A Selection of Hymns, from the Best Authors

Editor: Paul Himes, Jonathan Wilson
Publisher: Clark and Hunt, Greenfield, Mass., 1817
Language: English
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1Afflicted saint [saints] [soul] [souls], to Christ [God] draw nearPage Scan
2Alas alas why is it soPage Scan
3Attend, my soul, the sacred pagePage Scan
4Am I a soldier of the crossPage Scan
5And am I born to diePage Scan
6Ah whence that hollow groanPage Scan
7Ah lovely appearance of deathPage Scan
8All you that in the floodPage Scan
9Almighty love inspire My heart [soul] with sacred fire [pure desire]Page Scan
10Attend, ye saints, and hear me tellPage Scan
11Arise my dear love, my undefiled dovePage Scan
12All you that love the Lord draw nearPage Scan
13As shepherds in Jewry were guarding their sheepPage Scan
14As Jacob on his journey wentPage Scan
15And let this feeble body failPage Scan
16A mixture of joy and troublePage Scan
17Awake, my soul, in [to] joyful [joyous] laysPage Scan
18All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallPage Scan
19Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That savedPage Scan
20All glory to mercy we bringPage Scan
21Away my unbelieving fearPage Scan
22Ah Lord, ah Lord, what have I donePage Scan
23All the converted trainPage Scan
24And canst thou then believePage Scan
25Ashamed of Christ, my soul disdainsPage Scan
26By whom was David taughtPage Scan
27Behold, the sin atoning LambPage Scan
28Blest be my God that I was bornPage Scan
29Begone, unbelief, [for] my [our] Savior is nearPage Scan
30By faith I am a conquerorPage Scan
31By the poor widow's oil and mealPage Scan
32Brethren I bid you all farewellPage Scan
33Behold a lovely vine, Here in this desertPage Scan
34Brethren, while we sojourn herePage Scan
35Christ the [our] Lord is risen today, Our triumphant holy dayPage Scan
36Come let me love, or is my mind hardened to stone or froze to icePage Scan
37Come friends and relations let us [come] join heart and handPage Scan
38Come to the glorious gospel feastPage Scan
39Come needy sinners, hear me tellPage Scan
40Come sinners to the gospel feastPage Scan
41Come ye [you] sinners, poor and wretched [needy], Weak and woundedPage Scan
42Come and let us sweetly joinPage Scan
43Come, angels, seize your harps of goldPage Scan
44Come, my soul, thy suit preparePage Scan
45Come thou fount of every blessingPage Scan
46Come and taste along with mePage Scan
47Come, welcome this new year of gracePage Scan
48Come, all ye [you] mourning pilgrims [sinners] round [now]Page Scan
49Come every pious heartPage Scan
50Come, all ye wand'ring pilgrims dearPage Scan
51Constrained by their Lord to embarkPage Scan
52Come brethren and sisters, that [who] love my [our] dear LordPage Scan
53Come all ye weary travellersPage Scan
54Come, all ye mourning pilgrimsPage Scan
55Come, my soul, and let us try, For a little seasonPage Scan
56Christ is set on Zion's hillPage Scan
57Children of the heavenly king as we journeyPage Scan
58Come all who are New-lights indeedPage Scan
59Come all ye saints and sinners near [now], Come listen aPage Scan
60Come all who spend your youthful daysPage Scan
61Come brethren, and rejoice with mePage Scan
62Come sing us one of Zion's songsPage Scan
63Come, think on death and judgmentPage Scan
64Christians, if your [our] hearts be [are] warmPage Scan
65Draw near, my friends, rejoice with mePage Scan
66Dear Lord, I see in Peter's casePage Scan
67Did Christ o'er sinners weep?Page Scan
68Dark and thorny [stormy] is the desertPage Scan
69Death! He [it] is the king of terror [terrors], And a terror to all kingsPage Scan
70Eternal Power, whose high abodePage Scan
71Elijah's example declaresPage Scan
72Encouraged by thy wordPage Scan
73Far, far beyond these lower skiesPage Scan
74Father of mercies, in thy [your] wordPage Scan
75Farewell, poor [vain] world, I must be gonePage Scan
76From whence doth [does] this [the] union arisePage Scan
77Father of mercies, God of love, Whose kind compassionPage Scan
78Farewell, my [dear] brethren in the LordPage Scan
79From the regions of love, lo, an angel descendedPage Scan
80From realms where the day her [its] first dawning extendsPage Scan
81God moves in a mysterious wayPage Scan
82God, in the gospel of his [the] SonPage Scan
83Grace, 'tis a charming [cheering] [joyful] [pleasing] soundPage Scan
84Gracious Lord, incline thine earPage Scan
85Go on ye [you] Pilgrims, while [here] belowPage Scan
86Great God, from thee the spirit camePage Scan
87Hail the day that saw him risePage Scan
88Hail, sovereign love, that first beganPage Scan
89How lost was [is] my [our] conditionPage Scan
90Hark, the voice of love and mercyPage Scan
91Head of thy [the] church triumphantPage Scan
92How firm a foundation, ye [you] saints of the LordPage Scan
93How tedious and tasteless [restless and tiresome] the hoursPage Scan
94How happy are they, Who the [their] Savior [Jesus] obeyPage Scan
95How meanly dwells the immortal mindPage Scan
96Here stands a barren treePage Scan
97How sweet my minutes rollPage Scan
98How arduous is the preacher's fightPage Scan
99He dies, the friend of sinners diesPage Scan
100Here at thy table, Lord, we meet to feedPage Scan

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