Little Children's Book: for Schools and Families

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d1A star is moving through the sky
d2Above the clear blue sky, In heaven's serene
d3All things bright and beautiful
d4And is it true as I am told
d5As each happy Christmas
d6Away in a [the] manger, no crib
d7Baby brother, baby brother
d8Birds their matin carol sing
d9Blest day of God, most calm, most [and] bright
d10Christ is merciful and mild
d11Church bells ring, sweet birds sing
d12Come, Holy Spirit, come; O hear my [our] humble [an infant's] prayer
d13Come, ye children, sweetly sing Praises to your Savior King
d14Easter flowers are blooming bright
d15Endless praises to our Lord God
d16Every little step I take
d17Father, I am weak and small, Thou the mighty Lord of all
d18Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I'm baptized
d19Father, while the shadows fall
d20Glory be to God the Father
d21Glory be to Jesus, who in bitter pain
d22Glory to the Father give, God, in whom
d23God of [in] heaven, hear our singing
d24God of mercy and of love
d25God spake, my child, God spake to thee
d26God, who made the earth, The air, the sky, the se
d27God will take care of you [me] All [And] through the day
d28Golden harps are sounding
d29Heavenly Father, send thy blessing
d30Holy, holy, holy, God the Father holy
d31Holy Jesus, be my light
d32Holy Spirit, hear us, On this sacred day
d33Hosanna be the children's [people's] song
d34Hosanna, now through Advent
d35Hosanna we sing, like the children dear
d36Hush, my dear babe [child], lie still and slumber
d37I am Jesus' little friend, On his mercy I depend
d38I love the church, the holy church, the Savior's spotless
d39I love to hear the story which angel [heavenly] voices tell
d40I'm but a little child, Foolish and frail
d41In our work and in our play, Jesus, be thou ever near
d42In the early morning, with the sun's first rays
d43In the wintry heaven shines a wondrous star
d44Jesus Christ is risen today, Our triumphant
d45Jesus Christ, my Lord and King
d46Jesus, high in glory
d47Jesus, holy, undefiled, Listen to a little child
d48Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, He is always, always near
d49Jesus, tender Savior, hast thou died for me
d50Jesus was once a little child, a little child like me
d51Jesus, when he left the sky
d52Jesus, with thy church abide
d53Let children proclaim their Savior and King
d54Let heaven and earth rejoice and sing
d55Let me learn of Jesus
d56Let us sing, the angels sing
d57Little children, can you tell
d58Little children, come to Jesus, Hear him saying
d59Little children, sweetly sing On this birthday of our King
d60Little drops of water, little grains of sand
d61Lo on a mount a tree doth stand
d62Looking upward every day, Sunshine on [in] our faces
d63Lord, be Thy word my rule [quide], In it may I rejoice
d64Lord, in the kingdom of thy grace We little children have a place
d65Lord Jesus, God and man
d66Lord, this day children meet
d67Lord, thy Word abideth
d68Lord, who hast made me thy dear child
d69Maker of all things, Author of light
d70May the grace of Christ [God] our [the] Savior
d71Merry, merry chiming bells
d72My Father, for another night of quiet sleep and rest
d73My Father hear my prayer before I go to rest
d74Now the light has gone away
d75O blessed Lord, protect thou me
d76O Christ, Immanuel
d77[O] God, who [that] madest [made the] earth and heaven [sky]
d78O heavenly father bow thine ear
d79O Jesus, holy child thou art
d80O little child, lie still and sleep
d81O Lord, our hearts would give Thee praise, Ere now our school we end
d82Once in royal David's city stood a lowly cattle shed
d83Savior, teach me, day by day, love's sweet lesson to obey
d84See the shining dewdrops
d85Shepherd of Isr'l, from above
d86Sing, O sing, this blessed morn
d87Sleep, baby, sleep, thy mother [father] watch
d88Sleep, my darling, sleep, shut [close] thy [your]
d89Sweet baby, sleep, what ails my dear
d90The day is done, O God the Son
d91The daylight fades, the evening shades
d92The morning bright, with rosy light
d93There came a little Child to earth, Long ago
d94There is a green hill far away, Without a city wall
d95There is a happy land, Far, [not] far away
d96There is a name I love to hear, I love to sing [speak] its worth
d97There is no name so sweet on earth, No name so sweet in heaven
d98There's a Friend for little children
d99Thrice blessed word of God
d100Thy glory fills the heaven

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