The Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts

Author: Isaac Watts
Publisher: Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library, 1806
Language: English
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I.145Jesus, in thee our eyes beholdText
I.146Go, worship at Immanuel's feetText
I.147'Tis from the treasures of his wordText
I.148With cheerful voice I singText
I.149Join all the names of love and powerText
I.150Join all the glorious namesText
II.1Nature, with all her powers, shall singText
II.2My thoughts on aweful subjects rollText
II.3Why do we mourn departing friendsText
II.4Here at thy cross, my dying GodText
II.5Lord, when my thoughts with wonder rollText
II.6Once more, my soul, the rising dayText
II.7Dread Sovereign! let my evening songText
II.8Hosannah, with a cheerful soundText
II.9Alas! and did my Savior bleed?Text
II.10My soul forsakes her vain delightText
II.11I send the joys of earth awayText
II.12The true Messiah now appearsText
II.13Sing to the Lord that built the skiesText
II.14Welcome, sweet day of restText
II.15Far from my thoughts, vain world, begoneText
II.16.2Lord, what a heav'n of saving graceText
II.17Rise, rise, my soul, and leave the groundText
II.18High on a hill of dazzling lightText
II.19Let others boast how strong they beText
II.20Why is my heart so far from theeText
II.21Let the old heathens tune their songText
II.22Terrible God, that reign'st on highText
II.23Descend from heav'n, immortal DoveText
II.24When the great Builder arched the skiesText
II.25My drowsy powers, why sleep ye so?Text
II.26Lord, we are blind, we mortals blindText
II.27God! the eternal, awful nameText
II.28Stoop down, my thoughts, that use to riseText
II.29Jesus, with all thy saints aboveText
II.30Come, we that love the LordText
II.31Why should we start, and fear to dieText
II.32How short and hasty is our life!Text
II.33Raise thee, my soul, fly up, and runText
II.35Let them neglect thy glory, LordText
II.36Well, the Redeemer's goneText
II.37Lift up your eyes to th' heav'nly seatsText
II.38Happy the heart where graces reignText
II.39Our days, alas! our mortal daysText
II.40Our God! how firm his promise standsText
II.41Up to the fields where angels lieText
II.42My God, what endless pleasures dwellText
II.43Now for a tune of lofty praiseText
II.44With holy fear and humble songText
II.45Thy favors, Lord, surprise our soulsText
II.46Up to the Lord, that reigns on highText
II.47Now to the Lord a noble song!Text
II.48How vain are all things here below!Text
II.49Death cannot make our souls afraidText
II.50Now let the Lord my Savior smileText
II.51Bright King of glory, dreadful God!Text
II.52Death! 'Tis a melancholy dayText
II.53Lord! what a wretched land is thisText
II.54My God, the spring of all my joysText
II.55Thee we adore, Eternal NameText
II.56No, I shall envy them no moreText
II.57Lord, how secure and blest are theyText
II.58Time, what an empty vapor 'tis!Text
II.59Glory to God that walks the skyText
II.60Praise, everlasting praise, be paidText
II.61My soul, come meditate the dayText
II.62Sing to the Lord, ye heav'nly hostsText
II.63Hark! from the tombs a doleful soundText
II.64Happy the church, thou sacred placeText
II.65When I can read my title clearText
II.66There is a land of pure delightText
II.67Great God! how infinite art thou!Text
II.68Father, I long, I faint to seeText
II.69Begin, my tongue, some heav'nly themeText
II.70God of the seas! thy thund'ring voiceText
II.71The glories of my Maker GodText
II.72Blest morning, whose young dawning raysText
II.73Hence from my soul, sad thoughts, begoneText
II.74Is this the kind returnText
II.75From thee, my God, my joys shall riseText
II.76Hosannah to the Prince of lightText
II.77Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fearsText
II.78When the first parents of our raceText
II.79Plunged in a gulf of dark despairText
II.80O! the almighty Lord!Text
II.81And now the scales have left mine eyesText
II.82Arise, my soul, my joyful powersText
II.83Thus saith the Ruler of the skies:Text
II.84Come, all harmonious tonguesText
II.85Why does your face, ye humble soulsText
II.86Our sins, alas, how strong they be!Text
II.87How wondrous great, how glorious brightText
II.88Salvation! O the joyful sound!Text
II.89Hosannah to our conquering King!Text
II.90How sad our state by nature is!Text
II.91O! the delights, the heav'nly joysText
II.92Shout to the Lord, and let our joysText
II.93My God, my life, my love!Text
II.94My God, my portion, and my loveText
II.95Infinite grief! amazing woe!Text

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