New Hymns of Hope

Publisher: Hope Publishing Company
Language: English
Notes: A collection of new hymns, not published in any hymnal
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1A babe was born, a little oneWINTER'S CHILDText
2A blood red rose reminds us stillFIFTY-TWO ROSESText
3A glory fills the midnight skyText
4A leaf tossed by the seaXIN LAIText
5A man lay beaten, left for deadBUTCHER HILLText
6A rabbi sat against a wallHENSLEYText
7A single grain of wheatMAIText
8A vision seen, a call obeyedEUROPEText
9A woman stood accusedLOST SPRINGSText
10All creation sings God's musicLAUDA ANIMAText
11All people need a homeKNOWLES WALLACEText
12All together in God's presenceText
13An evergreen is like a prayerO TANNENBAUMText
14As at Pentecost you cameCASTRO RANCHText
15As children, we may learn to lovePINOLE VALLEYText
16As we, your people, gatherAURELIAText
17Ashraf, Ashraf, city of sufferingASHRAF CITYText
18At Cana's wedding feast, the guests[At Cana's wedding feast, the guests]Text
19At the learning curve's beginningText
20Baptized into Christ the LordLLANFAIRText
21Be present, Lord, with those you callText
22Beautiful water, Bountiful blessingsText
23Believers in the risen ChristText
24Believers, make a joyful noiseSILVER FORKText
25Beside the great cathedralsCHARTRES STREETText
26Bring in the Christmas that lights up the ages!Text
27Bring the bread, bring the wineGEBURTSTAGText
28Built on the rock of Christ and Christ aloneTINSLEYText
29By grace we grasp a thread of hopeHOLLYText
30Called by love to gather, by Christ's love unitedText
31Can you see the living ChristCANYON LAKEText
32Christ be the Way in whom we walkText
33Christ comes againHARBINGERText
34Christ is our peace, Christ is our healthSAM-KIAPText
35Christmas comes closeHAASText
36Come, all come, in celebration for the faith that we professText
37Come, all come in celebration of our God's amazing graceText
38Come, Christmas Child, come again in your wonderKLUS1946Text
39Come down, O Love DivineKEVINText
40Come, let us tune our souls to singText
41Come, my Way, my Truth, my LifeDENEText
42Come the day, come the sunLILYText
43Come, welcome Christ in every faceText
44Consider him, our Saviour ChristText
45Create in me a clean heart EIN NEUE HERZText
46Cross and CircleCAIRDEText
47Dance, O Christ, the dance of birthDANCING CHRISTText
48Do you thirst for the waters of life?WELLSPRINGText
49Donkey, come and bowLANGKAMMERERText
50Each seeking personText
51Earth-maker, source of the world and our wisdomO QUANTA QUALIAText
52Elijah bent and touched the earthRAIN SONGText
53Enthroned upon the cherubimNO LESSER LIGHTText
54Eternal God of hope and lightText
55Eternal God, we come with prayerText
56Eternal Source of every callText
57Fair wind and the sky is clearSLOOP JOHN B.Text
58Father God, who gave us beingText
59Father, we have heard you callingText
60Fill our mouths with laughterUNTETHERED HORSESText
61Fire of creation, bursting from the coreFIRE HYMNText
62For all who have a song they cannot singText
63For every gentle thought and mildFITZROY STREETText
64"For God so loved the world"Text
65For the blast of CreationGIFT OF CREATIONText
66For those who share their knowledgeText
67From east to west, o'er all the earthText
68From mothers' arms, we see the worldMAITLAND STREETText
69Give thanks for every giftText
70Give us this day our daily breadHOLY HANDSText
71Glory to God, all-pervading, all-knowing, all-seeingText
72Go down yonder, GabrielAIN'T NO GRAVEText
73Go tell the world about his comingELIZABETHText
74God Almighty, we are waitingHOLY MANNAText
75God, as we merge, bid us emergeText
76God, bless the ones who watch and waitText
77God comes to earth in Jesus, our brotherText
78God gives us light upon our wayText
79God has spoken to all peopleText
80God, help the weary travelers who follow their starPRAYER FOR TRAVELERSText
81God in whose memory no one is lostFORGET-ME-NOTText
82God is still speaking when children beg for breadBRANDONText
83God, let your gathering note be soundedText
84God of our lives and author of our daysText
85God of caring, bind us firmlyText
86God our Maker, whose first summonsCWM RHONDDAText
87God sees our world as one day it will beText
88God shapes and forms us from the dustDAUPHIN WAYText
89God's glory fills the heavens with hymnsNINETEENText
90God's grace upon this house descendROSETTA ROADText
91God's Holy Spirit came with rushing wind and fireLEONIText
92God, the invisible, hidden in lightText
93God, you are like a place rememberedWESTERN DRIVEText
94Guide my canoe, Spirit WindSPIRIT WINDText
95Have we not known? Have we not heardText
96He who formed the highest heavenText
97He will never let go my handHE WILL NEVER LET GOText
98Hear your children, O GodHEAR YOUR CHILDRENText
99Help us trace your rainbow colorsText
100Here is a canvas as broad as creationText

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