The Psalms of David: imitated in the language of the New Testament, and applied to the Christian state and worship (27th ed.)

Author: I. Watts, D. D.
Publisher: Printed and sold by David Hall and William Sellers, Philadelphia, 1766
Language: English
Notes: Also contains "Hymns and Spiritual Songs in Three Books (24th ed.)
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II.XXVILord, we are blind, we Mortals, blindTextPage Scan
II.XXVIIGod! the eternal awful NameTextPage Scan
II.XXVIIIStoop down, my Tho'ts, that use to riseTextPage Scan
II.XXIXJesus, with all thy Saints aboveTextPage Scan
II.XXXCome, we that love the LordTextPage Scan
II.XXXIWhy should we start and fear to die?TextPage Scan
II.XXXIIHow short and hasty is our Life!TextPage Scan
II.XXXIIIRaise thee, my Soul, fly up, and runTextPage Scan
II.XXXIVCome, Holy Spirit, Heav'nly DoveTextPage Scan
II.XXXVLet them neglect thy Glory, LordTextPage Scan
II.XXXVIWell, the Redeemer's goneTextPage Scan
II.XXXVIILift up your Eyes to the heav'nly SeatsTextPage Scan
II.XXXVIIIHappy the Heart where Graces reignTextPage Scan
II.XXXIXOur Days, alas! our mortal DaysTextPage Scan
II.XLOur God, how firm his Promise standsTextPage Scan
II.XLIUp to the Fields where Angels lie TextPage Scan
II.XLIIMy God, what endless Pleasures dwellTextPage Scan
II.XLIIINow for a Tune of lofty PraiseTextPage Scan
II.XLIVWith holy Fear, and humble SongTextPage Scan
II.XLVThy Favours, Lord, surprise our SoulsTextPage Scan
II.XLVIUp to the Lord that reigns on highTextPage Scan
II.XLVIINow to the Lord a noble Song!TextPage Scan
II.XLVIIIHow vain are all Things here below?TextPage Scan
II.XLIXDeath cannot make our Souls afraidTextPage Scan
II.LNow let the Lord my Saviour smileTextPage Scan
II.LIBright King of Glory, dreadful GodTextPage Scan
II.LIIDeath! 'Tis a melancholy DayTextPage Scan
II.LIIILord! what a wretched Land is thisTextPage Scan
II.LIVMy God, the Spring of all my JoysTextPage Scan
II.LVThee we adore, Eternal NameTextPage Scan
II.LVINo, I shall envy them no moreTextPage Scan
II.LVIILord, how secure and blest are theyTextPage Scan
II.LVIIITime! what an empty Vapour 'tis!TextPage Scan
II.LIXGlory to God that walks the SkyTextPage Scan
II.LXPraise, everlasting Praise, be paidTextPage Scan
II.LXIMy Soul, come meditate the DayTextPage Scan
II.LXIISing to the Lord, ye heav'nly Hosts TextPage Scan
II.LXIIIHark! from the Tombs a doleful SoundTextPage Scan
II.LXIVHappy the Church, thou sacred placeTextPage Scan
II.LXVWhen I can read my Title clearTextPage Scan
II.LXVIThere is a Land of pure DelightTextPage Scan
II.LXVIIGreat God! how infinite art Thou!TextPage Scan
II.LXVIIIFather, I long, I faint to seeTextPage Scan
II.LXIXBegin my Tongue some heav'nly ThemeTextPage Scan
II.LXXGod of the Seas, thy thund'ring VoiceTextPage Scan
II.LXXIThe Glories of my Maker GodTextPage Scan
II.LXXIIBlest Morning, whose young dawning RaysTextPage Scan
II.LXXIIIHence from my Soul, sad Thoughts, begoneTextPage Scan
II.LXXIVIs this the kind ReturnTextPage Scan
II.LXXVFrom Thee, my God, my Joys shall riseTextPage Scan
II.LXXVIHosanna to the Prince of LightTextPage Scan
II.LXXVIIStand up, my Soul, shake off thy FearsTextPage Scan
II.LXXVIIIWhen the first Parents of our RaceTextPage Scan
II.LXXIXPlung'd in a gulph of dark DespairTextPage Scan
II.LXXXO the Almighty LordTextPage Scan
II.LXXXIAnd now the Scales have left mine EyesTextPage Scan
II.LXXXIIArise, my Soul, my joyful Pow'rsTextPage Scan
II.LXXXIIIThus saith the Ruler of the SkiesTextPage Scan
II.LXXXIVCome, all harmonious TonguesTextPage Scan
II.LXXXVWhy does your Face, ye humble SoulsTextPage Scan
II.LXXXVIOur Sins, alas, how strong they be!TextPage Scan
II.LXXXVIIHow wond'rous great, how glorious brightTextPage Scan
II.LXXXVIIISalvation! O the joyful Sound!TextPage Scan
II.LXXXIXHosanna to our conquering KingTextPage Scan
II.XCHow sad our State by Nature is!TextPage Scan
II.XCIO the Delights, the heav'nly JoysTextPage Scan
II.XCIIShout to the Lord, and let our JoysTextPage Scan
II.XCIIIMy God, my Life, my LoveTextPage Scan
II.XCIVMy God, my Portion, and my LoveTextPage Scan
II.XCVInfinite Grief! amazing woe!TextPage Scan
II.XCVIDown headlong, from the native SkiesTextPage Scan
II.XCVIIFrom Heav'n the sinning Angels fellTextPage Scan
II.XCVIIIMy heart, how dreadful hard it is!TextPage Scan
II.XCIXLet the whole Race of Creatures lieTextPage Scan
II.CHow full of Anguish is the Thought?TextPage Scan
II.CIWhen in the Light of Faith DivineTextPage Scan
II.CIINo, I'll repine at Death no moreTextPage Scan
II.CIIICome, happy Souls, approach your GodTextPage Scan
II.CIVRaise your triumphant SongsTextPage Scan
II.CVAnd are we Wretches yet alive?TextPage Scan
II.CVIO if my Soul was form'd for WoeTextPage Scan
II.CVIIThat awful Day will surely comeTextPage Scan
II.CVIIICome, let us lift our joyful EyesTextPage Scan
II.CIXLord, we adore thy vast DesignsTextPage Scan
II.CXAnd must this Body die?TextPage Scan
II.CXIZion rejoice and Judah singTextPage Scan
II.CXIIGreat God, to what a glorious HeightTextPage Scan
II.CXIIIThe Majesty of SolomonTextPage Scan
II.CXIVI sing my Saviour's wond'rous DeathTextPage Scan
II.CXVHigh as the Heav'ns above the GroundTextPage Scan
II.CXVIHow can I sink with such a PropTextPage Scan
II.CXVIII cannot bear thy Absence, LordTextPage Scan
II.CXVIIIBlood has a Voice to pierce the SkiesTextPage Scan
II.CXIXLaden with Guilt, and full of FearsTextPage Scan
II.CXXThe Lord declares his WillTextPage Scan
II.CXXIThe Law commands, and makes us knowTextPage Scan
II.CXXIIMy God, permit me not to beTextPage Scan
II.CXXIIIAway from ev'ry mortal CareTextPage Scan
II.CXXIV'Tis not the Law of Ten CommandsTextPage Scan
II.CXXVLife and immortal Joys are giv'nTextPage Scan

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