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William Hunter

William Hunter
Short Name: William Hunter
Full Name: Hunter, William, 1811-1877
Birth Year: 1811
Death Year: 1877

Hunter, William, D.D, son of John Hunter, was born near Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland, May 26, 1811. He removed to America in 1817, and entered Madison College in 1830. For some time he edited the Conference Journal, and the Christian Advocate. In 1855 he was appointed Professor of Hebrew in Alleghany College: and subsequently Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, at Alliance, Stark Country, Ohio. He died in 1877. He edited Minstrel of Zion, 1845; Select Melodies, 1851; and Songs of Devotion, 1859. His hymns, over 125 in all, appeared in these works. Some of these have been translated into various Indian languages. The best known are :—
1. A home in heaven; what a joyful thought. Heaven a Home. From his Minstrel of Zion, 1845, into the Methodist Scholar's Hymn Book, London, 1870, &c.
2. Joyfully, joyfully onward I [we] move. Pressing towards Heaven. This hymn is usually dated 1843. It was given in his Minstrel of Zion, 1845, and Select Melodies, 1851, and his Songs of Devotion, 1859. It has attained to great popularity. Two forms of the hymn are current, the original, where the second stanza begins "Friends fondly cherished, have passed on before"; and the altered form, where it reads: “Teachers and Scholars have passed on before." Both texts are given in W. F. Stevenson's Hymns for Church & Home, 1873, Nos. 79, 80, c.
3. The [My] heavenly home is bright and fair. Pressing towards Heaven. From his Minstrel of Zion, 1845, into the Cottage Melodies, New York, 1859, and later collections.
4. The Great Physician now is near. Christ the Physician. From his Songs of Devotion, 1859
5. Who shall forbid our grateful[chastened]woe? This hymn, written in 1843, was published in his Minstrel of Zion, 1845, and in his Songs of Devotion, 1859. [ Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by William Hunter (184)sort descendingAsInstances
فارحا فارحا أمضي إلى المسكن المستنير بالحملWilliam Hunter (Author)1
يا نفس قد وافى يسوعWilliam Hunter (Author)1
A home in heaven, what a joyful thoughtWilliam Hunter (Author)34
A pilgrim and a stranger hereWilliam Hunter (Author)4
A stranger and a pilgrim hereWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Accept our thanks for all your loveW. H. (Author)1
Ah never was sorrow like mineWilliam Hunter (Author)3
Ah tell me not of gold or treasureWilliam Hunter (Author)6
Aloft, aloft, the spirit plumes her wingsW. H. (Author)1
An old soldier I standWilliam Hunter (Author)5
And may I still get thereWilliam Hunter (Author)21
As a soldier I stand with my sword in my handWilliam Hunter (Author)4
Auf des Lebens milden FluthenWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Awake, my faith, and bring to viewWilliam Hunter (Author)5
Away from his home and the friends of his youthRev. Wm. Hunter (Author)37
Az áldott orvos közelegWilliam Hunter (Author)1
Beautiful forms in mellow lightRev. Wm. Hunter (Author)6
Blissful hours, when first I knew himWilliam Hunter (Author)5
Broad is the road that leads to deathWilliam Hunter (Author)1
Cease, fond nature, cease this clingingWilliam Hunter (Author)3
Christian sailors, strike the chorusWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Come, children, let your voices riseWilliam Hunter (Author)5
Come, come, come, Come for the Father waitsWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Come, ghastly death, and lay me lowWilliam Hunter (Author)3
Come, tell of your vesselWilliam Hunter (Author)5
Dark was that day in natureWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Death has no sting for those whoWm. Hunter, D.D. (Author)2
Del mundo ya me separéWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Den store L'ge er nu n'rWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Den store läkaren är härWilliam Hunter (Author)3
Der große Arzt ist jetzt uns nahWm. Hunter (Author)2
Droben in des Himmels FernenWilliam Hunter (Author)1
Ein himmlisch Heim, welche grosse FreudWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Father in heaven, how great the graceWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Father in heaven, the morning raysW. H. (Author)1
Firmly, brethren, firmly standWilliam Hunter (Author)20
Fly up, my soul, and view the plainsW. H. (Author)1
Freudenvoll, freudenvoll walle ich fortWilliam Hunter (Author)1
From this terrene and mortal shoreWm. Hunter, D.D. (Author)3
