Revival Hymns. 4th ed.

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d1Ah what shall I do or where be secure
d2Alas alas how blind I've been
d3All doubtless wish to be forgiven
d4Am I a soldier of the cross
d5And have I Christ no love for thee
d6And must I part with all I have
d7And will the Judge descend [ascend]
d8And will the Lord thus condescend
d9And will you still despise
d10Ashamed of Christ, my soul disdains
d11Awake, and sing the song of Moses and the Lamb
d12Awake, my soul, in [to] joyful [joyous] lays
d13Awaked by Sinai's awful sound
d14Behold that great and awful day
d15Behold the Savior at the [thy] door
d16Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love
d17Blow ye [you] the trumpet, blow
d18Brethren we are met together to adore
d19Children of the heavenly king as we journey
d20Christ is the way to heavenly bliss
d21Come, guilty souls, and flee away
d22Come hither, all ye [you] weary souls
d23Come, humble sinner, in whose breast
d24Come sinners attend and make no delay
d25Come sinners hear his voice today
d26Come sinners to the gospel feast
d27Day of judgment, day of wonders
d28Dear Jesus, here comes, And knocks at Thy door
d29Dear Savior, When my thoughts recall The wonders of thy grace
d30Do I belong to Christ the Lord
d31Ensnared too long, my heart has been
d32Farewell, dear friend [friends], I must be gone
d33Gracious Lord, incline thine ear
d34Hail, my ever blessed Jesus
d35Hail, sovereign love, that first began
d36Hark, my soul, it is the Lord
d37Haste [Hasten], [O] sinner [sinners] [now] to be wise
d38Hear the terms that never vary
d39Hear what the Lord the great Amen
d40Hearts of stone, relent, relent
d41Hell, 'tis a word of dreadful sound
d42Ho, all ye trembling sinners, hear
d43How dreadful is that place
d44How dreadful, Lord, will be the day When all the tribes of
d45How firm a foundation, ye [you] saints of the Lord
d46How foolish have you spent your years
d47How great, how terrible that God
d48How much the hearts of those revive
d49How shall the sons of men appear
d50I can no more delay
d51I own my guilt, my sins confess
d52If you would pardon fine
d53In evil long I took delight
d54In songs of sublime adoration and praise
d55Inquiring souls, who long to find
d56Jesus is all I wish or want
d57Jesus to you his fulness brings
d58John, in a vision, saw the day
d59Keep silence, all created things
d60Kind souls, who for the miseries moan
d61Know, sinner, every one is free
d62Laugh, ye prophane, and swell and burst
d63Lo he comes arrayed in vengeance
d64Lo on a narrow neck of land
d65Lo we see the sign appearing
d66Long have I seemed to serve thee Lord
d67Long have I walked this dreary road
d68Lord, thou hast won, at length I yield
d69Lord, we adore thy matchless ways
d70Mercy, O thou Son of David
d71Misguided souls pretend to know
d72Must all the charms [thoughts] of nature then
d73My barns are full, my stores increase
d74My gracious Lord [God], I own thy right
d75My thoughts on awful subjects roll
d76Ne'er shall the shadow of a change
d77No words can declare, no fancy can paint
d78Now is the accepted time
d79Now is the time, the accepted hour
d80Now let my soul with wonder trace
d81Now the Savior stands [standeth] [standing] a-pleading [and pleading]
d82O for a closer walk with God
d83O Jesus, my Savior, to Thee I submit
d84O there will be mourning, mourning, mourning
d85O [When] thou my righteous Judge shall [shalt] come
d86On Jordan's stormy [rugged] banks I stand, And cast a wishful eye
d87One awful word which Jesus spoke
d88Our souls by [in] love together knit [drawn] [joined]
d89Poor sinners, little do they think
d90Raise thoughtless sinner raise thine eye
d91Repent, the voice celestial cries
d92Savior, canst Thou love a traitor?
d93Savior, visit Thy [our] plantation, grant us Lord, a gracious rain
d94Saw ye [you] my Savior, saw ye [you] my Savior
d95See Felix, clothed with pomp and power
d96See, the eternal Judge descending
d97Sinner, and have you never known
d98Sinner, behold I've heard thy groan [groans]
d99Sinner, how oft has [hath] God reproved
d100Sinner [sinners], O why so thoughtless grown

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