Selection of Hymns from the Best Authors, intended to be an Appendix to Dr. Watts' Psalms and Hymns. (1st Am. ed.)

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CCCIRise, my soul, and stretch thy wingsPage Scan
CCCIIAwake my soul, stretch every nervePage Scan
CCCIIIMy Captain sounds the alarm of warPage Scan
CCCIVJesus, at thy commandPage Scan
CCCVJesus, Lover [Savior] of my soul, Let me to thy bosom [refuge] flyPage Scan
CCCVINow let the feeble all be strongPage Scan
CCCVIIGreat God, what hosts of angels standPage Scan
CCCVIIIHear, gracious God [Lord], my humble moan [prayer]Page Scan
CCCIXI would but cannot singPage Scan
CCCXThe wandering star and fleeting windPage Scan
CCCXIOft have I turned my eye [eyes] withinPage Scan
CCCXIIWhy should a living man complainPage Scan
CCCXIIIJesus, let thy pitying eyePage Scan
CCCXIVHow did the powers of darkness ragePage Scan
CCCXVSweet was the time when first I feltPage Scan
CCCXVIDear refuge of my [the] weary soul, On thee, when sorows risePage Scan
CCCXVIIGreat leader of thine Isr'l's hostPage Scan
CCCXVIIIO my soul, what means this sadnessPage Scan
CCCXIXFather, whate'er of earthly blissPage Scan
CCCXXAlas what hourly dangers risePage Scan
CCCXXII asked the Lord that I might growPage Scan
CCCXXIIPraise to thy name, eternal GodPage Scan
CCCXXIIINow let our souls, on wings sublimePage Scan
CCCXXIVThus far my God hath [has] led me onPage Scan
CCCXXVYe servant [servants] of the Lord, Each in his [your] office waits
CCCXXVIAssist us, Lord, thy name to praise
CCCXXVIIO thou that hast redemption wroughtPage Scan
CCCXXVIIIHark, 'tis our heavenly Leader's voicePage Scan
CCCXXIXReturn, my [each] roving heart, returnPage Scan
CCCXXXGreat God, oppressed [opprest] with grief and fearPage Scan
CCCXXXIWhat strange perplexities arisePage Scan
CCCXXXIIFather divine, thy piercing eyePage Scan
CCCXXXIIIGreat God, where'er we pitch our tentPage Scan
CCCXXXIVAh [O] wretched souls who strive in vainPage Scan
CCCXXXVFather of all thy care we blessPage Scan
CCCXXXVIGreat God, now condescendPage Scan
CCCXXXVIISee Isr'l's gentle Shepherd stand [stands]Page Scan
CCCXXXVIIIIn loud [sweet] exalted strainsPage Scan
CCCXXXIXGreat God, thy watchful care we blessPage Scan
CCCXLDear Shepherd of thy people here, Thy presencePage Scan
CCCXLIHow charming is the placePage Scan
CCCXLIILord of hosts, how lovely [how bright] [divinely] fairPage Scan
CCCXLIIIHow lovely, how divinely sweetPage Scan
CCCXLIVThou, Lord, my safety, thou my LightPage Scan
CCCXLVAlmighty Maker, God, How wondrous is thy namePage Scan
CCCXLVIThe joyful morn, my God, is comePage Scan
CCCXLVIIHoly wonder, heavenly gracePage Scan
CCCXLVIIIAnother six days' work is donePage Scan
CCCXLIXAwake our drowsy souls, shake offPage Scan
CCCLFrequent the [this] day of [O] God returnsPage Scan
CCCLIWhen, O dear Jesus, when shall I [we]Page Scan
CCCLIIThine earthly Sabbath [Sabbaths], Lord we lovePage Scan
CCCLIIIWhat various hindrances we meetPage Scan
CCCLIVLord, I cannot let thee go Till a blessing thou bestowPage Scan
CCCLVCome, humble sinner, in whose breastPage Scan
CCCLVIUnto thee altar, Lord, A broken heart I bringPage Scan
CCCLVIISprinkled with reconciling blood I dare approach thy throne, O GodPage Scan
CCCLVIIIOur Father, whose eternal swayPage Scan
CCCLIXWhere two or three, with sweet accordPage Scan
CCCLXIn vain Apollo's silver tonguePage Scan
CCCLXIThy presence, gracious God, affordPage Scan
CCCLXIIHow free and boundless is the gracePage Scan
CCCLXIIILord, we come before thee nowPage Scan
CCCLXIVHow long, thou faithful God, shall IPage Scan
CCCLXVDearest Savior, help thy servantPage Scan
CCCLXVINow while the gospel net is castPage Scan
CCCLXVIIDid Christ o'er sinner's weepPage Scan
CCCLXVIIICome, thou soul transforming SpiritPage Scan
CCCLXIXSinful, and blind, and poorPage Scan
CCCLXXAscend thy throne, almighty KingPage Scan
CCCLXXILook down, O Lord, with pitying eyePage Scan
CCCLXXIINow Lord, thy heavenly [gospel] seed is sownPage Scan
CCCLXXIIIOn what has now been sownPage Scan
CCCLXXIVTo distant lands thy gospel sendPage Scan
CCCLXXVWhile sinners who presume to bearPage Scan
CCCLXXVICome, guilty souls, and flee awayPage Scan
CCCLXXVIIHow shall the sons of men appearPage Scan
CCCLXXVIIIIs Jesus mine, I'm now preparedPage Scan
CCCLXXIXSelf destroyed, for help I prayPage Scan
CCCLXXXSee Felix, clothed with pomp and powerPage Scan
CCCLXXXIO that the Lord indeed would me, his servantPage Scan
CCCLXXXIILord God, omnipotent to blessPage Scan
CCCLXXXIIIOur Savior alone, the Lord let us blessPage Scan
CCCLXXXIVNot unto us but thee alonePage Scan
CCCLXXXVThis God is the God we adorePage Scan
CCCLXXXVIThou dear Redeemer, dying LambPage Scan
CCCLXXXVIIGlory to God on high, Let earth and skies replyPage Scan
CCCLXXXVIIIDismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord, HelpPage Scan
CCCLXXXIXLord, dismiss us with Thy [your] blessing, Fill ourPage Scan
CCCXCNow may the God of peace and lovePage Scan
CCCXCIThe peace which God alone revealsPage Scan
CCCXCIIMay the grace of Christ [God] our [the] SaviorPage Scan
CCCXCIIITo Father Son and Holy GhostPage Scan
CCCXCIVTo the eternal ThreePage Scan
CCCXCVPraise God, from whom all blessings flowPage Scan
CCCXCVIGive glory to God, ye children of menPage Scan
CCCXCVIITo Father, Son, and Holy GhostPage Scan
CCCXCVIIIWhat are possessions, fame and powerPage Scan
CCCXCIXIn vain the giddy world enquires
CCCCDeluded souls, who think to find [grasp]

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