New Hymns of Hope

Publisher: Hope Publishing Company
Language: English
Notes: A collection of new hymns, not published in any hymnal
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101Here within this holy circleHAWKINSText
102Hiking in the hills, hot and thirstyLIVING WATERSText
103Hold hands, people of faith, sister and brotherFENTON CRESCENTText
104Hold him tenderly, hold him gentlyCARROLL STREETText
105Hold thou my hands!ASPINALLText
106Holy are youText
107Holy Spirit, dwell within usBRYN CALFARIAText
108Hope of the Earth: your blessings are abusedBLACK HILLSText
109How long, O God, will you hide your face?YINCÁNGText
110How lovely is your dwelling AHRENSText
111How vast is God's unfailing loveText
112I am a child of GodNUN DANKET ALLE GOTTText
113I am a part of the pulse of creationPULSE OF CREATIONText
114I believe in Jesus ChristPEACHTREEText
115I am with you alwaysCOMFORTText
116I have decided to follow JesusASSAMText
117I saw an angel in the roadHUNTERText
118I sing the grace of God within youGRACELANDText
119I was sick, I was sad, and you visited meVISITINGText
120I will not always walk this earthSILVER FORKText
121If one could speak the very words of angelsRANGI RURUText
122In a garden, God blessed creationSHUANGXIText
123In anguish Jesus prayed aloneBETRAYALText
124In conflict, turmoil, war, and strifeQI WANGText
125In God we TrustText
126In the bleakness of the winterText
127In the quiet consecrationSWEET COMMUNION
128In the stillness of this hourADORO TE DEVOTEText
129In this place of prayer and singingText
130In winter's grip, the earth lies coldText
131Infinite wisdom, Lord of creationText
132Jesus ama cada uno (Jesus cares for everyone)SALUD Y PAZText
133It is time! Let the white poppies bloomText
134Jesus calls us to follow himYELLOW BIRDText
135Jesus Christ is born today come to BethlehemCOME TO BETHLEHEMText
136Jesus is the rockJESUS IS THE ROCKText
137Jesus, live in usSOUTH CANYONText
138Jesus walked on to CalvaryText
139Jesus, we come to the tableTWISTED LIVESText
140Just as a mother sings her baby to sleepPELENISEText
141Justice like a river, flowing to the seaEIRENEText
142Lead us to still watersEMERALD BAYText
143Let flow our tears in grief for thisINNOCENTSText
144Let us go forth with light and love to singText
145Let's praise the Creator who gave us each otherText
146Like a flowing streamPARSONSText
147Like the colors of the rainbowText
148Little children*, welcome!HARWOODText
149Look at me, O God!AIKAText
150Look: such horror, torn, then torturedPINE RIDGEText
151Lord Jesus, when my courage failsText
152Love, the thread of quilted kindnessNAISMITHText
153Loving me always through trials and tearsPETTERSText
154Maker of all, whose hand we traceText
155May the love of Christ enfold usCARITAS CHRISTIText
156May the rainbow always touch your shoulderSTAR OF BLESSINGText
157May your hands be the hands of ChristDENNISText
158Mercy, peace, and love be yoursMERCY, PEACE, AND LOVEText
159Mother, Child, and Birthing Spirit, hear us now, we prayADORO TE DEVOTEText
160Much brighter than a thousand sunsQUARRY LAKESText
161My child is a flowerNOT BROKENText
162New truths are no surprise to GodText
163No longer now, as once we wereText
164 Not a temple made with handsLIVING STONESText
165Now a mighty tree has fallenText
166Now is the time to speakLAUTER SPRECHENText
167Now, you can't stop the Spirit, it will blow where it willSPIRIT STREAMText
168Now thank we all our GodText
169O blest Redeemer, to us each recallText
170O Christ, our Life, our Truth, our WayText
171 O God, accept your people's praiseText
172O God the Holy SpiritHOLY SPIRIT (Ward)Text
173O Lord, remember meText
174On a sunny day are you smilingWARABEText
175On Eden's primal dayText
176On God most high be blessings pouredText
177On this good earth, God's generous creationText
178Open hearts and open doorsSOUTH HILLText
179Open wide the church's door!Text
180Our common home, this planet earthCOMMON CAREText
181Our Father who art in heav'nText
182 Our God, our help in ages pastText
183Our God is a rock in a weary landOUR GOD IS A ROCKText
184Our life in the Spirit, our path on the WayCOLUMCILLEText
185Out of joy and out of needARMSTRONGText
186Out of the depths of fearDI MANA ALLAHText
187Peace comes crying through the worldROMATAText
188Peace that no word or secret can tellLIANHUAText
189Planter of gardens, Sender of rainText
190Praise God for his redeeming graceText
191Praise is the beautiful song that arises within usText
192Prayer is the cry of the heart to a mysterySAFFRON STRANDText
193Remember the children by God named and knownText
194Remember the Rock that bore youREMEMBER THE ROCKText
195Saints and angels sing his praiseText
196Samuel, Samuel, I am callingPOTTSTOWNText
197See the wild goose rising, flying to the sunDOLITTLEText
198Set us free for freedomLIBERATIONText
199Shall I not love you, Lord, my strong defenderText
200Sing, Christ our Savior and our King!Text

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