Songs of Devotion for Christian Assocations: a collection of psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, with music for chuch services, prayer and conference meetings, religious conventions, and family worship.

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201O turn ye [you], O turn ye [you], for why will ye [you] diePage Scan
202Though faint, yet pursuing, we go on our wayPage Scan
203Too long, guilty wandererPage Scan
204Must Jesus bear the [his] cross alonePage Scan
205Behold the Savior of mankindPage Scan
206Amazing sight, the Savior standsPage Scan
207How condescending, and how kindPage Scan
208O for a closer walk with GodPage Scan
209Oh, for that tenderness of heartPage Scan
210Majestic sweetness sits enthroned upon the Savior's browPage Scan
211Sound the battle cryPage Scan
212Soldiers of the cross, arise!Page Scan
213Rouse ye at the Savior's callPage Scan
214We dwell this side of Jordan's streamPage Scan
215The sands of time are sinkingPage Scan
216I need thee, precious Jesus [Jesu], for I am full of sinPage Scan
217Broad is the road [stream] that leads to death [wrath]Page Scan
218O sinner hear the heavenly voicePage Scan
219O sinner why so thoughtless grownPage Scan
220The [That] day of wrath, that dreadful day, When heavenPage Scan
221As when the [a] weary traveler gainsPage Scan
222Yes, I would [will] love thee, blessed GodPage Scan
223My dear Redeemer, and my LordPage Scan
224How shall the sons of men appearPage Scan
225Kingdoms and thrones to God belongPage Scan
226Just as thou art, without one trace Of love or joyPage Scan
227Stay, thou insulted [long suffering] SpiritPage Scan
228Just as I am, without one pleaPage Scan
229No more, my God, I boast no more, Of all the duties I have donePage Scan
230How blest the sacred tie that bindsPage Scan
231Beset with snares on every handPage Scan
232Jesus, keep me near the crossPage Scan
233Jesus am I near to theePage Scan
234He leadeth me, O blessed thoughtPage Scan
235Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly DovePage Scan
236Jesus the water of life will [shall] givePage Scan
237Rest of the weary, joy of [to] the sad [soul]Page Scan
238Jesus, most holy OnePage Scan
239Weary not, my brother, cheerful be thy songPage Scan
240Tell me the old, old story of unseen things abovePage Scan
241I love to tell the story of unseen things abovePage Scan
242Why do we [ye] [you] mourn departing [departed] [for dying] friendsPage Scan
243Hear what the voice from heaven proclaimsPage Scan
244Dear as thou wast [wert] and justly dear, We will not weep for theePage Scan
245When blooming youth is [are] snatched [called] awayPage Scan
246O thou who diest the mourner's tearPage Scan
247Beneath our feet and o'er our headPage Scan
248Teach me the measure of my daysPage Scan
249Father, whate'er of earthly blissPage Scan
250Father, I stretch my hand [hands] to theePage Scan
251O could I find from day to dayPage Scan
252O that I knew the secret placePage Scan
253By cool Siloam's shady rillPage Scan
254We come, O Lord, before thy thronePage Scan
255Within thy house, O Lord, our GodPage Scan
256O, for a [an] heart to praise [love] my GodPage Scan
257Long my spirit pined in sorrowPage Scan
258Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayerPage Scan
259O happy day, blest day of gracePage Scan
260Come, ye [you] disconsolate, where'er ye [you] languishPage Scan
261Peace, troubled soul, whose [thy] plaintive moanPage Scan
262Forth from the dark and [the] stormy skyPage Scan
263Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the crossPage Scan
264We meet again in gladnessPage Scan
265The morning light is breaking; the darkness disappearsPage Scan
266How many sheep are strayingPage Scan
267To thee, my God and [my] Savior, my heartPage Scan
268I lay my sins on JesusPage Scan
269Men of the Christian missionPage Scan
270We're drawing near to JesusPage Scan
271Roll on, thou mighty ocean, And as thy billowsPage Scan
272To thee, O blessed SaviorPage Scan
273God is my [our] strong salvationPage Scan
274Now be the gospel bannerPage Scan
275Go, for the Master calls theePage Scan
276From Greenland's icy mountainsPage Scan
277O day of rest [peace] and gladnessPage Scan
278Thine holy day's returningPage Scan
279To Father, Son, and Spirit Eternal praise be givenPage Scan
280Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morningPage Scan
281Joyfully, joyfully, onward I [we] movePage Scan
282One by one we are crossing the riverPage Scan
283Shall we gather at [by] the river, Where bright angel feet have trodPage Scan
284Our heavenly Father calls, And Christ invitesPage Scan
285Jesus, my truth, my wayPage Scan
286Lord, in the strength of gracePage Scan
287Dear Savior we are thine, By everlastingPage Scan
288Oh, bless the Lord, my soulPage Scan
289To God the only wise, our Savior and our KingPage Scan
290Prepare me gracious God to stand before thy facePage Scan
291My soul, repeat His praise Whose mercies are soPage Scan
292Blest are the sons of peacePage Scan
293O Lord, our God, arise, The cause of truth maintainPage Scan
294Arise, and bless the LordPage Scan
295Behold the throne of gracePage Scan
296O cease, my wandering soulPage Scan
297Not what I feel or do can give me peace with GodPage Scan
298O God of sovereign gracePage Scan
299The Lord Jehovah reigns, His throne is built on highPage Scan
300Join all the glorious namesPage Scan

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