Israel, patient and gentleC. Gabriel (Author)2
Shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, in proud arrayC. H. G. (Author)English3
Shout hosanna to the SaviorCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Show me the way to JesusCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
Silently the golden momentsCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Simply trusting Jesus, onward as I goCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Sing', hübscher kleiner Bobolink!Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
Sing Hosanna, loud HosannaCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
Sing, O my soul, to the LordCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Sing, pretty little bobolinkCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English5
Sing to the Lord a new song, Praise Him with hymns of ecstasyCharles H. Gabriel (Author)6
Sing to the Lord, who in mercy hath broughtJennie Ree (Author)2
Sleeping in JesusCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
So long Thou hast patiently knocked at the doorCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
So long thou hast wanderedCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
So precious is Jesus, my Savior, my KingC. H. G. (Author)English155
Softly and tenderly Jesus spakeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Softly singing, lightly wingingC. H. G. (Author)English4
Soldier of Jesus, on to the frontCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
Soldiers in the gospel armyChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Some day I'll reap what I have sownCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English6
Some day, with my face toward the told-tinted westCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
Someone will come to the Savior tonight!Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Sometime and somewhere my Lord I shall seeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)4
Sometime, somewhere my toil shall ceaseCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English5
"Sometime," you say, when the Master is pleadingChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Sometimes, in the hush of the evening hourC. H. G. (Author)2
Sometimes the way of life is rough and steepCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Somewhere tonight in this cold dreary worldC. H. G. (Author)English8
Songs of joy and gladness we delight to raise Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Songs of praise unto him who hath loved usJennie Ree (Author)2
Songs of praise we bring to our Savior, KingCharlotte G. Homer (Author)English6
Soul, a stranger stands at thy heart's closed doorChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Sower, what are the seedsCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Sower, what of the grain you scatterCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Sowing the seed, preparing for the harvestC. H. G. (Author)English4
Speak to me, Lord, I'm prayerfully listeningChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Speak to me more often of the Savior and His loveCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Spurn the cup of woe and anguishCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Standing in the market places all the season throughC. H. G. (Author)English42
Stay with me, my Savior dearCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Step out upon the promiseCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
Strong in faith, and loyal-heartedChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Strong is Jehovah, mighty to deliverCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Sunbeams and raindrops are jewelsJennie Ree (Author)3
Sunshine and flowers tell the Savior's loveJennie Ree (Author)English3
Sweet and clear on my earChas. H. Gabriel (Author)4
Sweet and clear, songs of cheerChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
Sweet is the promise, I will not forget theeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English83
Sweet is the song that my glad heart singsCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
Sweet is thy service, O blessed RedeemerH. Gabriel (Author)2
Sweet secret prayer, comfort divineC. H. G. (Author)English9
Sweetly in music swellingC. H. G. (Author)English3
Türmen sich Wogen und brausen gar sehrChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
Tag det namnet Jesus med digChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
Take courage, Christian worker, the trumpet call obeyCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Take the name of Jesus with you everywhere you goChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Tell everything to JesusChas. H. Gabriel (Author)3
Tell it to Jesus, all of thy sorrowC. H. G. (Author)English14
Tell me the story of Jesus againChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Tell the sweet story of Jesus our KingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
Tempted and tried, encumbered with careJennie Ree (Author)English2
Tenderly Jesus is calling today, Wanderer come, wanderer comeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English5
Thankful hearts we bringCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Thanks be to God, and unto Him the gloryChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
The Bible says Jesus loved childrenChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
The cares of life, like ocean billowsChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
The evening sun is sinking fastC. H. G. (Author)English3
The fields are all yellow with ripening grainCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
The King of all the earth is HeJennie Ree (Author)English2
The Lord is King, His reign on earth shall never ceaseCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
The Lord is my Rock, he's my Fortress and DelivererCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
The Lord is risen, the KingJennie Ree (Author)2
The Lord is with us, let our courage falter notC. Hutchinson (Author)7
The lore of morning lights the skiesChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
The love of Jesus, so warm to meCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
The Master has gone to a distant countryCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English16
The order has gone forth, move forwardCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English8
The path wherein He leadeth me, I do not know nor ask to seeChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
The power of death is broken, Its terrors forever pastChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
The reapers are loudly singingC. H. G. (Author)English12
The Savior hath died to redeem us from sinCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
The Savior of sinners from glory came downCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
