The Psalms of Life: A Compilation of Psalms, Hymns, Chants, Anthems, &c. Embodying the Spiritual, Progressive and Reformatory Sentiment of the Present Age

Editor: John S. Adams
Publisher: Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston, 1857
Notes: Published in New York by S.T. Gordon, in Philadephia by Back & Lawton, and in Cincinnati by Traux & Baldwin
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303When the day of life is drearyPage Scan
304Holy Lord! in pure devotionPage Scan
305Brother, is life's morning cloudedPage Scan
306Do not crouch today, and worshipPage Scan
307There are moments when life's shadowsPage Scan
308Onward--onward! slow and steadyPage Scan
309Peace be thine, the angels greet theePage Scan
310He who goeth forth with weepingPage Scan
311Labor fearless, labor faithfulPage Scan
312Brother, art thou poor and lowlyPage Scan
313Waking every morn to dutyPage Scan
314Come they, when the shades of eveningPage Scan
315Here all worldly cares forgettingPage Scan
316Floating on the breath of eveningPage Scan
317Here we meet with joy togetherPage Scan
318Love divine, all love excellingPage Scan
319Meek and lowly, pure and holyPage Scan
320Gently as the weeping willowPage Scan
321They are passing, upward passingPage Scan
322Speak not harshly when reprovingPage Scan
323Part in peace! is day before us?Page Scan
324Bringing pleasant hopes and visionsPage Scan
325On the dewy breath of evenPage Scan
326Heaven is here; its hymns of gladnessPage Scan
327Now the shade of evening fallethPage Scan
328Holy Father, gently bless usPage Scan
329May the grace of guardian angelsPage Scan
330Cherish faith in one anotherPage Scan
331Joy and pain to all are givenPage Scan
332They are winging, they are wingingPage Scan
333Spring is coming—spring is comingPage Scan
334God bless our native land!Page Scan
335God of the harvest praisePage Scan
336Trump of glad jubileePage Scan
337Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathedPage Scan
338Praise ye Jehovah's namePage Scan
339The laws of Christian lightPage Scan
340Mortal, the Angels sayPage Scan
341Here at thy grave we standPage Scan
342Life is onward,--use itPage Scan
343There's no dearth of kindnessPage Scan
344Hand in hand with angelsPage Scan
345Let there be Light! said GodPage Scan
346Oppression shall not always reignPage Scan
347Go when the morning shinethPage Scan
348Grows dark thy path before thee?Page Scan
349When fortune beams around youPage Scan
350Sometimes the heart complainethPage Scan
351To thee, the Lord AlmightyPage Scan
352Angels, bright angels are ever around usPage Scan
353We will not fear the beauteous angelPage Scan
354This world is not a fleeting showPage Scan
355We cross the prairie as of oldPage Scan
356How cheery are the marinersPage Scan
357O wondrous depth of love divinePage Scan
358Look up, oh tear-dimmed eyePage Scan
359The God who reigns alonePage Scan
360How cheering the thought, that the angels of GodPage Scan
361Be firm and be faithful; desert not the rightPage Scan
362Oh! lone is the spirit on life's troubled oceanPage Scan
363Courage, faint heart! why all these fearsPage Scan
364Love all! there is no living thingPage Scan
365Whatever clouds may dim the wayPage Scan
366The breaking waves dashed highPage Scan
367Action! action! all is actionPage Scan
368Hark! through Nature's vast cathedralPage Scan
369Father divine! O may my prayerPage Scan
370O Father! lift our souls abovePage Scan
371Love never sleeps! the mother's eyePage Scan
372Father of mercies! God of peace!Page Scan
373Prisoners of hope! be strong, be boldPage Scan
374It e'er hath pealed in strains sublimePage Scan
375When sorrow on the spirit feedsPage Scan
376How little of ourselves we knowPage Scan
377Yes! prayer is strong, and God is goodPage Scan
378'Twas not in vain that Jesus prayedPage Scan
379O God, by whom the seed is givenPage Scan
380O, not when the death-prayer is saidPage Scan
381O thou, whose power o'er moving worlds presidesPage Scan
382Though lonely be thy path, fear not, for hePage Scan
383Father! thy wonders do not singly standPage Scan
384Joyfully, joyfully, onward I movePage Scan
385Not that thy boundless love, my GodPage Scan
386We twine the wreath and sing the praisePage Scan
387Beneath the thick but struggling cloudsPage Scan
388How glad the tone when summer's sunPage Scan
389Father, the spirit Jesus knewPage Scan
390Author of good, we rest on theePage Scan
391God in the high and holy placePage Scan
392There is an eye that all surveysPage Scan
393In all the changes we have seenPage Scan
394Angels bright are drawing nearPage Scan
395The seraphs bright are hoveringPage Scan
396Forward! the day is breakingPage Scan
397Soon shall the trump of freedomPage Scan
398The morn of peace is beamingPage Scan
399In the broad fields of heavenPage Scan
400May freedom speed onward, wherever the bloodPage Scan
401Friends of Freedom! ye who standPage Scan
402To the world of spirit-gladnessPage Scan

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