A Selection of Hymns from the Best Authors.: including a great number of originals: intended to be an appendix to Dr. Watts's Psalms and Hymns. (Woodward's rev. and corr. ed.; Sterotype ed.)

Editor: John Rippon, William Staughton
Publisher: Joseph J. Woodward, Philadelphia , 1826
Author: Isaac Watts
Language: English
Notes: Hymns in the Appendix are numbered separately.
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1To God, the universal King, let all mankind their tribute bringPage Scan
2Eternal God, Almighty CausePage Scan
3Thou art, O God, a Spirit purePage Scan
4Lord, thou hast been thy children's GodPage Scan
5Great Former of this various [wondrous] framePage Scan
6Thy name, how infinite they bePage Scan
7Ye servants of your God, his famePage Scan
8Lord, thou with an unerring beam [eye]Page Scan
9Keep silence, all created thingsPage Scan
10Glory to the eternal King, Clad in majestyPage Scan
11Wait, O my soul, thy [the] Maker's willPage Scan
12aYe humble souls, approach your GodPage Scan
12bAmid the splendors of thy statePage Scan
13Awake, my soul, in [to] joyful [joyous] laysPage Scan
14When the Eternal bows the skiesPage Scan
15Thy mercy, my God, is the theme of my songPage Scan
16Lord, and am I yet alive, But [Not] in torments, not in hellPage Scan
17Holy and reverend is the namePage Scan
18Great God, my Maker and my KingPage Scan
19Ye humble saints, proclaim abroadPage Scan
20What is our God or [and] what his namePage Scan
21When first the God of boundless gracePage Scan
22aFather of glory, to thy namePage Scan
22bHoly, holy, holy Lord!Page Scan
23God is a name my soul adoresPage Scan
24Great Author of the immortal mindPage Scan
25My grateful tongue, immortal kingPage Scan
26Eternal Power, whose high abodePage Scan
27Look up ye saints direct your eyesPage Scan
28Lord, thy pervading knowledge strikesPage Scan
29Eternal Wisdom thee we praisePage Scan
30Ye sons of men, with joy recordPage Scan
31Thy ways, O Lord [God] with wise designPage Scan
32Lord, when my [our] raptured thought surveysPage Scan
33Through all the various [varying] shifting [passing] scenePage Scan
34God moves in a mysterious wayPage Scan
35Great God of providence, thy waysPage Scan
36How are thy servants blest, O Lord [God]Page Scan
37Almighty Father, gracious LordPage Scan
38Adam our father and our headPage Scan
39With tears of anguish I lamentPage Scan
40Astonished and distressedPage Scan
41What jarring natures dwell withinPage Scan
42Arise, my tenderest thoughts, arisePage Scan
43How precious is the book divinePage Scan
44When Isr'l through the desert passedPage Scan
45Let avarice from [borne] shore to shorePage Scan
46Father of mercies, in thy [your] wordPage Scan
47That God, who made the worlds on highPage Scan
48Thy sire, and her who brought thee forthPage Scan
49Raise thoughtless sinner raise thine eyePage Scan
50Here, Lord, my soul convicted standsPage Scan
51No strength of nature can sufficePage Scan
52Cursed be the man for ever cursedPage Scan
53Isr'l in ancient daysPage Scan
54God, in the gospel of his [the] SonPage Scan
55Jesus, the eternal, glorious Son of GodPage Scan
56On Zion, his own holy mount, God will a feast preparePage Scan
57Blow ye [you] the trumpet, blowPage Scan
58Loud let the tuneful trumpet soundPage Scan
59What wisdom, majesty and gracePage Scan
60What shall the dying sinner doPage Scan
61Shall atheists dare insult the crossPage Scan
62How happy are we, Our election who seePage Scan
63Who shall condemn to endless flamesPage Scan
64O my distrustful heart, how small thy faith appearsPage Scan
65Sons we are, through God's electionPage Scan
66The God of Abraham praise, who reigns enthronedPage Scan
67My God the covenant of thy love abides forever surePage Scan
68O Lord my God, whose sovereign lovePage Scan
69Now begin the heavenly themePage Scan
70Enslaved by sin and bound in chainsPage Scan
71Hark, the voice of love and mercyPage Scan
72ôTis finished, so the Savior cried, and meeklyPage Scan
73Shall Jesus descend from the skiesPage Scan
74O thou who didst thy glory leavePage Scan
75Hail, thou once despised JesusPage Scan
76Father, God, who seest in mePage Scan
77Hail, mighty Jesus, how divinePage Scan
78Once as the Savior passed alongPage Scan
79When some kind shepherd from his [the] foldPage Scan
80As on the cross the Savior hungPage Scan
81Dear Savior we are thine, By everlastingPage Scan
82To God, my Savior and my King, fain would my soul her tribute bringPage Scan
83Wherewith O God [Lord], shall I draw nearPage Scan
84Jesus, thy blood and righteousnessPage Scan
85Great God of wonders all thy waysPage Scan
86How oft, alas, this [our] wretched [sinful] [wicked] heartPage Scan
87Forgiveness, 'tis [what] a joyful soundPage Scan
88My sorrows, like a floodPage Scan
89My Savior, let me hear thy voicePage Scan
90What mean [means] these jealousies and fearsPage Scan
91Let others boast their ancient linePage Scan
92Sovereign of all the worlds on highPage Scan
93Hark, for 'tis God's own Son that callsPage Scan
94Blessed [Blest] are the sons of GodPage Scan
95Not all the nobles of the earth who boast the honors of their birthPage Scan
96Our heavenly Father calls, And Christ invitesPage Scan
97My rising soul, with strong desiresPage Scan
98O for a closer walk with GodPage Scan

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