The Savior once said "Let the little ones come!"Charles H. Gabriel (Author)2
The Savior stands with pleading voiceCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
The service of Jesus is easyCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
The silver cord is loosened, and broken is the golden bowlC. H. G. (Author)English3
The snow lies gleaming on the grassCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
The song that rang over all Judea's plainC. H. G. (Author)English3
The sorrowful moments which once to me comeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
The sweetest story told on earthC. H. G. (Author)English17
The trumpet of battle is soundingCharles H. Gabriel (Author)6
The ways of the world may tempt youCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English4
The world is bright, the world is goodC. H. G. (Author)5
There are blessings gently falling on us like the rainCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
There are those we must encourageC. H. G. (Author)English6
There is a dwelling place I knowCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
There is a Friend above all others dearC. H. G. (Author)English4
There's a home in heaven for me, By and by, by and byC. H. Gabriel (Author)English7
There is a land of sacred restCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
There is a name so sweet to meCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English5
There is a safe and secret placeC. H. G. (Author (Chorus))English1
There is a safe retreat from every evilCharlotte G. Homer (Author)3
There is a sweet story I readCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
There is great rejoicing in my soulC. H. G. (Author)English11
There is need of deeper consecrationJennie Ree (Author)English4
There is no night in heaven aboveChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
There is One speaking “as never man spake”Charles Gabriel (Author)English1
There is work awaiting youChas. H. Gabriel (Author)2
There they crucified himC. H. G. (Author)English2
There'll be music in heaven, we're told, that city of pearl and goldCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
There's a battle now begunCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)4
There's a call comes ringing over the restless waveCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English243
There's a city that hath no need of lightCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
There's a cloud over the wayChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
There's a crown of beauty waiting me over thereCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
There's a dear old flag floating over land and seaC. H. G. (Author)3
There's a glorious world, a world of lightC. H. G. (Author)1
There's a joyful message written in His wordCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English5
There's a labor of love that must be wroughtCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
There's a last day coming, by and by, by and byC. H. G. (Author)English8
There's a message of salvation, Unto every land and nationCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English3
There's a message that comes to the soulCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
There's a mighty work to do, and the Master calls for youChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
There's a precious song that my heart doth singChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
There's a prize before us in the race we runCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
There's a song I love to sing, Love to hear its echoes ringChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
There's a song my heart is ever singingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
There's a song of joy echoing over all the worldCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
There's a song that floats on the airCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
There's a sweet old storyCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
There's a wonderful city in a wonderful countryCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
There's a work that God intendsCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
There's a work to be doneChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English5
There's an invitation from aboveCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English3
There's One they call JesusCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
There's One who can comfort when all else failsC. H. G. (Author)English34
There's work for us all in the labor of loveCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English4
These little feet of mineCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
They led him away to be crucifiedC. H. G. (Author)7
They that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the sunCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Think not there is no condemnationCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
This thought gives sweetest comfortC. H. G. (Author)1
This world, blessed Savior, is nothing but drossChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Thou art not very far from the kingdom, Almost thou'rt persuaded todayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Thou infinite Savior, on thee I dependC. H. G. (Author)4
Though at times our faith may be sorely triedCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
Through all the dangers and trials of lifeC. H. G. (Author)English4
Through all the changing scenes of life, I want to be more like JesusChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Throughout creation's wide domainChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Thy word, O Lord, is my delightCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Tidings, glad tidings unto the worldCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)Latin2
'Tis a reasonable service Jesus asks of meCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
'Tis the message of Christmas we sing to you gladlyCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
'Tis the Savior's natal dayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
To my Savior clinging, All the way I’m singingC. G. Homer (Author)English3
To reconcile the world God gave his SonCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)4
To save a world of sinners lostC. H. G. (Author)English4
Treading the way the feet of the Master have trod beforeC. H. G. (Author)English3
True and faithful we would be along the way of lifeChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
'Twas love divine that paid the priceCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Un llamado llega desde el turbio marChas. H. Gabriel (Author)Spanish2
Una voz resuena de ansia y de fervorC. H. Gabriel (Author)Spanish2
Uns're Schritte eilen der Heimat zuCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)German3
