Songs of the New Crusade: a collection of stirring twentieth century temperance songs

Editor: Rev. Elisha A. Hoffman
Publisher: Hope Pub. Co., Chicago, 1916
Language: English
Notes: The page scan is missing a page.
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1Push the crusade on! the battle must be wonPage Scan
2No, comrades, no, I thank youPage Scan
3Hush, little wet townPage Scan
4Strike for prohibition, And for nothing lessPage Scan
5A call for loyal soldiers Comes to one and allPage Scan
6Never mind reverses when they come to youPage Scan
7In God we trust! He is our strong defensePage Scan
8Everywhere are broken hearts and sad and weeping eyesPage Scan
9Come, register your name, my friendPage Scan
10Soldiers of Jesus! shout your battle cryPage Scan
11It will save the state and nationPage Scan
12On, on, Jesus goes before usPage Scan
13Our country must from drink be freedPage Scan
14It would be a sad moment for homes fair and brightPage Scan
15Prohibition! prohibition! This our great battle cry!Page Scan
16Enlist for Jesus, fall in line!Page Scan
17Soldiers of Christ, arise, And put your armor onPage Scan
18Defenders of right and assailants of wrongPage Scan
19God calls for warriors brave and strongPage Scan
20A saloonless nation in nineteen twentyPage Scan
21Our land among the nations holds a high and mighty placePage Scan
22Mary had a little votePage Scan
23The saloon keepers all may be very nice menPage Scan
24What can we do for you?Page Scan
25The story! why really nowPage Scan
26Oft in danger, oft in woePage Scan
27There's a battle going on todayPage Scan
28I have seen a mother weepingPage Scan
29My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art minePage Scan
30O who owns the big, shapely autoPage Scan
31If you knew that your boy with eyes of bluePage Scan
32If we wish to free our country from the curse of DinkPage Scan
33God, the all-terrible! King, who ordainestPage Scan
34Almighty Lord of all! Ruler of nations!Page Scan
35O how sweet the recollectionsPage Scan
36Gentlemen, your votes, pleasePage Scan
37Be kind, leave me alone, ladsPage Scan
38Say not the evils round youPage Scan
39Dear mother, cease your weary weepingPage Scan
40Sing we our battle song, sing it loud and clearPage Scan
41A mightier army's marching onPage Scan
42Come and help us, friends of temp'rancePage Scan
43Forward march with songPage Scan
44We are little servants of the KingPage Scan
45After many years of prayingPage Scan
46Let NO be your answerPage Scan
47God is coming! God is coming! shout aloud the glad refrainPage Scan
48Where'er we go the people sayPage Scan
49Awake, my countrymen, awake!Page Scan
50A poor, fallen drunkard is dying todayPage Scan
51Once he was so light and fairPage Scan
52Afar from the noise of the city and townPage Scan
53Thinking not of danger, singing as we goPage Scan
54I'm just a little soldierPage Scan
55Oh, hear the sounds that rend the skyPage Scan
56Comrades, long has been the battlePage Scan
57Through the land a call is sounding
58My faith looks up to thee, Thou Lamb of Calvary
59I think I have religion, though I'm not a shining lightPage Scan
60'Tis a battle for the homePage Scan
61As long as the people permit the saloonPage Scan
62The saloon must surely goPage Scan
63The barkeepers seem a pleasant lotPage Scan
64The tramp of marching armiesPage Scan
65May the Lord, our Master, count on you, my friendPage Scan
66O Columbia, the gem of the oceanPage Scan
67Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early lightPage Scan
68aMy country, 'tis of theePage Scan
68bGod save our gracious kingPage Scan
69You purpose to cast a good ballot, my friendPage Scan
70Why should we falter, faint or fear?Page Scan
71Said a man the other day adown in old TennesseePage Scan
72There was a man in our good townPage Scan
73Come and sign the pledge tonight, ladsPage Scan
74Listen, listen, weary comrades!Page Scan
75Come, boys, and pledge your heart and handPage Scan
76Fall into the ranks, lads, and courage with you bringPage Scan
77We're a brave and sturdy crewPage Scan
78Did you vote for Prohibition?Page Scan
79Write it on the liquor storePage Scan
80I will not drink, my comrades, I refusePage Scan
81Be strong to dare and doPage Scan
82Go on! go on! and give thy mightPage Scan
83Quit you like men!Page Scan
84Men of our country, be loyal and truePage Scan
85Alcoholic drinks are poison!Page Scan
86When Samuel wanted moneyPage Scan
87The liquor dealer once was bossPage Scan
88O God! Hear Thou our pleadingPage Scan
89God of love! we plead for dear onesPage Scan
90'Tis a grand and noble army we beholdPage Scan
91Come and join us in our laborsPage Scan
92O God! the battle is too strong for us to overcomePage Scan
93What news is this that cheers the heartPage Scan
94On the water wagon yet?Page Scan
95Our town has gone "dry"Page Scan
96If I were you, O earnest youth!Page Scan
97Come and sign the pledge, our brotherPage Scan
98Shoulder to shoulder we goPage Scan
99Are you going to the polls with a ballot for the Right?Page Scan

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