The Sabbath Chimes

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d201O when shall I [we] see Jesus and dwell [reign] with Him above
d202O'er the realms of pagan darkness
d203Oft as the bell, with solemn toll, Speaks the departure of a soul
d204On Jordan's stormy [rugged] banks I stand, And cast a wishful eye
d205On the pleasant Sabbath
d206Once more we keep the sacred day That saw the Savior rise
d207Once was heard the songs of children
d208One there is above all others, well [who] deserves
d209Our Father in heaven invites us to sing
d210Our Father in heaven, thou madest the earth
d211Our Father in heaven we hallow thy name
d212Out on an ocean all boundless we ride
d213Palms of glory, raiment bright
d214Pleasant is the Sabbath bell
d215Preserved by thine almighty power
d216Remember thy Creator
d217Remember thy Creator now
d218Sabbath schools must have their meeting
d219Safely through another week
d220Save all my children, Lord
d221Savior, like a shepherd lead us
d222Savior, [Say], who thy flock are [art] feeding
d223Saw ye [you] my Savior, saw ye [you] my Savior
d224See Isr'l's great Shepherd stand
d225Shout the tidings of salvation to the aged and the young
d226Sing to the Lord the children's hymn
d227Sinner, hear the voice of love
d228Sinner [sinners] turn, why will ye [you] die
d229Sinners, hear, for God hath spoken
d230Some love to drink from the foamy brink
d231Songs of praise the angels sang
d232Strive, for the way is strait [straight] In which the Savior trod
d233Sweet child, look upward to the sky
d234Sweet day of rest, for thee I [I'd} wait
d235Sweet is the time of spring
d236Sweet is the work, my [O] [our] God, [and] [my] [our] King
d237Sweet Sabbath school, place dear to me
d238Sweetly sing, sweetly sing praises
d239Sweetly the Sabbath bell steals on the air
d240Take my heart, O Father, take it
d241Take thy staff, O pilgrim, haste thee on thy way
d242Ten thousand hearts, ten thousand tongues
d243Thank God for pleasant weather
d244Thank God for the Bible
d245The Bible, the Bible, More precious than gold
d246The day has come, the joyful day, At last the day has come
d247The day is past and gone, the evening shades appear
d248The happy morn we hail again
d249The light of Sabbath eve is fading
d250The Lord is my Shepherd, How happy am I
d251The mellow eve is gliding, serenely down the west
d252The morning breaks, my voice I raise
d253The Sabbath morn is breaking, the Sabbath bells are waking
d254The Sabbath school how dear to me
d255The seraphs bright are hovering
d256The Sunday school that blessed place
d257The year has flown and we again
d258There is a fold where none can stray
d259There is a Friend we ought to love
d260There is a glorious world of light
d261There is a happy home, far, far away
d262There is a happy land, Far, [not] far away
d263There is a holy city
d264There is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reign
d265There is no name so sweet on earth, No name so sweet in heaven
d266There's a song the angels sing
d267They tell us there's a city bright
d268Thou, O God, who art so mighty
d269Thy kingdom come, thus, day by day
d270Time is winging us away
d271'Tis a lesson you should heed
d272'Tis praise and adoration
d273'Tis religion that can give sweetest pleasures
d274'Tis sweet, when Sabbath morn returns
d275To own his gracious care
d276To praise the Savior's name let little children try
d277To the sports of the thoughtless
d278To thee in each [youth's] bright morning
d279Today we come with singing
d280Toil on teachers, toil on boldly
d281Watchman, tell us of the night
d282We all love one another
d283We are little students, seeking in our youth
d284We are on our journey home, Where Christ our Lord
d285We bring no glittering treasures, no gems
d286We gather, we gather, dear [O] Jesus, to bring
d287We have met in peace together
d288We have no home but heaven, A pilgrim's garb
d289We love to sing together
d290We now to Christ, the Savior King
d291We praise thee, O our Father
d292We speak of the realms of the blest
d293We welcome with gladness the blest Sabbath day
d294We will trust thee, gracious God
d295We won't [we'll not] give up the Bible, God's holy book of truth
d296Welcome, sweet day of rest
d297Welcome, welcome, quiet morning
d298We'll come while yet all glowing
d299We'll not forget the Sunday school
d300We're a happy, happy band

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