Pocket Hymn Book, Designed as a Constant Companion. 25th ed.

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d201Oft have we passed the guilty night
d202Oft I in my heart have said, Who shall ascend on high
d203On all the earth thy Spirit shower
d204One in Three, and Three in One
d205Peace be on this house bestowed
d206Peace, troubled soul, thou needest [need'st] not fear
d207Pierce, fill me with a [an] humble fear
d208Praise ye the Lord, 'tis good to raise your [our] hearts and voices
d209Praise ye the Lord ye immortal choirs
d210Rejoice evermore with angels above
d211Rejoice for a brother deceased
d212Rejoice, the Lord is King, Your God [Lord] and King adore
d213Salvation, O the joyful sound
d214Savior from sin, I wait to prove that Jesus is Thy healing name
d215Savior, the world's and mine was ever grief like Thine?
d216Say, which of you would see the Lord
d217See, gracious Lord, with pitying eyes
d218See, Jesus [Jesu], thy disciples, see
d219Self destroyed, for help I pray
d220Shepherd divine our wants relieve
d221Shepherds, rejoice, lift up your eyes
d222Since Jesus freely [purely] did appear
d223Sing to the great Jehovah's praise
d224Sinner [sinners] turn, why will ye [you] die
d225Sinners, obey the gospel word
d226Soldiers of Christ, arise, and put [gird] your armor
d227Son of God, if thy free grace
d228Son of God thy blessing grant
d229Stand the omnipotent decree
d230Stay, thou insulted [long suffering] Spirit
d231Still for thy loving kindness, Lord
d232Terrible thought, shall I alone
d233Thanks be to God whose faithful love
d234The God of Abraham praise, who reigns enthroned
d235The Lord my pasture shall prepare, and feed me with a shepherd's care
d236The Lord of earth and sky, The God of ages praise
d237The Lord of Sabbath let us praise, In concert with the blest
d238The praying spirit breathe
d239The spacious firmament on high
d240The thing my God doth hate
d241The voice of my beloved sounds
d242Thee we adore, eternal name, And humbly
d243Thee will I love, my Strength [Lord] [Shield], [my] [and] Tower
d244There is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reign
d245This, this is the God we adore
d246Thou God of glorious majesty
d247Thou God of truth and love
d248Thou hidden God, for whom I groan
d249Thou hidden love of God, whose height
d250Thou Judge of quick and dead
d251Thou Lamb of God, thou Prince of Peace
d252Thou man of griefs, remember me
d253Thou Shepherd of Isr'l, and mine [divine]
d254Thou Son of God, whose flaming eyes
d255Though trouble assail us, and dangers affright
d256Thy ceaseless, unexhausted love
d257Thy faithfulness, Lord each [every] moment we find
d258'Tis a point I long to know
d259'Tis finished, 'tis done
d260To the haven of thy breast, O Son of Man I fly
d261Try us, O God, and search the ground
d262Vain, delusive world, adieu
d263Watched by the world's malignant eye
d264We lift our hearts to thee, O [Our] [Thou] Day-Star
d265Weary of wandering from my God
d266Weary souls that [who] wander wide
d267What now is my [our] object and aim
d268What shall I do my Savior to praise
d269When all the mercies of my God
d270When gracious Lord, when shall it be
d271When quiet in my house I sit
d272When rising from the bed of death
d273Where is my God, my joy, my hope
d274While shepherds watch [watched] their flocks by night
d275Who is this that comes from far
d276Whom man forsakes thou wilt not leave
d277Why not now, my God [Lord], my God
d278Why should the children of a King
d279Why should we start and fear to die
d280With glorious clouds encompast [encompassed] round
d281With joy we meditate the [thy] grace
d282Ye happy sinners, hear
d283Ye heavens rejoice in Jesus's grace
d284Ye simple souls [ones] that [who] stray

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