The Psalms of David: imitated in the language of the New Testament, and applied to the Christian state and worship (27th ed.)

Author: I. Watts, D. D.
Publisher: Printed and sold by David Hall and William Sellers, Philadelphia, 1766
Language: English
Notes: Also contains "Hymns and Spiritual Songs in Three Books (24th ed.)
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I.LXXVIWhen Strangers stand and hear me tellTextPage Scan
I.LXXVIINow in the Gall'ries of his GraceTextPage Scan
I.LXXVIIIWho is this fair One in DistressTextPage Scan
I.LXXIXGod of the Morning, at whose VoiceTextPage Scan
I.LXXXThus far the Lord has led me onTextPage Scan
I.LXXXIMy God, how endless is thy Love!TextPage Scan
I.LXXXIIShall the vile Race of Flesh and BloodTextPage Scan
I.LXXXIIINot from the Dust Affliction growsTextPage Scan
I.LXXXIVJehovah speaks, let Isr'l hearTextPage Scan
I.LXXXVThe Lord on high proclaimsTextPage Scan
I.LXXXVIHow should the Sons of Adam's RaceTextPage Scan
I.LXXXVIIThus saith the high and lofty OneTextPage Scan
I.LXXXVIIILife is the Time to serve the LordTextPage Scan
I.LXXXIXYe Sons of Adam, vain and youngTextPage Scan
I.XCLo the young Tribes of Adam riseTextPage Scan
I.XCINow, in the Heat of youthful BloodTextPage Scan
I.XCIIShall Wisdom cry aloudTextPage Scan
I.XCIIIThus saith the Wisdom of the LordTextPage Scan
I.XCIVVain are the Hopes the Sons of MenTextPage Scan
I.XCVNot all the outward Forms on EarthTextPage Scan
I.XCVIBut few among the carnal WiseTextPage Scan
I.XCVIIBury'd in Shadows of the NightTextPage Scan
I.XCVIIIHow heavy is the NightTextPage Scan
I.XCIXVain are the Hopes that Rebels placeTextPage Scan
I.CNot to condemn the Sons of Men TextPage Scan
I.CIWho can describe the Joys that riseTextPage Scan
I.CIIBlest are the humble Souls that seeTextPage Scan
I.CIIII'm not ashamed to own my LordTextPage Scan
I.CIVNot the Malicious or ProfaneTextPage Scan
I.CVNor Eye hath seen, nor Ear hath heardTextPage Scan
I.CVIShall we go on to sinTextPage Scan
I.CVIIDeceiv'd by subtil Snares of Hell TextPage Scan
I.CVIIINot with our mortal EyesTextPage Scan
I.CIXNo more, my God, I boast no moreTextPage Scan
I.CXThere is a House not made with HandsTextPage Scan
I.CXILord, we confess our num'rous FaultsTextPage Scan
I.CXIISo did the Hebrew Prophet raiseTextPage Scan
I.CXIIIHow large the Promise! how DivineTextPage Scan
I.CXIVGentiles by Nature we belongTextPage Scan
I.CXVLord, how secure muy Conscience wasTextPage Scan
I.CXVIThus saith the first, the great CommandTextPage Scan
I.CXVIIBehold the Potter and the ClayTextPage Scan
I.CXVIIIThe Law by Moses cameTextPage Scan
I.CXIXChrist and his Cross is all our ThemeTextPage Scan
I.CXXFaith is the brightest EvidenceTextPage Scan
I.CXXIThus saith the Mercy of the LordTextPage Scan
I.CXXIIDo we not know that solemn WordTextPage Scan
I.CXXIIIBehold the Wretch whose Lust and WineTextPage Scan
I.CXXIVDeep in the Dust before thy ThroneTextPage Scan
I.CXXVWith Joy we meditate the GraceTextPage Scan
I.CXXVINot diff'rent Food, or diff'rent DressTextPage Scan
I.CXXVIICome hither, all ye weary SoulsTextPage Scan
I.CXXVIIIGo preach my Gospel, saith the LordTextPage Scan
I.CXXIXSaints at your Father's heav'nly WordTextPage Scan
I.CXXXNow by the Bowels of my God TextPage Scan
I.CXXXIBehold how Sinners disagreeTextPage Scan
I.CXXXIISo let our Lips and Lives expressTextPage Scan
I.CXXXIIILet Pharisees of high EsteemTextPage Scan
I.CXXXIVHad I the Tongues of Greeks and JewsTextPage Scan
I.CXXXVCome dearest Lord, descend and dwellTextPage Scan
I.CXXXVIGod is a Spirit, Just and WiseTextPage Scan
I.CXXXVIINow to the Pow'r of God SupremeTextPage Scan
I.CXXXVIIIFirm as the Earth thy Gospel standsTextPage Scan
I.CXXXIXHow oft have Sin and Satan stroveTextPage Scan
I.CXLMistaken Souls! that dream of Heav'nTextPage Scan
I.CXLIWho has believ'd thy WordTextPage Scan
I.CXLIILike sheep we went astrayTextPage Scan
I.CXLIIISo new-born Babes desire the BreastTextPage Scan
I.CXLIVWhy should the Children of a KingTextPage Scan
I.CXLVJesus, in Thee our Eyes beholdTextPage Scan
I.CXLVIGo, worship at Immanuel's FeetTextPage Scan
I.CXLVII'Tis from the treasures of his wordTextPage Scan
I.CXLVIIIWith cheerful Voice I singTextPage Scan
I.CXLIXJoin all the Names of Love and Pow'rTextPage Scan
I.CLJoin all the glorious namesTextPage Scan
II.INature with all her Pow'rs shall singTextPage Scan
II.IIMy Thoughts on awful Subjects rollTextPage Scan
II.IIIWhy do we mourn departing Friends?TextPage Scan
II.IVHere at thy Cross, my dying GodTextPage Scan
II.VLord, when my Tho'ts with Wonder rollTextPage Scan
II.VIOnce more, my Soul, the rising DayTextPage Scan
II.VIIDread Sov'reign, let my Ev'ning SongTextPage Scan
II.VIIIHosanna, with a chearful SoundTextPage Scan
II.IXAlas! and did my Saviour bleed!TextPage Scan
II.XMy Soul forsakes her vain DelightTextPage Scan
II.XII send the Joys of Earth awayTextPage Scan
II.XIIThe true Messiah now appearsTextPage Scan
II.XIIISing to the Lord that built the SkiesTextPage Scan
II.XIVWelcome, sweet Day of RestTextPage Scan
II.XVFar from my Tho'ts vain World be goneTextPage Scan
II.XVILord, what a Heav'n of saving GraceTextPage Scan
II.XVIIRise, rise, my Soul, and leave the GroundTextPage Scan
II.XVIIIHigh on a Hill of dazzling LightTextPage Scan
II.XIXLet others boast how strong they be TextPage Scan
II.XXWhy is my Heart so far from TheeTextPage Scan
II.XXILet the old Heathens tune their SongTextPage Scan
II.XXIITerrible God, that reign'st on highTextPage Scan
II.XXIIIDescend from Heav'n immortal DoveTextPage Scan
II.XXIVWhen the great Builder arch'd the skiesTextPage Scan
II.XXVMy drowsy Pow'rs, why sleep ye so?TextPage Scan

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