Select Melodies; Comprising the Best Hymns and Spiritual Songs in Common Use, and not generally found in standard church hymn-books: as also a number of original pieces, and translations from...German

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301A home in heaven! what a joyful thoughtPage Scan
302There comes a day, a fearful dayPage Scan
303There is a spot to me more dearPage Scan
304We're bound for the land of the pure and the holyPage Scan
305While wandering to and froPage Scan
306In pure and fervent devotionPage Scan
307In error's ways you vainly roamPage Scan
308Brethren, here are mourners pleadingPage Scan
309Religion is the balm of lifePage Scan
310My days, my weeks, my months, my yearsPage Scan
311How sweet to reflect on those joys that await mePage Scan
312I'll sing my Saviour's grace, and his dear name I'll praisePage Scan
313My Lord, my Life, at last to theePage Scan
314While in this hostile regionPage Scan
315Firmly, brethren, firmly standPage Scan
316Happy the spirit released from its clayPage Scan
317Joyfully, joyfully, onward I movePage Scan
318Come, trembling sinner, from thy seatPage Scan
319When morning pours its golden raysPage Scan
320Love! love! love! Love for the fallen weak!Page Scan
321Away from his home and the friends of his youthPage Scan
322Wo, wo, to the sinner, who lives in his sinPage Scan
323O! no, we cannot sing the songPage Scan
324Afflictions, though they seem severePage Scan
325Jerusalem! built grandly highPage Scan
326Love sounds in her sighs, love flows from her eyesPage Scan
327God counts the sorrows of his saintsPage Scan
328By faith I view my Saviour dyingPage Scan
329Blessed hour, when mortal man retiresPage Scan
330Happy the man whose bliss supremePage Scan
331Thou God of mercy, light, and lovePage Scan
332Oh, praise the Lord! his name extolPage Scan
333The morning bright, With rosy lightPage Scan
334A strong tower is the Lord our GodPage Scan
335Now sendest thou thine autumn, Lord!Page Scan
336I'm travelling to another spherePage Scan
337Soul, why to earth a toiling slavePage Scan
338Six days the Lord employedPage Scan
339Father in heaven! the morning raysPage Scan
340Our heavenly Father! let thy namePage Scan
341Our gracious Saviour and our LordPage Scan
342Hear what the voice from heaven proclaimsPage Scan
343Beneath our feet and o'er our headPage Scan
344When Jacob, the pilgrim, was wearied by dayPage Scan
345Up to thee, Almighty FatherPage Scan
346What is there here to court my stayPage Scan
347Thy gracious presence, O my GodPage Scan
348My Christian friends, weep not for mePage Scan
349Gone, gone from earth's wearisome trials and woPage Scan
350Clime! beneath whose genial sunPage Scan
351My name is now in heaven recordedPage Scan
352Fly up, my soul, and view the plainsPage Scan
353Mourn, my harp, the soon departed!Page Scan
354Lord, thou hast with thee on highPage Scan
355Aloft! aloft! the spirit plumes her wingsPage Scan
356Oh, tell me no more Page Scan
357A stranger dejected and wearyPage Scan
358The voice of my belovéd soundsPage Scan
359At Jacob's well a Stranger soughtPage Scan
360How blest the righteous arePage Scan
361The bird let loose from eastern skiesPage Scan
362There is a God! awe-struck, I feelPage Scan
363When, O Creator, when thy mightPage Scan
364We are one in sinful naturePage Scan
365How blest the man well-doingPage Scan
366Proclaim, ye ransomed ones, proclaimPage Scan
367Christ, from his glorious throne on highPage Scan
368Our Father God, the God of powerPage Scan
369Lo! the gospel ship is sailingPage Scan

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