Unto all people said JesusCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Unto our Jehovah our king foreverJennie Ree (Author)English2
Unto the day when he with all his holy angelsCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Unto the God whom we adore, joyful hosannas we bringCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)5
Unto the king of our salvationC. H. G. (Author)3
Unto the Lord our King Praises united singCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English6
Up from the grave he aroseCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Upon a wide and stormy seaCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English73
Victory is the song echoing loud and longCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English4
Von dem Kreuze Christi drobenCh. G. H. (Author)German2
Waiting for the dawning morrowCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Waken a song to the Lamb that was slainChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Walking with Jesus, O how delightfulCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Wandering weary, lonely and drearyCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
Was it for me in silence ThouC. H. G. (Author)4
Watchman on the walls of Zion, Tell, O tell, us of the nightCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English3
Waters from the smitten rockC. H. G. (Arranger)English2
Wave the signal to the lands afarC. H. G. (Author)English3
We are a band of soldiers, Valiant, and brave and tureChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
We are a happy pilgrim band, WeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
We are a little valiant bandCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
We are a loyal earnest bandC. H. Gabriel (Author)2
We are little gleaners braveCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
We are little sentinels of JesusJennie Ree (Author)1
We are little workers, working for the Lord (Gabriel)Charles H. Gabriel (Author)English5
We are marching on in the army of the LordCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English6
We are marching to the frayChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
We are marching under the banner victoriousCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English6
We are now enlisted, FightingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
We are on our way to a better landCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
We are on our way to a home on highC. H. G. (Author)English10
We are singing, praises bringingChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English14
We are soldiers marching up the highwayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
We are soldiers of the Lord, marching on (Gabriel)Charles H. Gabriel (Author)4
We are soldiers of the Lord, Marching on with shield and swordCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English1
We are the ambassadors of JesusChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
We are volunteers for service in the vineyard of the Lord!Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
We can drive the cloudsCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
We dare not idle stand, while here on every handChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
We love the name of Him who cameCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
We may lighten toil and careC. H. G. (Author)English86
We must save the fallen brotherCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
We need Thee, tender, faithful GuideCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
We shall be like him, O wonderful thoughtC. H. G. (Author)8
We shall soon be all at rest Over thereChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
We sing, joyfully sing the song of Moses and the LambChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
We sing the name of JesusCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
We stand for right, we are in the fightCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
We want to live for JesusC. H. G. (Author)English4
We will crown Christ KingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
We will follow where he leads usCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
We will help one another to be faithfulCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
We will join in songs of gladnessCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
We will sing of his goodness foreverCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
We will sing the blessed storyC. H. G. (Author)English2
We will sing the dear old story over againChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
We will sing the love of JesusCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English1
We will trust in God as we onward goCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Weary sinner, come to JesusCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
We'll never grow weary, but ever pursueChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Wenn nach der Erde Leid, Arbeit und PeinCharles H. Gabriel (Author)German4
We're a band of temperance children, ever firm and trueCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
We're encamped upon the battle fieldCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
We're happy all the time, for Jesus is our KingChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
We're little Christian soldiers, brave and loyal tooC. H. G. (Author)English5
We're little gleaners, following the reapersChas. H. Gabriel (Author)1
We're sailing over an unknown seaChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
We're soldiers of a King! His praise we daily singChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
We're the little lambs of JesusCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
We've gathered these flowersC. R. Gabriel (Author)2
What a friend is Jesus! One so precious can you find?Charles H. Gabriel (Author)English5
What a Savior Jesus isCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
What a wonderful Savior is Jesus, Who died on the cross for my sinChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
What grace thou dost show toward usCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
What have I done for thee this dayCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
What have I done for Thee todayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
What is sweeter, tell meChas H. Gabriel (Author)English4
What little folks can doC. H. G. (Author)English3
What notes of glory greet mine earCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
What though the way is rough and skies are overcastCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
What will you do with Jesus (Gabriel)Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
When all my labors and trials are overC. H. G. (Author)English249
When all Thy mercies, O my GodC. H. G. (Author (Chorus))English1
