Linden Harp: a rare collection of popular melodies adapted to sacred and moral songs, original and selected. Illustrated. Also a manual of...

Editor: Lilla Linden
Publisher: Printed for the author, New York, 1855
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to numbers for hymns starting on the same page.
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87bZion! bright and fair, strong thy bulwarks areTextPage Scan
87cO happy land! O happy land!TextPage Scan
88Should you wish to be told the best use of a pennyMISSIONARY VERSESTextPage Scan
89"O! I am so happy!" the little girl saidTextPage Scan
90I'll away, I'll away like a pleasant boyTHE HAPPY SCHOOL BOYTextPage Scan
91I walk'd in a field of fresh clover this mornPLEASANT THOUGHTSTextPage Scan
92My country! 'tis of theeMY COUNTRY! 'TIS OF THEETextPage Scan
93Come, youthful sinners, come, haste to the Saviour[Come, youthful sinners, come, haste to the Saviour]TextPage Scan
94aWhat is it shows my soul the wayPOWER OF THE BIBLETextPage Scan
94bWho took me from my mother's armsTextPage Scan
95aWho fed me from her gentle breastTextPage Scan
95bWho often with me kindly play'dTextPage Scan
95cWho was it, when we both were youngTextPage Scan
96The little child who loves to prayTHE CHILD IN HEAVENTextPage Scan
97a"I've got a penny, dear mamma!"TextPage Scan
97bWe were so poor when baby diedTextPage Scan
98Be kind to thy father, for when thou wert young[Be kind to thy father, for when thou wert young]TextPage Scan
99"Be good, little children," your mother will sayTextPage Scan
100How pleasant thus to dwell belowPARTING HYMNTextPage Scan
101aOn Jordan's stormy banks I standTextPage Scan
101bO glorious rest! There joys sublimeTextPage Scan
102Who'll buy a nosegay, cried a sweet little childTHE NOSEGAY GIRLTextPage Scan
103aVery little things are weVERY LITTLE THINGSTextPage Scan
103bHow should children spend the day?TextPage Scan
103cJesus, Lord, to thee I prayTextPage Scan
103dLord! this night I come to ownTextPage Scan
104Oft in the stilly nightOFT IN THE STILLY NIGHTTextPage Scan
105Like mists on the mountLIKE MISTS ON THE MOUNTTextPage Scan
106When joy thy heart is swelling[When joy thy heart is swelling]TextPage Scan
107aSweetly to the Sabbath bell steals on the airSABBATH BELLTextPage Scan
107bI must not be angry, nor snatch rudely awayTextPage Scan
108We all love one anotherLITTLE LOVING ONESTextPage Scan
109aThere is a happy landHAPPY LANDTextPage Scan
109bHelp me to praise thy nameTextPage Scan
109cNever the drunkard's drinkTextPage Scan
110Get up early! time is preciousGET UP EARLYTextPage Scan
111In the school-room while we staySTUDYTextPage Scan
112Willie said, Now will I learn to read and spell[Willie said, Now will I learn to read and spell]TextPage Scan
114Now is it not a pity that such pretty girls and boysTHE TRUANTSTextPage Scan
115aOur youthful hearts for learning burnAWAY TO SCHOOLTextPage Scan
115bO may truth [O, may truth]TextPage Scan
116Don't you hear the school-bell ringing?CHEERFUL SONGSTextPage Scan
117Sing, sing sing!SING, SING, SINGTextPage Scan
118The mother look'd pale, and her face was sad[The mother look'd pale, and her face was sad]TextPage Scan
119Go to my mother[Go to my mother]TextPage Scan
120aA little Robin built a nestTHE BIRD'S NESTTextPage Scan
120bO, turn thy little foot asideTextPage Scan
121Happy birds are on the wing[Happy birds are on the wing]TextPage Scan
122aThe winter is over and goneSPRING HAS COMETextPage Scan
122bO, make me a very good childTextPage Scan
122cMy father, my mother, I knowTextPage Scan
123aSmiling May comes in playSMILING MAYTextPage Scan
123bSilently, silentlyTextPage Scan
124O, here I sit, and plait my straw[O, here I sit, and plait my straw]TextPage Scan
125Angry looks can do no goodTextPage Scan
126To do to others as I wouldGOLDEN RULETextPage Scan
127Say, mother, why do people weepALL FOR THE BESTTextPage Scan
128My dear little pillow, so nice, soft and warmTHE CHILD TO HER PILLOWTextPage Scan
129Good-night, little birds! I am going to bedTextPage Scan
130And now to all good-night[And now to all good-night]TextPage Scan
131It was a blessed summer dayTHE BLIND BOYTextPage Scan
132Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour[Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour]TextPage Scan
133aHere we throng to praise the SaviourTextPage Scan
133bJesus, tender Shepherd, hear meTextPage Scan
133cLet the children come unto meTextPage Scan
133dSaviour, once fond parents brought theeTextPage Scan
134I think, when I read that sweet story of old[I think, when I read that sweet story of old]TextPage Scan
136A little girl, with a happy look[A little girl, with a happy look]TextPage Scan
137I hear thee speak of a better landTextPage Scan
138What is that, mother? The lark, my childTextPage Scan
139O say, little girl, whither now are you going?[O say, little girl, whither now are you going?]TextPage Scan
140While the Sunday bells are ringingTHE SABBATH DAYTextPage Scan
141aI wish I were a mountain larkTextPage Scan
141bLittle Willie stood under an apple-tree oldTextPage Scan
142O where, tell me where, has my little brother gone?THE LITTLE MOURNERTextPage Scan
144Schoolmates, can you tell me, whyTHE MORNING STARTextPage Scan
145aWho are they in heaven who standTextPage Scan
145bLittle schoolmates, can you tellTextPage Scan
146O, what is heav'n? I want to know[O, what is heav'n? I want to know]TextPage Scan
147Mother, how still the baby liesTextPage Scan
148Dear mother, I ask for my father in vainTextPage Scan
150Dear little sister, how d'ye do?GOD, THE GIVERTextPage Scan
152aMy pretty flowers have come againTextPage Scan
152bO where, tell me where, has my dearest father gone?TextPage Scan
153Who came from heaven to bleed and die?TextPage Scan
154Enlisted in the cause of sin[Enlisted in the cause of sin]TextPage Scan
155aOur Father who art in heaven[Our Father who art in heaven]TextPage Scan
155bI'll never use tobacco, no!TextPage Scan
156With joy we meetINDEPENDENCE DAYTextPage Scan
157When the flow'rs are gaily bloomingWHEN THE FLOWERSTextPage Scan
158When shall we meet again?[When shall we meet again?]TextPage Scan

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