Shaker Music: Inspirational hymns and melodies illustrative of the resurrection life and testimoy of the shakers

Publisher: Weed, Parsons and Company, Albany, N.Y., 1875
Denomination: Shakers
Language: English
Notes: Numbers are the page numbers the hymn starts on. If two hymns start on the same page, letters are added after the page number.
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5Sweetest music, softly stealingPage Scan
6aWhen the glory of light beams over our wayPage Scan
6bGentle deeds are ever formingPage Scan
7Praise, rejoicing and thanksgivingPage Scan
8When the soft shades of twilight drop over our wayPage Scan
9aTime's dark billows and tempests may roarPage Scan
9bThough dark clouds may often gatherPage Scan
10Be firm our endeavor to follow the rightPage Scan
11We'll breathe the words of holy joyPage Scan
12The type of life progressivePage Scan
13Unto my words, O Lord, give earPage Scan
14aShall we wait for the morrow of promisesPage Scan
14bDream not away life's golden hoursPage Scan
15The promise of life shall breathe o'er our soulsPage Scan
16O when ye think that the earth-life is drearyPage Scan
17O, my beautiful angel home!Page Scan
18aI am seeking a beautiful valleyPage Scan
18bWe all have a duty of life to performPage Scan
20Home, home, home!Page Scan
21Along the shadowy aisles of timePage Scan
22aVeil not from us Holy SpiritPage Scan
22bWhen alone and retir'd in the soul's silent chamberPage Scan
23For the triumph o'er self, and the reign of freedomPage Scan
24aWhen the first soft flush of morningPage Scan
24bThe Spirit and Bride are calling come!Page Scan
25Our faith is unclouded and bright as the dayPage Scan
26aBrightly beameth the star of hope on my wayPage Scan
26bThere open before me, in visions of gloryPage Scan
27O, how swiftly time is passing, and 'tis precious to mePage Scan
28aOh, the prospect before me, what a theme for thought!Page Scan
28bLet Zion move as the heart of onePage Scan
29aThe resurrection angels call, awaken is the cry!Page Scan
29bListen! while we join with angelsPage Scan
30What is in thy heart for God?Page Scan
31O Parents we thank you for all the blest powersPage Scan
32aOh, bright shining angels and spirits of the justPage Scan
32bWe have a home from the cold world hidPage Scan
34aGive me the treasure that cannot be soldPage Scan
34bHail! hail the glad New Year!Page Scan
35I hear the sweet sound of an angel songPage Scan
36We are all marching on through the shadows of timePage Scan
37aPurer than the skies of evenPage Scan
37bNumber me with the pilgrim bandPage Scan
38aCome to Zion, come to ZionPage Scan
38bA pillar of light is moving before usPage Scan
39Zion shall arise and blossom like the rosePage Scan
40aNot one sparrow is forgottenPage Scan
40bHail! all hail thou immortal spirit of TruthPage Scan
41The Lord in His majesty reigneth supremePage Scan
42aBlest Zion I love thee, thou beautiful cityPage Scan
42bO Zion lovely are thy hills, thy valleys, and thy plainsPage Scan
44Farewell, farewell good friends in the causePage Scan
45Pure love from the heaven of heavens descendsPage Scan
46As an army with banners we are marching onPage Scan
47Hark! Hark, while we chant the sweet strainPage Scan
48aHeavenly joy illumes my wayPage Scan
48bSweet and melodious are the sounds I hearPage Scan
49Chant a song of praise!Page Scan
50aO'er sea and strand the peopled landPage Scan
50bHigh o'er the billows we are wafted alongPage Scan
51Go forth with the torchlights, illumine the cavesPage Scan
52Oh, what can equal Gospel lovePage Scan
53We meet to bid you welcomePage Scan
54aTo the spirit land we're hasteningPage Scan
54bSing unto the Lord a new songPage Scan
55We need no earthly flowersPage Scan
56aWe would greet our kindred truePage Scan
56bWith words of peace our friends we greetPage Scan
57We have found the promised SaviourPage Scan
58The voice of the returning springPage Scan
59Upon this lovely Christmas morningPage Scan
60Upon the rocky shores of TimePage Scan
61Open wide ye golden gates of gloryPage Scan
62aDo we think what a treasure the Gospel will bePage Scan
62bThough our time is swiftly fleetingPage Scan
63Peace, peace ye wild winds that shake the dark forest!Page Scan
64Oh, when the songs of ZionPage Scan
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