When at last on the earth falls the mantle of shadeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
When clouds of despair hideCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
When clouds of sorrow darkly overshadow meCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English3
When I grow weary, almost despairCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
When I remember CalvaryCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
When I think how the Lord could have mercy on meCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
When I think of Jesus and His love for meC. H. G. (Author)6
When in his glory the King we seeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
When Jesus comes to make up His jewels (Gabriel)Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
When Jesus was a little child, In Nazareth of GalileeChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
When my earthly days are endedCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
When my heart is sore oppressed, And I seek in vain for restCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English2
When my labors here on earth are overC. H. G. (Author)English6
When tempted to do that which you know to be wrongCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
When the beauties of the homelandCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English5
When the books are opened on the judgment morningC. H. G. (Author)4
When the day of life is endedChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
When the first glimpse of heaven breaks upon our raptured sightCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English5
When the golden gates are opened, And my eyes the beauty seeCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
When the roll is called brother answer to your nameC. H. G. (Author)English3
When the soul is oppressed by the heat of the dayChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
When the sun of life fades into crimson and goldCharles H. Gabriel (Author)4
When the toils of life are ending, and day is dyingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
When this busy life is endedC. H. G. (Author)English7
When this earthly life is overChas. H. Gabriel (Author)4
When to the Lord I cameJennie Ree (Author)3
When toils of earth are o'erCharles Gabriel (Author)2
When we gather with the faithfulC. H. G. (Author)English2
When we get home from our sorrow and careCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
When we reach the home in gloryChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English3
When we see the Son of Man descending in the clouds of heavenC. H. G. (Author)3
When weary I have grown beneath my burdenCharles H. Gabriel (Author)3
When winds are raging over the upper oceanH. G. (Author (Refrain))English1
Where Jesus is, is home to meC. H. G. (Author)English4
Where will you drop your anchor, brotherC. H. G. (Author)English3
While the dew of life still glistens on the flowerCharlotte G. Homer (Author)4
While through this world of sin I goC. H. G. (Author)English8
While through this changing world we roamH. Gabriel (Author)English4
While wandering in this desert landCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
While we journey along through sorrow, pain, and sinC. H. G. (Author)1
Whispered by the evening breezeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English4
Who is like unto himCharlotte G. Homer (Author)3
Who is the King of glory, Jesus, blessed JesusC. H. G. (Author)English5
Who knows the love of JesusCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Who knows you betterCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Whom have I in heaven but JesusCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Whosoever will come to the SaviorCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Whosoever would be blessedCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Why art thou sleeping, 'tis time for reapingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Why do we linger in the bondage of sinChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Why, in idle content will so many remainChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English1
Why should I fear that the way will be drearyCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Why should I feel discouragedC. H. G. (Author)English2
Why should I rebel when the cross is hard to bear?Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English5
Wie groß ist die Gnade, die Jesus so reichlich schenktChas. H. Gabriel (Author)German2
Will Jesus be waitingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
Will you come, will you come? We are marching, marching homeChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English2
Will you do what you can for the Master's causeCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English10
Willst du tun, was du kannst, für das Werk des Herrn?Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)German1
With a purpose fixed within the heartCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
With a song on our lips and our flag unfurledCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
With an everlasting love, came the message from aboveChas. H. Gabriel (Author)English18
With Calvary standing before me, I lookC. H. G. (Author)English11
With my Lord I'll go wherever he may leadCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English1
With our banner waving over usCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)2
With the coming of the mornCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
With the soul in Christ abiding All is well, all is wellCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)English2
Within my heart a song, Is ringing all day longCharles H. Gabriel (Author)English5
Wonderful art thou, the God we adore Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Wonderful, Counsellor, everlasting FatherCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3
Would you know the reason why I can singCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
Wrapped in the colors he died in defendingCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
有一呼聲來自幽禁的罪囚 (Yǒuyī hūshēng láizì yōujìn de zuì qiú)Chas. H. Gabriel (Author)Chinese2
Ye weary, hungry, starving poor, behold a feast is spreadCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
You are chosen of the Lord a work to doCharlotte G. Homer (Author)2
You ask me how I gave my heart to ChristC. H. G. (Author)English5
You ask me why I'm happy, why I'm singing all the dayCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
You have confessed the MasterCharles H. Gabriel (Author)2
You today a wondrous work of love may doCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)1
Your burden is heavy, your pathC. H. G. (Author)1
You're striving to follow the MasterCharles Hutchinson Gabriel (Author)3

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