The National Psalmist

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d1According to Thy word, Let me Thy mercy prove
d2All hail the great Immanuel's name
d3All ye nations, praise the Lord
d4And will the God of grace
d5Another day is past, the hours
d6Another year has told its fourfold tale
d7Arise, arise, with joy survey
d8As pants the hart for cooling flood [springs] [streams]
d9Awake my soul, stretch every nerve
d10Behold the lofty sky
d11Behold the morning sun
d12Beyond where Cedron's [Kedron's] waters flow
d13Bless, O my [each] soul, the living God
d14Bless our God, his grace confessing
d15Blest are the humble souls that [who] see
d16Blest are the meek, who stand afar
d17Blest are the souls that [who] hear and know
d18Blest are the undefiled in heart
d19Blest be the Lord, the God of love
d20Blest be thou, the [O] God of Isr'l
d21Brightest and best of the sons [stars] of the morning
d22Brightness of the Father's glory, Shall thy praise unuttered lie
d23Brother, thou art gone to rest
d24Christ [God], whose glory fills the skies [sky]
d25Come dearest Lord, and bless this day
d26Come, let us anew our journey pursue, Roll round
d27Come, let us lift our joyful eyes Up to the [To heavenly] courts above
d28Come, O my [our] soul [souls], in sacred [joyous] lays
d29Come smiling hope and joy sincere
d30Come sound his praise [name] abroad, And hymns
d31Come, ye that [who] know and fear the Lord
d32Come, ye [you] disconsolate, where'er ye [you] languish
d33Consider all my sorrows, Lord, And thy deliverance send
d34Crown his head with endless blessing
d35Defend me, Lord, from shame
d36Early, my God, without delay
d37Ere I sleep, for every favor
d38Father of mercies, in thy [your] word
d39Flung to the heedless winds
d40Forgive my folly, O Lord most holy
d41From all that [who] dwell [dwells] below the [in earth and] skies
d42From Greenland's icy mountains
d43Give thanks to God, he [who] reigns above
d44Give thanks to God, invoke his name
d45Give thanks to God the sovereign Lord [King]
d46Glad was my heart to hear
d47God bless our native land, Firm may she
d48God in his earthly temple lays
d49God is goodness, wisdom, power
d50God is our refuge in distress, A present help
d51God of evening and of morning, Great Source
d52Good is [the Lord] the heavenly King
d53Great God, attend, while Zion sings [children sing] [here we sing]
d54Great God indulge my humble claim
d55Great is the Lord, our souls adore
d56Great Sun of righteousness, arise
d57Guide me, O thou great Jehovah
d58Hail, everlasting Spring
d59He that [who] hath [has] made [for] his refuge, God
d60Head of thy [the] church triumphant
d61Hear me, O God, nor hide thy face
d62Heavenly Father, sovereign [might] Lord
d63High o'er the heavens, supreme, alone
d64Ho, everyone that thirsts, draw nigh
d65How beauteous are their [his] feet
d66How gentle God's commands
d67How pleasant, how [and] divinely fair
d68How shall the young secure their hearts
d69How wondrous and [how] great
d70I hear thy word with love
d71I lift my soul to God, my trust is in
d72I love the Lord, he heard my cries
d73I love the Lord, whose gracious ear
d74I love the volume [volumes] of thy word
d75I love thy kingdom, Lord
d76I waited meekly for the Lord
d77I would not live alway [always], I ask not to stay
d78I'll praise my Maker with my [while I've] [whilst I've] breath
d79In chariots and on horses some
d80Indulgent Lord, thy goodness reigns
d81Jehovah reigns he dwells in light
d82Jehovah reigns his throne is high
d83Jehovah reigns, your tribute bring
d84Jerusalem, my glorious home
d85Jesus demands the voice of joy
d86Jesus, Lover [Savior] of my soul, Let me to thy bosom [refuge] fly
d87Jesus, the Conqueror, reigns
d88Join all the glorious names
d89Judge me, O Lord [God], and prove my ways
d90Let all the just to God with joy
d91Let every heart rejoice and sing, Let choral anthems
d92Let every tongue thy goodness speak
d93Let not despair nor fell revenge
d94Let songs of endless praise
d95Life is the time to serve the Lord
d96Lift not thou the wailing voice
d97Lo the Lord Jehovah liveth
d98Long as I live I'll bless thy name
d99Lord, hear the voice of my complaint
d100Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear My voice ascending high

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