Songs for the New Day

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d1A glorious day is dawning, And o'er the waking
d2A mighty fortress is our God
d3Abide with me, thou consciousness of God
d4All hail the power of truth to save
d5All is yours, O blessed knowledge
d6Arise, arise and shine, On thee hath dawned
d7At one with God O blessed thought
d8Born this day is Jesus
d9Christ the [our] Lord is [has] risen today, [Alleluia] [Sons of men]
d10Claim thy peace, thy consolation
d11Come, thou soul transforming [enlivening] Spirit [Savior]
d12Come, ye [you] disconsolate, where'er ye [you] languish
d13Come, ye [you] thankful people, come
d14Day by day the manna fell
d15Day is dying in the west
d16Deep in the soul of man
d17Eternal life is here
d18Eternal Mind the Potter is
d19Flying high across the spaces
d20From glory unto glory
d21God is love, his mercy brightens
d22God is my help in every need
d23God made all his creatures free
d24God of ages love divine
d25God of our fathers, Whose almighty hand
d26God of peace and love divine
d27God's truth is my foundation
d28Gracious Spirit, dwell with [in] me
d29He healeth me, O blessed thought
d30He that has [hath] God his Guardian made
d31Holy, holy, holy, Lord God almighty, Ever in the
d32How can I nearer be to God
d33How gentle God's commands
d34How lovely are thy dwelling fairs, O Lord of hosts, how dear
d35I am marching away to the land of delight
d36I feel the heart of silence
d37I know no life divided
d38I know not what awaits me, but this I feel
d39I love to tell the story of God's redeeming love
d40Immortal Love, forever full
d41In heavenly love abiding
d42In me, O God thy Spirit lies
d43In the life of Omnipresence
d44In truth be thy trust
d45Joy to the world, the Lord is [has] come
d46Joyful, joyful, we adore thee
d47Lift my heart and let lift be
d48Like a river glorious is God's perfect peace
d49Lord, sing we thy praises
d50Love divine, all loves [love] excelling
d51Mine eyes have seen the coming of an age
d52My country is the world, My flag with stars impearled
d53My mind shall mirror only truth
d54O blessed Spirit in us all
d55O come, all ye faithful, Joyful and triumphant
d56O life that maketh all things new
d57O little town of Bethlehem, How still we see
d58O Lord, I [we] would delight in thee
d59O mortal, wonderfully made
d60O [Our] God, our help in ages [seasons] past
d61O Son of God go forth today
d62O walk with God along the road
d63Onward, souls eternal, Rise and walk with God
d64Our Father never faileth
d65Our glowing praise to thee
d66Peace be to this congregation
d67Peace like a river, it floweth so free
d68Praised be the living God
d69Prayer is the soul's [heart's] [saint's] sincere desire
d70Ring out, wild bells, to wilder sky
d71See the Lord, thy Keeper [Helper], stand
d72Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright
d73Soldiers of Christ, arise, and put [gird] your armor
d74Sometimes there gleams upon our sight
d75Spirit of truth, I listen for thy voice
d76Still, still with thee, when purple morning breaketh
d77Strong of body, high of spirit
d78Take my life, and let it be, consecrated
d79The body, Lord, is ours to keep
d80The Father's house is mansioned fair
d81The heavens declare the glory of him who made
d82The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know
d83The one who made both heaven and earth
d84The spacious firmament on high
d85There's a wideness in God's mercy
d86They who seek the throne of grace
d87Thou gavest me an understanding heart
d88Thou Life within my life, than self more near
d89Thou shalt rest in perfect slumber
d90Thou whose breathing fills our bodies
d91'Tis God the spirit leads
d92Under the shadow of the wing of the almightly
d93Waste not time and waste not tears
d94We are of thee, the children of thy love
d95We gather together in joyful thanksgiving
d96We know that truth omnipotent
d97We sing the new religion, the fellowship of man
d98Who counts his brother's welfare
d99With each year, up through the ages
d100With open eyes I now can see
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