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Linden Harp: a rare collection of popular melodies adapted to sacred and moral songs, original and selected. Illustrated. Also a manual of...

Editor: Lilla Linden
Publisher: Printed for the author, New York, 1855
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to numbers for hymns starting on the same page.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
15Wake and sing! children, sing!WAKE AND SINGTextPage Scan
17aO, what a lovely thing TextPage Scan
17bCome, let our voices joinTextPage Scan
17cJoy, joy, through all the landTextPage Scan
17dCome, children, ere we partTextPage Scan
18How precious is the storyTHE SAVIOURTextPage Scan
19aI want to be an angelTextPage Scan
19bLittle drops of waterLITTLE THINGSTextPage Scan
20aHer dimpled hands were clasp'd in prayerTHE LITTLE PENITENTTextPage Scan
20bWake, little child, the morn is gayTextPage Scan
21There is an hour of peaceful restTextPage Scan
22aHome, home, can I forget thee?HOMETextPage Scan
22bThou, Lord, reign'st in this bosomTextPage Scan
23A sun has risen on the worldTEMPERANCE SONGTextPage Scan
24Music! 'tis sweet to every earMUSICTextPage Scan
25aHow doth the little busy beeTextPage Scan
25bThe flowers are blooming everywhereTextPage Scan
25cMy hands, how nicely they are madeTextPage Scan
26Joyfully, Joyfully onward I moveJOYFULLY, JOYFULLYTextPage Scan
27O may my heart discover[O may my heart discover]TextPage Scan
28aLet us love one anotherLOVE AND KINDNESSTextPage Scan
28b'Tis the last rose of summerTextPage Scan
30I'm a lonely trav'ler hereYONDER'S MY HOMETextPage Scan
31It only seems like yesterday[It only seems like yesterday]TextPage Scan
32Who shall sing, if not the children?[Who shall sing, if not the children?]TextPage Scan
33aLittle children, love the SaviourTextPage Scan
33bSing, sing, brother, sing[Sing, sing, brother, sing]TextPage Scan
34There is a home, a home fadeless and brightFAR AWAYTextPage Scan
35Whene'er we meet, you always sayTextPage Scan
36The pearl which worldlings covetTHE PEARL OF GREAT PRICETextPage Scan
37Shall Simon bear his cross aloneTextPage Scan
38aO, Linden tree, how sweet art thouTHE LINDEN TREETextPage Scan
38bGentle words should oft be heard[Gentle words should oft be heard]TextPage Scan
39A giddy lamb, one afternoonTextPage Scan
40aChildren of Jerusalem CHILDREN SINGTextPage Scan
40bHaste thee, school-boy, haste awayTextPage Scan
41Children all, both great and smallTextPage Scan
42My days of youth, tho' not from folly freeTRUTHTextPage Scan
43Escaped from mortal anguishDEATH OF A CHILDTextPage Scan
44I love the Sunday school[I love the Sunday school]TextPage Scan
45aGo to thy rest, my childTextPage Scan
45bI am happy[I am happy]TextPage Scan
46On Sabbath morning, O how pleasantON SABBATH MORNINGTextPage Scan
47I'm a pilgrim, and I'm a strangerA PILGRIMTextPage Scan
48'Tis a lesson you should heedTRY, TRY AGAINTextPage Scan
49aNever say, "I can't," my dearTextPage Scan
49bWhat means that strange word on the flag?TextPage Scan
50How pleasant is the Sabbath schoolSABBATH SCHOOLTextPage Scan
51aCome to our Sabbath school[Come to our Sabbath school]TextPage Scan
51bSaviour, do thou appearTextPage Scan
51cCome to the mercy-seatTextPage Scan
52In peace with all the world we'll liveFORGIVENESSTextPage Scan
53aJoin we in chorusJOIN WE IN CHORUSTextPage Scan
53bJoin in a chorusTextPage Scan
54Come, let us sing of Jesus[Come, let us sing of Jesus]TextPage Scan
55aTo thee, O blessed SaviourTextPage Scan
55bWe bring no glitt'ring treasuresTextPage Scan
55cThough sinful, weak and erringTextPage Scan
56aMorn amid the mountains[Morn amid the mountains]TextPage Scan
56bLo! the heavens are breakingTextPage Scan
57O, children, come, and look at meTHE RAINTextPage Scan
58I had a faithful motherMY MOTHERTextPage Scan
59aO loving and forgivingTextPage Scan
59bHark, the pealingEVENING BELLTextPage Scan
60Shall we oppress'd with sadness[Shall we oppress'd with sadness]TextPage Scan
61aImprove the passing hoursTextPage Scan
61bLet each one love the other[Let each one love the other]TextPage Scan
62Shall e'er cold water be forgotCOLD WATERTextPage Scan
63There was an old decanterTextPage Scan
64aShe sleeps--a weary oneTHE MOTHER AT RESTTextPage Scan
64bThe praises of my tongueTextPage Scan
65Here we suffer grief and painTHE HAPPY MEETINGTextPage Scan
66How sweet is the Sabbath, the morning of rest[How sweet is the Sabbath, the morning of rest]TextPage Scan
67aWhat seraph-like music falls sweet on my earTextPage Scan
67bStay awhile, little bee, in this blossom so gayTextPage Scan
67cB patient, B prayerful, B humble, B mildTextPage Scan
68O come, let us sing![O come, let us sing!]TextPage Scan
69Now to heav'n our pray'r ascending[Now to heav'n our pray'r ascending]TextPage Scan
70O welcome light[O welcome light]TextPage Scan
71aEach flower holds upTextPage Scan
71bThe morning brightTextPage Scan
71cThe daylight fadesTextPage Scan
72Go thou, in life's fair morningBUY THE TRUTHTextPage Scan
73aKnow ye the place where we gather each dayGOOD ATTENDANCETextPage Scan
73bHere o'er the earth as a stranger I roamTextPage Scan
74Our Father in heavenTHE LORD'S PRAYERTextPage Scan
75We'll not give up the BibleTHE BOOK OF TRUTHTextPage Scan
76O speak softly to thy comradeA SOFT ANSWERTextPage Scan
77aAngry words are lightly spokenTextPage Scan
77b"Little children, love each other"TextPage Scan
78Amid the blue and starry skyCHILDHOOD'S HOURSTextPage Scan
79aNone is like God, who reigns aboveTextPage Scan
79bWe have no words with which to tellTextPage Scan
80Come, let us sweetly sing, join in full chorus!SONG OF PRAISETextPage Scan
81Preserved by thine Almighty powerHAPPY DAYTextPage Scan
82The Bible--the Bible! more precious than goldTHE BIBLETextPage Scan
84Little trav'lers, Zionward[Little trav'lers, Zionward]TextPage Scan
85Happy are the children whose God is the LordTextPage Scan
86Our Saviour bids the children comeCOME TO THE SAVIOURTextPage Scan
87aSee the kind Shepherd, Jesus, standsTextPage Scan

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