The Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament, faithully translated into English metre: being the New England Psalm Book (Rev. and Improved)

Reviser: Thomas Prince
Publisher: D. Henchman & S. Kneeland, Boston, 1758
Denomination: Congregational Church
Language: English
Notes: Selections from Psalms (P), Song of Solomon (SS), Isaiah (I), Lamentations (L), Jonah (J), Habakkuk (H), Luke (LU), Matthew (M) and Revelation (R) are numbered separately. The hymnal repeats and skips numbers in the hymn section.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
PXCIIIJehovah reigns, and clothed is heTextPage Scan
PXCIVLord God, to whom alone pertainsTextPage Scan
PXCVO come and let us to the LordTextPage Scan
PXCVIO sing ye loudly to the LordTextPage Scan
PXCVIIaJehovah reigns, O let the earthTextPage Scan
PXCVIIbJehovah reigns, the earthTextPage Scan
PXCVIIIO sing a new song to the LordTextPage Scan
PXCIXJehovah reigns as King supremeTextPage Scan
PCaShout to Jehovah all the earthTextPage Scan
PCbO to the LORD a joyful noiseTextPage Scan
PCIOf mercy and of judgement ITextPage Scan
PCIIO Lord, now hear my mournful prayerTextPage Scan
PCIIIO thou my soul, Jehovah blessTextPage Scan
PCIVO thou, my soul, Jehovah bless for thou art greatTextPage Scan
PCVO to Jehovah give ye thanks, and callTextPage Scan
PCVISing Hallelujah to the LordTextPage Scan
PCVIIO to Jehovah give ye thanksTextPage Scan
PCVIIIO God, my heart is fixed, I'll singTextPage Scan
PCIXHold not thy peace O God my praiseTextPage Scan
PCXJehovah to my Lord hath saidTextPage Scan
PCXISing Hallelujah, praise the LordTextPage Scan
PCXIISing Hallelujah, O how blessedTextPage Scan
PCXIIISing HALLELUJAH! sing his praiseTextPage Scan
PCXIVWhen Isr'el Egypt leftTextPage Scan
PCXVO not to us, Lord, not to usTextPage Scan
PCXVII love, because Jehovah dothTextPage Scan
PCXVIIaO all ye nations of the worldTextPage Scan
PCXVIIbO all ye nations of the worldTextPage Scan
PCXVIIIO praise the Lord, for He is goodTextPage Scan
PCXIXHow blest the upright in the wayTextPage Scan
PCXXI in distress cried to the LordTextPage Scan
PCXXII to those mountains lift mine eyesTextPage Scan
PCXXIIIt was my joy to hear them sayTextPage Scan
PCXXIIIO Thou who in the heavens dost dwellTextPage Scan
PCXXIVHad not the Lord been on our sideTextPage Scan
PCXXVAll those who in Jehovah trustTextPage Scan
PCXXVIWhen from captivity the LordTextPage Scan
PCXXVIIUnless Jehovah builds the houseTextPage Scan
PCXXVIIIaHow greatly blessed is the manTextPage Scan
PCXXVIIIbHow bless'd is he who fears the LordTextPage Scan
PCXXIXOft from my youth they me distress'dTextPage Scan
PCXXXaLord! from the deeps I cry to Thee!TextPage Scan
PCXXXbLord, from the deeps I cry to TheeTextPage Scan
PCXXXIaJehovah see my open heartTextPage Scan
PCXXXIbMy heart's not haughty, LORDTextPage Scan
PCXXXIIDavid, and all his troubles, LordTextPage Scan
PCXXXIIIaBehold how good it isTextPage Scan
PCXXXIIIbBehold how good it isTextPage Scan
PCXXXIVaBehold, bless ye the Lord, ye the Lord'sTextPage Scan
PCXXXIVbYe servants of the LordTextPage Scan
PCXXXVO sing ye HALLELUJAH nowTextPage Scan
PCXXXVIO thank the LORD for he is goodTextPage Scan
PCXXXVIIAs by the streams of babylonTextPage Scan
PCXXXVIIIWith all my heart I'll thee confessTextPage Scan
PCXXXIXO Lord, thou dost me search and knowTextPage Scan
PCXLLord, save me from malicious menTextPage Scan
PCXLIO Lord, to thee I call aloudTextPage Scan
PCXLIII to Jehovah with my voiceTextPage Scan
PCXLIIILord, hear my humble prayer to theeTextPage Scan
PCXLIVO let Jehovah blessed beTextPage Scan
PCXLVMy God and King, I'll thee extolTextPage Scan
PCXLVISing Hallelujah, praise the Lord, I'll praiseTextPage Scan
PCXLVIIaSing Hallelujah, for 'tis goodTextPage Scan
PCXLVIIbLoud Hallelujah singTextPage Scan
PCXLVIIIaSing Hallelujah, praise the LordTextPage Scan
PCXLVIIIbLoud Hallelujah singTextPage Scan
PCXLIXaSing Hallelujah: to the LordTextPage Scan
PCXLIXbSing Hallelujah to the LordTextPage Scan
PCLSing Hallelujah! praise ye God TextPage Scan
SSILet him with kisses of his mouthTextPage Scan
SSIII Sharon's rose and lilly amTextPage Scan
SSIIIBy night as on my bed I layTextPage Scan
SSIVLo fair thou art, lo fair my Love!TextPage Scan
SSVI am into my garden comeTextPage Scan
SSVIO fairest Thou of all the fairTextPage Scan
SSVIIHow beautiful thy feet with shoesTextPage Scan
SSVIIIO that thou as my brother wertTextPage Scan
I.IIIn latter days Jehovah's mountTextPage Scan
I.VMy most Belov'd a Vineyard ownsTextPage Scan
I.IXPeople that long in darkness walk'dTextPage Scan
I.XIIO Lord, tho' with me Thou wast wrothTextPage Scan
I.XXVLord, Thou my God, I'll Thee extollTextPage Scan
I.XXVIA City of exceeding strengthTextPage Scan
I.XXXVIIIMy days, I said, are now cut offTextPage Scan
I.XLVFrom ancient times I have declaredTextPage Scan
I.LIIIO who has our report believ'd?TextPage Scan
I.LVHo! ev'ry thirsty, longing soulTextPage Scan
LIIII am the man who by his rodTextPage Scan
JIII to the Lord in my distressTextPage Scan
HIIIThy speech, O LORD, I heard with fearTextPage Scan
LUIaMy soul doth magnify the LordTextPage Scan
LUIbThe LORD, the GOD of IsraelTextPage Scan
LUIIaAll glory to the most high GODTextPage Scan
LUIIbLord, let me now depart in peaceTextPage Scan
MVIOur FATHER who in heav'n art seenTextPage Scan
RIVaO Holy! holy! holy LORD!TextPage Scan
RIVbLORD, Thou all honour, glory, pow'rTextPage Scan
RVaThou worthy art to take the BookTextPage Scan
RVbThe Lamb is worthy that was slainTextPage Scan
RVcTo Him who sits upon the throneTextPage Scan

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