Royal Praise for the Sunday School: a collection of new and selected gospel songs. With a clear and concise course of instruction in the elements of music

Editor: J. R. Murray
Publisher: The John Church Co., Cincinnati, 1888
Language: English
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3Royal Praise come let us singPage Scan
4Oh, oft you have heard of the River of LifePage Scan
5'Tis a promise sweet to mePage Scan
6Look up! behold, the fields are whitePage Scan
7Jerusalem, the beautifulPage Scan
8Around the great white throne abovePage Scan
9Oh, sorrowing mortal, why still despairPage Scan
10Soldiers of Christ, march onPage Scan
11The Sunday bells are callingPage Scan
12In a moment when ye know notPage Scan
13O that each day may bringPage Scan
14We come with sweetest anthemsPage Scan
15Thou hast called me, blessed SaviorPage Scan
16Not worthy O Lord! of thy pardonPage Scan
17O Savior, precious SaviorPage Scan
18Have you not a word for Jesus?Page Scan
20Cling to the Bible, tho' all else be takenPage Scan
21There's a promise, O how precious!Page Scan
22Onward roll the agesPage Scan
23When his salvation bringingPage Scan
24Come, O mighty Savior, comePage Scan
25However small and humblePage Scan
26"Go, preach my Gospel," saith the LordPage Scan
27Lift up your eyes on the fields all whitePage Scan
28"Rich in mercy," hear the messagePage Scan
30We are going to the KingPage Scan
31In helpless guilt I lay, untilPage Scan
32Weary sinner, hear you not the Savior sayPage Scan
33When this song of praise shall ceasePage Scan
34A glorious day is coming when the earth with joy shall ringPage Scan
35Now to Jesus Christ the gloryPage Scan
36Jesus knocks at the door of my heartPage Scan
37There's a light from the crossPage Scan
38Go forward, Christian soldierPage Scan
39Angel voices, ever singingPage Scan
40"Suffer the children to come"--and the SaviorPage Scan
41We're a little gleaner's bandPage Scan
42We children come, dear SaviorPage Scan
43When all shall know the SaviorPage Scan
44Sing of Jesus,! sing foreverPage Scan
45O'er the dreary mountainsPage Scan
46In the days of thy youth, oh, rememberPage Scan
47aBrightly beams our Father's mercyPage Scan
47bWhen he cometh, when he cometh to makePage Scan
48The Master wants workers, his harvest is whitePage Scan
49Yes, his little ones he holdethPage Scan
50The whole world was lost in the darkness of sinPage Scan
51I gave my life for theePage Scan
52Yes, we have a word for Jesus!Page Scan
53See you not the humble widowPage Scan
54There's a city bright and goldenPage Scan
55O lily fair, O lily fairPage Scan
56Thy word, O Lord, a lantern isPage Scan
57Oh, the Father's hands are helpingPage Scan
58There's a crown in heaven for mePage Scan
59Soldiers of Christ, arisePage Scan
60I shall see them, and know them, and love themPage Scan
61Holiness becometh thine housePage Scan
62O, we are volunteers in the army of the LordPage Scan
63Tho' the storm of life be raging highPage Scan
64In him is love aboundingPage Scan
65Father, draw near to mePage Scan
66There's a beautiful land on highPage Scan
67Praise ye the Father for his loving kindnessPage Scan
68We stand where Jordan's waves dividePage Scan
69I cannot always trace the wayPage Scan
70Kind words can never die, Cherished and blestPage Scan
71I've a guide, tho' the way be longPage Scan
72Before the bolted doorPage Scan
73Backward my heart doth turnPage Scan
74In the twilight hours mid the breath of flow'rsPage Scan
75There's a table outspreadPage Scan
76Let your life be one of beautyPage Scan
77No voice can sing, no mind can framePage Scan
78What to me are all life's pleasures?Page Scan
79My soul rejoicing fain would raisePage Scan
80O Savior, help me day by dayPage Scan
81Forward be our watchwordPage Scan
82In the night when storm and tempestPage Scan
83Forward, march! forward, march!Page Scan
84Down life's dark vale we wanderPage Scan
85Brightly gleams our bannerPage Scan
86Jesus, Savior, we will follow theePage Scan
87May thy love, O God, our SaviorPage Scan
88We are young, but we are growingPage Scan
89Lord, dismiss us with thy blessingPage Scan
90Zion, beautiful beyond comparePage Scan
91Jesus, keep me very near theePage Scan
92O land of Princely splendorPage Scan
93The Lord is gracious, and full of compassionPage Scan
94We come in the might of the Lord of LightPage Scan
95Purer yet and purer I would be in mindPage Scan
96The summer land is just aheadPage Scan
97Sing them over again to mePage Scan
98We read of the 'times of refreshing'Page Scan
99Jesus, thou art the sinner's friendPage Scan
100Jesus Christ, our SaviorCALKINPage Scan
101In the land beyond the shadowPage Scan
102'Ti not great events that makePage Scan
103Our Father who art in heavenPage Scan

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