The New Golden Chain of Sabbath School Melodies: containing every piece (music and words) of the golden chain, with abot third additional

Editor: W. B. Bradbury
Publisher: Biglow & Main Co., New York, 1866
Language: English
Notes: These hymns are numbered by the page numbers.
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3How sweet, how [and] heavenly is the sightPage Scan
4aThe Sunday school that blessed placePage Scan
4bWelcome, delightful morn, Thou [Sweet] day of sacred restPage Scan
5To our dear Sabbath [Sunday] school there oughtPage Scan
6I saw a little blade of grassPage Scan
7aCome, children, let us sweetly singPage Scan
7bLord, when thou didst ascend on highPage Scan
7cSweet is the work, my GodPage Scan
8aNow to heaven our prayer ascending[Now to heaven our prayer ascending]Page Scan
8bToday the Savior calls, ye wanderers comePage Scan
9aI'll awake at dawn on the Sabbath dayPage Scan
9bLord, dismiss us with thy blessingPage Scan
10aSweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayerPage Scan
10bI love thy kingdom, LordPage Scan
11O, come to the Sunday school with mePage Scan
12aLift your heads with faithPage Scan
12bGlorious things by thee are spokenPage Scan
13'Twas David, sweet singer in Isr'lPage Scan
14aWho shall sing if not the childrenPage Scan
14bMary to her [the] Savior's tombPage Scan
15Hark! how the cheerful morning bells Page Scan
16If I were a voice, a persuasive voicePage Scan
17aIn all my [our] vast concerns with theePage Scan
17bChild of sin and sorrow, Filled with dismayPage Scan
18Gather them in, gather them in, Gather the children inPage Scan
19aI know 'tis Jesus loves my soulPage Scan
19bThus far the Lord hath [has] led me onPage Scan
20aFar out upon the prairiePage Scan
20bCome, let us sing of Jesus, While hearts and accents blendPage Scan
21Rejoice, all ye believersPage Scan
22O say can you see by the dawn's early lightPage Scan
23Look to Jesus youthful ChristianPage Scan
24aPeacefully lay her [him] down to rest; Place the turfPage Scan
24bAnother fleeting day is gonePage Scan
25aOn Calvary's heights amazing grace beholdPage Scan
25bCome to Jesus, little one! Come to Jesus now!Page Scan
26aPilgrims, we are to Canaan boundPage Scan
26bPilgrim, is thy journey drearPage Scan
27O do not be discouraged, For Jesus is your friendPage Scan
28aDear Savior, ever at my side, How loving Thou must bePage Scan
28bAlas, and did my Savior bleed? And did my Sovereign die?Page Scan
29aRemember thy Creator nowPage Scan
29bToday a youthful throngPage Scan
30aCall the children early, motherPage Scan
30bMy heart is fixed, eternal [immortal] GodPage Scan
31I'll rise up early in the morningPage Scan
32A home in heaven, what a joyful thoughtPage Scan
33aIt is well! It is well!Page Scan
33bWeeping soul, no longer mourn, Jesus all thy griefs hath bornePage Scan
34Shall we sing in heaven foreverPage Scan
35Shout again the glad hosannaPage Scan
36aIn the Christian's home in [of] gloryPage Scan
36bO'er the dark abodes of sorrowPage Scan
37Why are we all so happyPage Scan
38aPilgrim halting, staff in handPage Scan
38bMy gracious Lord [God], I own thy rightPage Scan
39River of death, thy stream I seePage Scan
40aHear the royal proclamation, the glad tidingsPage Scan
40bJesus, engrave it on my heartPage Scan
41aOver the ocean wave, far, far awayPage Scan
41bStar of eternal dayPage Scan
42In the tempest of life when the wave and gale is roundPage Scan
43aPleasant is the Sabbath bellPage Scan
43bChildren of the heavenly king as we journeyPage Scan
44aThere is no name so sweet on earth, No name so sweet in heavenPage Scan
44bJesus is our Shepherd, wiping every tearPage Scan
45Come, children let us sweetly singPage Scan
46When the battle is foughtPage Scan
47aI would love thee, heavenly FatherPage Scan
47bWhen we, our wearied [weary] limbs to restPage Scan
48O that will joyful bePage Scan
49The gospel ship is sailing, sailing, sailingPage Scan
50Let the gospel trumpet soundPage Scan
51Hark, the morning bells are ringing Children, haste without delayPage Scan
52Ye valiant soldiers of the crossPage Scan
53aOn Jordan's stormy [rugged] banks I stand, And cast a wishful eyePage Scan
53bThere is a clime where Jesus reignsPage Scan
53cIt first was unfurled upon Bethlehem's planPage Scan
54Cheerfully, cheerfully onward we movePage Scan
55Let me go where saints are goingPage Scan
56aChide mildly the erringPage Scan
56bThrough the love of God [Christ] [Jesus] our Father [Savior]Page Scan
57When the day with rosy lightPage Scan
58aThe mites have the blessingPage Scan
58bRock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in TheePage Scan
59We wish you all a happy New YearPage Scan
60I asked a sweet robin one morning in MayPage Scan
61aWe're traveling to heaven abovePage Scan
61bMy soul be on thy [your] guardPage Scan
62aI've roamed over mountainPage Scan
62bHow shall the young secure their heartsPage Scan
63aThank God for the BiblePage Scan
63bTo the sports of the thoughtlessPage Scan
64aWhat are these [those] soul reviving strainsPage Scan
64bGod is the refuge of his saintsPage Scan
65aZion, awake, thy strength renewPage Scan
65bI'm a lonely traveler herePage Scan
66O there is a river whose fresh waters flowPage Scan
67aMy God, how endless [lasting] is thy lovePage Scan
67bNot all the blood of beast [beasts], On Jewish altarsPage Scan

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