Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs: selected and original, designed for the use of the Church Universal in public and private devotion

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IThough various names, O Lord, divideTextPage Scan
IIWhilst elders fall before thy throneTextPage Scan
IIIThy ways, O LORD, with wise designTextPage Scan
IVNow begin the heav'nly themeTextPage Scan
VCome ye lovers of the LambTextPage Scan
VIFrom all that dwell below the skiesTextPage Scan
VIIFather of mercies, in thy wordTextPage Scan
VIIIHow precious is the book divineTextPage Scan
IXHere, Lord, my soul convicted standsTextPage Scan
XIsrael in ancient daysTextPage Scan
XIThe Bible is justly esteemedTextPage Scan
XIIWhat wisdom, majesty and graceTextPage Scan
XIIIJesus, th' eternal Son of GodTextPage Scan
XIVTo our almighty maker, GodTextPage Scan
XVTo distant lands thy gospel sendTextPage Scan
XVIIn thine own image, Father, GodTextPage Scan
XVIISatan transform'd in guise of lightTextPage Scan
XVIIIDeceiv'd by subtle snares of hellTextPage Scan
XIXLord! ev'ry knee to thee shall bowTextPage Scan
XXFrom heav'n the sinning angels fellTextPage Scan
XXIWhen by the tempter's wiles betrayedTextPage Scan
XXIIYe humble saints, proclaim abroadTextPage Scan
XXIIISing the triumphs of your conqu'ringTextPage Scan
XXIVLord, what was man, when made at firstTextPage Scan
XXVBlood has a voice to pierce the skiesTextPage Scan
XXVI"God will provide,," the Patriarch saidTextPage Scan
XXVIIGod hath given to Isaac roomTextPage Scan
XXVIIIShiloh shall come, the prophet criesTextPage Scan
XXIXSmote to the heart, by conscious guiltTextPage Scan
XXXKing of Salem, bless my soulTextPage Scan
XXXILet nations who tremble in fear of a floodTextPage Scan
XXXIILiving spirits flames of fireTextPage Scan
XXXIIISee, Isr'el's tribes brought near to GodTextPage Scan
XXXIVLong, as the dark'ning cloud abodeTextPage Scan
XXXVBehold, the grain of wheat that diesTextPage Scan
XXXVIBlow ye the trumpet, blowTextPage Scan
XXXVIIBlest are the eyes that seeTextPage Scan
XXXVIIIWhen Israel's grieving tribes complain'dTextPage Scan
XXXIXHow rich the types of future graceTextPage Scan
XLO for a thousand tongues to singTextPage Scan
XLIWhat glories surrounding my Saviour I seeTextPage Scan
XLIIWith bruises Christ was drestTextPage Scan
XLIIIThe victory's won and Satan is downTextPage Scan
XLIVThe king of saints, how fair his faceTextPage Scan
XLVCome, thou long expected JesusTextPage Scan
XLVIJesus, Comforter divine, ConsolationsTextPage Scan
XLVIIThe builder, whom true wisdom swaysTextPage Scan
XLVIIIHail Counsellor of peace, good will!TextPage Scan
XLIXInfinite excellence is thineTextPage Scan
LThe Father's love to man so freeTextPage Scan
LIWhen God would manifest his graceTextPage Scan
LIIJesus, we bless thy Father's nameTextPage Scan
LIIIEternal excellenceTextPage Scan
LIVFather of Angels and of menTextPage Scan
LVPoor, weak, and worthless though I amTextPage Scan
LVIThere is a Fountain fill'd with bloodTextPage Scan
LVIIO holy Imman'el thy mystery divineTextPage Scan
LVIIIGod in his earthly temple laysTextPage Scan
LIXShout for the blessed Jesus reignsTextPage Scan
LXJesus shall reign where'er the sunTextPage Scan
LXIAll hail, incarnate God!TextPage Scan
LXIITho' mothers kind, forgetful proveTextPage Scan
LXIIIWhen first the God of boundless graceTextPage Scan
LXIVJesus, commissioned from aboveTextPage Scan
LXVGlory to God, who reigns aboveTextPage Scan
LXVIHail, mighty, true, and living GodTextPage Scan
LXVIICould I of all perfection boastTextPage Scan
LXVIIIJesus, thou Prince, thou King of peaceTextPage Scan
LXIXWe bless the Prophet of the LordTextPage Scan
LXXAs show'rs on meadows newly mownTextPage Scan
LXXI"I come," the great Redeemer criesTextPage Scan
LXXIIMortals behold your dying GodTextPage Scan
LXXIIIWhen God our father's pleas'dTextPage Scan
LXXIVJesus, thy blood and righteousnessTextPage Scan
LXXVWherewith O Lord, shall I draw nearTextPage Scan
LXXVIWhilst we are marching thro'TextPage Scan
LXXVIIThe wonders Lord thy love has wroughtTextPage Scan
LXXVIIICanaan promised is beforeTextPage Scan
LXXIXThe Lord on high proclaimsTextPage Scan
LXXXO Christ! O love divine!TextPage Scan
LXXXIJesus, thou Sun of righteousnessTextPage Scan
LXXXIIWhen all the virtues of the woodTextPage Scan
LXXXIIIWhen elements and time will fadeTextPage Scan
LXXXIVWonderful thy name we callTextPage Scan
LXXXVZeal is the Lord of Hosts, thy zealTextPage Scan
LXXXVIO thou in whom the Gentiles trustTextPage Scan
LXXXVIITo our Redeemer's glorious nameTextPage Scan
LXXXVIIIJesus, in thee our eyes beholdTextPage Scan
LXXXIXFrom tribulation's gloomy valeTextPage Scan
XCThe son of Beor's opening eyesTextPage Scan
XCIOp'ner of the blinded eyesTextPage Scan
XCIIAs David kept his father's flockTextPage Scan
XCIII'Tis not the law often commandsTextPage Scan
XCIV"Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord!"TextPage Scan
XCVHark the glad sound! the Saviour comesTextPage Scan
XCVIStronger in death, than erst in lifeTextPage Scan
XCVIIThe true Messiah now appearsTextPage Scan
XCVIIIThe lands that long in darkness layTextPage Scan
XCIXBehold the woman's promised seedTextPage Scan
CSure thy name is WonderfulTextPage Scan

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