Selection of Hymns from the Best Authors, intended to be an Appendix to Dr. Watts' Psalms and Hymns. (1st Am. ed.)

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CCCCILord, shall we part with gold for drossPage Scan
CCCCIIDead be my heart to all below, To mortal joys and mortal caresPage Scan
CCCCIIISay, who is she, that looks abroadPage Scan
CCCCIVThe wondering nations have beheldPage Scan
CCCCVInquire, ye pilgrims, for the wayPage Scan
CCCCVIGreat Father of mankindPage Scan
CCCCVIIFather of mercies, in thine [thy] housePage Scan
CCCCVIIIOur God ascends his lofty thronePage Scan
CCCCIXShepherd of Isr'l, bend thine earPage Scan
CCCCXLet Zion's watchman all awakePage Scan
CCCCXIShepherd of Isr'l, thou dost keepPage Scan
CCCCXIIWe bless the eternal Source of lightPage Scan
CCCCXIIIO thou, before whose gracious thronePage Scan
CCCCXIVWhen Paul was parted from his friendsPage Scan
CCCCXVWith heavenly power, O Lord, defendPage Scan
CCCCXVIMy brethren, from my heart belovedPage Scan
CCCCXVIIFair Zion's King, we suppliant bowPage Scan
CCCCXVIIIGlorious things of thee are spokenPage Scan
CCCCXIXFather, is not thy promise pledged To thine exalted SonPage Scan
CCCCXXGreat God, the nations of the earth Are by creation thinePage Scan
CCCCXXIHow many years has man been drivenPage Scan
CCCCXXIIFather of faithful Abraham hearPage Scan
CCCCXXIIIThe Lord on mortal worms looks downPage Scan
CCCCXXIVBefore Thy throne, eternal KingPage Scan
CCCCXXVDo not I love thee, O my Lord [God]? Behold my heart and seePage Scan
CCCCXXVIFather of mercies, bow thine earPage Scan
CCCCXXVIISavior, visit Thy [our] plantation, grant us Lord, a gracious rainPage Scan
CCCCXXVIIIO'er the [those] gloomy hills of darknessPage Scan
CCCCXXIXShout for the blessed Jesus reignsPage Scan
CCCCXXXAll hail, incarnate God, the wondrous things foretoldPage Scan
CCCCXXXISing to the Lord abovePage Scan
CCCCXXXIIPraise the Savior, all ye nationsPage Scan
CCCCXXXIIIJesus, my Lord, how rich thy gracePage Scan
CCCCXXXIVThe Lord who rules the world's affairsPage Scan
CCCCXXXVWhen Jesus dwelt in mortal clayPage Scan
CCCCXXXVIYes, there are joys that cannot diePage Scan
CCCCXXXVIICome, ye that fear [love] the Lord, and listen while I tellPage Scan
CCCCXXXVIIIThere's joy in heaven, and joy on earthPage Scan
CCCCXXXIXWhen any turn from Zion's wayPage Scan
CCCCXLThou only Sovereign of my heartPage Scan
CCCCXLIIn thee, thou all sufficient GodPage Scan
CCCCXLIIIn Jordan's tide [waves] the Baptist [prophet] standsPage Scan
CCCCXLIIIThe great Redeemer we adorePage Scan
CCCCXLIVThus it became the Prince of gracePage Scan
CCCCXLVHumble souls, who [that] seek salvationPage Scan
CCCCXLVIDear Lord, and will [has] thy pardoning lovePage Scan
CCCCXLVIIWhen Abraham's servant to procurePage Scan
CCCCXLVIIIThus was the great Redeemer plungedPage Scan
CCCCXLIXJesus, mighty King in [of] ZionPage Scan
CCCCLSee how the willing converts tracePage Scan
CCCCLIJesus, and shall it ever bePage Scan
CCCCLIIGreat God, we in thy courts appearPage Scan
CCCCLIIIHow great, how solemn is the workPage Scan
CCCCLIVGo teach the [all] nations and baptizePage Scan
CCCCLVWhate'er to thee our Lord belongsPage Scan
CCCCLVIHosanna to the church's headPage Scan
CCCCLVIIBehold the grave where Jesus layPage Scan
CCCCLVIIICome, ye redeemed of the LordPage Scan
CCCCLIXWe to this place are come, to showPage Scan
CCCCLXEternal Spirit, heavenly dovePage Scan
CCCCLXIAll ye that love Immanuel's namePage Scan
CCCCLXIIYe who your native vileness mournPage Scan
CCCCLXIIIJesus, my Savior, and my allPage Scan
CCCCLXIVAmazing grace! and shall I stillPage Scan
CCCCLXVApostles trod this holy groundPage Scan
CCCCLXVIWith lowly minds and lofty songsPage Scan
CCCCLXVIITo Father Son, and Holy GhostPage Scan
CCCCLXVIIIDescend celestial DovePage Scan
CCCCLXIXProclaim, saith Christ, my wondrous gracePage Scan
CCCCLXXAttend, ye children of your [our] GodPage Scan
CCCCLXXIThe holy eunuch, when baptizedPage Scan
CCCCLXXIIWhat heavenly Man, or lovely [mighty] GodPage Scan
CCCCLXXIIIYe wretched, hungry, starving poor Behold a royal feastPage Scan
CCCCLXXIVHe dies, the friend of sinners diesPage Scan
CCCCLXXVJesus, O word divinely sweetPage Scan
CCCCLXXVIThus we commemorate the dayPage Scan
CCCCLxXVIIJesus, when faith with fixed eyesPage Scan
CCCCLXXVIIICome, see on bloody CalvaryPage Scan
CCCCLXXIXNow far above these [the] starry skiesPage Scan
CCCCLXXXNow let our faith grow strongPage Scan
CCCCLXXXINo more, dear Savior, will I boastPage Scan
CCCCLXXXIILord, at thy table I [we] behold The wonders of thy gracePage Scan
CCCCLXXXIIIHere at thy table, Lord, we meet to feedPage Scan
CCCCLXXXIVSo fair a face bedewed with tearsPage Scan
CCCCLXXXVAnd did the Holy and the JustPage Scan
CCCCLXXXVIThe king of heaven his table spreadsPage Scan
CCCCLXXXVIITo Jesus our exalted Lord, dear [that] [the] name by heaven and earth adoredPage Scan
CCCCLXXXVIIITo our Redeemer's glorious name, awake the sacred songPage Scan
CCCCLXXXIXCome every pious heartPage Scan
CCCCXCLord, I am thine, entirely thine, Purchased and saved by blood divinePage Scan
CCCCXCITo thee, let my [our] first offering [offerings] risePage Scan
CCCCXCIIWith thee, great God, the stores of lightPage Scan
CCCCXCIIILord, I am vile, what shall I sayPage Scan
CCCCXCIVSee how the morning [mounting] [rising] sunPage Scan
CCCCXCVGreat God, to thee my evening songPage Scan
CCCCXCVIGlory to thee, my [our] God [O Lord], this night [day]Page Scan
CCCCXCVIINow from the altar of my heart [our hearts]Page Scan
CCCCXCVIIIThe icy chains that bound the earthPage Scan
CCCCXCIXFrom winter's barren clodsPage Scan
DBehold, long wished for spring is herePage Scan

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