Give me but some humble spotWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Go, bring me [them], said the dying fairWilliam Hunter (Author)9
God be praised in every landWm. Hunter, D.D. (Author)3
God of our fathers, whose right handWilliam Hunter (Author)6
God of the forests, fields, and floodsWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Gone, gone from earth's wearisome trialsW. H. (Author)1
Hail, happy day, when Christ, the SonWilliam Hunter (Author)4
Hail, happy morn, I gladly riseWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Hail, hidden mystery of graceW. H. (Author)1
Hail the day that brought our freedomWilliam Hunter (Author)6
Happy are our days belowWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Happy the day, divinely sweetWm. Hunter, D.D. (Author)2
Happy the spirit released from its clayWilliam Hunter (Author)5
Haste, haste, the clouds ariseWilliam Hunter (Author)3
How blest the man well-doingW. H. (Author)1
How blest the place where Jesus isWilliam Hunter (Author)7
How brightly beams the day of graceW. H. (Author)3
How happy are the favored fewW. H. (Author)6
I am dwelling on the mountain, Where the golden sunlight gleamsWilliam Hunter (Author (attributed to))17
I am fading away to the land of the blestWilliam Hunter (Author)12
I left my heavenly FatherWilliam Hunter (Author)4
I seek a place which is out of sightW. H. (Author)12
If some kind wealthy friend should waitWilliam Hunter (Author)2
I'll meet thee at the hour of prayerWilliam Hunter (Author)3
Im Himmel ist mein Heim so schoenWilliam Hunter (Author)2
I'm traveling to another sphereW. H. (Author)1
In error's ways you vainly roamWilliam Hunter (Author)4
In seasons of grief to my God I'll repairWilliam Hunter (Author)58
In that bright world of joy aboveWilliam Hunter (Author)3
In the Christian's home in gloryWilliam Hunter (Author)12
In this glad employWilliam Hunter (Author)5
Jerusalem, built grandly highW. H. (Author)1
Jerusalem, thy mansions fairW. H. (Author)6
Joyfully, Joyfully, onward I move, Bound to the land of bright spirits aboveHunter (Author)226
La tierna voz del SalvadorWilliam Hunter (Author)7
Let others choose the place of mirthWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Llenos de gozo que Cristo nos daWilliam Hunter (Author)4
L'ngfelsfuld ile nu Tankerne hjemWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Look not on the wine become redWm. Hunter, D.D. (Author)5
Lord, thou hast with thee on highW. H. (Author)1
Love, love, love, Love for the fallen weakW. H. (Author)1
Many souls on life's dark oceanRev. Wm. Hunter, D. D. (Author)11
Mit Himmelhjem er skjoen og kj'rWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Mourn, my harp, the soon departedWm. Hunter, D.D. (Author)3
My heavenly home is bright and fair we'll be gathered homeWilliam Hunter (Author)35
My heavenly home is bright and fairWilliam Hunter (Author)2
My heavenly home is bright and fair, Nor pain nor death can enter thereWilliam Hunter (Author)383
My heavenly home is bright and fair, I have a home in gloryWilliam Hunter (Author)1
My heavenly home is bright and fair, I long to be thereWilliam Hunter (Author)11
My heavenly home is bright and fair, When the general roll is called, I’ll be thereWilliam Hunter (Author)2
My heavenly home is bright and fair, I feel like traveling onWm. Hunter (Author)71
My hope hath found a resting placeW. H. (Author)2
My Lord, my Life, at last to theeWilliam Hunter (Author)8
My mansion in the skyW. H. (Author)1
My name is now in heaven recordedW. H. (Author)1
My soul is happy in its choiceWilliam Hunter (Author)3
No, I cannot, cannot yetWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Now sendest thou thine autumn, LordWilliam Hunter (Author)2
O blessed Lord, be near usWilliam Hunter (Author)2
O give me the flowers that never decayWilliam Hunter (Author)3
O had I the wings of a dove, I would flyWilliam Hunter (Author)5
O happy the day he was bornWilliam Hunter (Author)5
O how can I forgetWilliam Hunter (Author)2
O how shall I praise my adorable SaviorWilliam Hunter (Author)2
O Jesus, immaculate LambWilliam Hunter (Author)4
O no, I never can forgetWilliam Hunter (Author)2
O praise the Lord, he dwells on highWilliam Hunter (Author)2
O who would remain in this prison of clayWilliam Hunter (Author)5
O yes, I'll join the union bandWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Of all the bright ensignsWm. Hunter, D.D. (Author)2
O give me the riches that never decayWilliam Hunter (Author)3
O how can I forget the hourW. H. (Author)6
