Come, Let Us Walk This Road Together: 43 songs from Africa

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1Awake, there! arise, there!NYOHENEText
2Bless the Lord, O my soulCHINDIKA MZIMUText
3Beat the drums of welcomeZAKARIAText
4Everyone's rejoicingM 'MWIMBIRE CHIUTAText
5Glorious light has dawned for usKUUNIKAText
6God, we pray, here in your sightCHIUTA MUKUMANYAText
7Let the world unite and singCHARU CHOSEText
8Sing welcome to our SaviorMUCHINDIKANI YESUText
9Gift of God to humankindHARAREText
10Crowds followed Yesu to the hillsCHAKUDYAText
11Great ChiutaALELUYA CHIUTAText
12Yesu born in BethlehemKUBADWA KWA YESUText
13You who wait to see a kingPLEYEL'S HYMNText
14Christ Yesu was born at a Bethlehem innMAGOMEROText
15When our Savior Yesu went awayNYOHENEText
16"He must die or all will perish"NJIRA YA CHIKONDIText
17As a mother for her childrenNETTLETONText
18Behold the holy Lamb of GodMWANA MWEREREText
19Be merciful to us, dear GodOLD 100thText
20Chiuta is our sure defenseLINGU LITHUText
21Come, let us seek our God's protectionCHILEMAText
22Just as a lamb is led to the slaughterMPONOSKI WHNEText
23To loving Yesu, our dearest friendNDIMBE, NDIMBEText
24Yesu, our child at home lies dyingYAYIROText
25Our troubles do aboundMBAREText
26God grant that we may be transformedTRANSFORMATIONText
27Come, let us walk this road togetherCHIBANZIText
28God sends us the Spirit to befriend and help usNATOMAHText
29God's home is here with humankindST. ANDREWText
30What we have is freedomUPULUText
31We're glad that we belong to youWINCHESTER OLDText
32Life of the world, with you there's hopeTAMALEText
33We may choose to walk through this world aloneBOLGATANGAText
34Help us, Christ, to be peace-makersEVENING PRAYERText
35If it's peace you long for, friendsMTENDEREText
36Humbly in your sight we come together, GodTIZA PANTAZI PINUText
37Leap, leap my soulDUKA, DUKAText
38Night has fallenDZUWA LAPITAText
39Should we accept that evil meansMARTYRDOMText
40Yesu bids us work for peace and justiceNCHITO YA YESUText
41We remember you, our YesuTIKUMBUKE IMWEText
42Yesu's calling, Yesu's calling all you mothersYESU AITANAText
43Kneels at the feet of his friendsCHEREPONIText
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