O meet me at the throne of graceW. H. (Author)4
O, praise the Lord, his name extol, The God of skill and mightW. H. (Author)1
O sing to me of heaven When I am called to dieRev. Wm. Hunter (Author)1
Our Father, God, and KingWilliam Hunter (Author)4
Our gracious Savior and our LordWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Our heavenly Father, Let thy nameWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Our kindred dear to heaven have [are] goneWilliam Hunter (Author)10
Pilgrim and stranger, where dost thou strayWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Pray brethren pray, the prayer of faithWilliam Hunter (Author)3
Proclaim ye rasomed ones proclaimW. H. (Author)1
Religion is a glorious treasureW. H. (Alterer)1
Review the palsied sinner's caseW. H. (Author)8
Rise, sinner, rise, The Master calleth for theeWilliam Hunter (Author)3
Safe, safe within the arkWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Saints exult adieu to tearsW. H. (Author)7
Saints of God what glories meet yeWilliam Hunter (Author)3
Sinners, the city where you dwellW. H. (Author)7
Soon shall we see the glorious morningRev. Wm. Hunter (Author)12
Soon we shall see, shall see the glorious morningWilliam Hunter (Author)7
Tearfully lay her down to restRev. W. Hunter, D.D. (Author)3
The child, the child, the king old prophet saidWilliam Hunter (Author)3
The grave is void, the grave is voidW. H. (Author)1
The great Physician now is hereWilliam Hunter, 1811-1877 (Author)936
The heavenly home is bright and fairHunter (Author)10
The hosts of God, the unseen hostsW. H. (Author)1
The light of truth is breakingWilliam Hunter (Author)23
The music of his steps was soughtWilliam Hunter (Author)3
The shades of night are goneWm. Hunter (Author)3
The Shepherd of soulsRev. Wm. Hunter (Author)3
The stars the stars those lamps of lightW. H. (Author)1
The vernal flowers their beauties spreadWilliam Hunter (Author)7
There are moments when music's soft numbers enchantWilliam Hunter, D.D. (Author)2
There comes a day, a fearful dayWilliam Hunter (Author)9
There is a God, awestruck, I feelWilliam Hunter (Author)2
There is a land, surpassing fairW. H. (Author)2
There is no name so sweet on earthRev. William Hunter (Author (refrain))1
There is a place where my hopes are stayedWilliam Hunter (Author)63
There is a place where the angels dwellRev. W. Hunter (Author)5
There is a river deep and darkWilliam Hunter, D.D. (Author)1
There is a spot to me more dear Than native vale or mountainWilliam Hunter (Author)71
This earth has [hath] many a pleasant sweetWilliam Hunter (Author)6
This may be thy latest callWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Though flowers of hope so early fadeWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Though poor my condiction, and low my degreeWilliam Hunter (Author)3
Though to a distant regionW. H. (Author)5
To Jordan's banks our hosts are comeWilliam Hunter (Author)4
To the promised home in gloryWilliam Hunter (Author)22
'Twas in the days of vernal primeWilliam Hunter (Author)3
Up, the voice from heaven is soundingWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Vor sjælelæge nu er nærWm. Hunter (Author)2
Wake, Christian soldiers, wakeWilliam Hunter (Author)3
We are joyously voyagingWilliam Hunter (Author)31
We are one in sinful natureW. H. (Author)1
We're bound for the land of pure delightWilliam Hunter (Author)2
We're bound for the land of the pure and the holyWilliam Hunter (Author)78
We're marching to the promised landW. H. (Author)41
What a wonder of mercy is thisWilliam Hunter (Author)2
When day first dawned upon my soulWilliam Hunter (Author)2
When I set out for heavenWilliam Hunter (Author)7
When Jacob, the pilgrim, was wearied by dayW. H. (Adapter)1
When, O Creator, when thy mightW. H. (Author)1
When the holy fire descendedWilliam Hunter (Author)1
Where Babel's drooping willows stoodWilliam Hunter (Author)5
While in this hostile regionWilliam Hunter (Author)3
While wandering to and froWilliam Hunter (Author)19
Who shall forbid our grateful [chastened] woeWilliam Hunter (Author)9
Who would mourn, and pine, and languishWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Why wanderest thou so far from homeW. H. (Author)6
Why, weepest thou and sighestWilliam Hunter (Author)2
With faces turned for Zion's hillWilliam Hunter (Author)2
Woe, woe to the sinner who lives in his sinWilliam Hunter (Author)10
Ye erring souls that wildly roamW. H. (Author)8
You may sing of the beauties of the mountains and daleWilliam Hunter (Author)39

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