Sacred Poetry: Consisting of Psalms and Hymns, Adapted to Christian Devotion, in Public and Private. 2nd ed.

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aH.CCVO thou by whose all bounteous handPage Scan
aH.CCVIO Thou, whose tender mercy hearsPage Scan
aH.CCVIIO time, how few thy value weighPage Scan
aH.CCVIIIO 'tis a lovely thing to seePage Scan
aH.CCIXOur Father, throned above the sky [skies]Page Scan
aH.CCXOur heavenly Father calls, And Christ invitesPage Scan
aH.CCXIO ye immortal throng Of angels round the thronePage Scan
aH.CCXIIPatience, O 'tis [what] a grace divinePage Scan
aH.CCXIIIPeace, all ye [the] sorrows of the heartPage Scan
aH.CCXIVPeace, my complaining, doubting heartPage Scan
aH.CCXVPlaced on the verge of youth, my mindPage Scan
aH.CCXVIPraise to God, immortal praisePage Scan
aH.CCXVIIPraise to the Lord of the boundless mightPage Scan
aH.CCXVIIIRaise your triumphant songsPage Scan
aH.CCXIXRemark my soul [with awe] the narrow boundsPage Scan
aH.CCXXSalvation O melodious soundPage Scan
aH.CCXXISee Isr'l's gentle Shepherd stand [stands]Page Scan
aH.CCXXIIShall wisdom cry aloudPage Scan
aH.CCXXIIIShepherds, rejoice, lift up your eyesPage Scan
aH.CCXXIVShould famine o'er the mourning fieldPage Scan
aH.CCXXVShould nature's charms to please the eyePage Scan
aH.CCXXVISing to the Lord, who loud proclaimsPage Scan
aH.CCXXVIISo did the Hebrew prophet raisePage Scan
aH.CCXXVIIISo fades the lovely, blooming flower [flowers]Page Scan
aH.CCXXIXSo let our lips and lives expressPage Scan
aH.CCXXXSoon shall this earthly frame, dissolvedPage Scan
aH.CCXXXIThe days how few, how short the yearsPage Scan
aH.CCXXXIIThe earth and all the heavenly framePage Scan
aH.CCXXXIIIThe God who once to Isr'l spokePage Scan
aH.CCXXXIVThe king of heaven his table spreadsPage Scan
aH.CCXXXVThe law by Moses camePage Scan
aH.CCXXXVIThe promise of my father's lovePage Scan
aH.CCXXXVIIThere is a glorious world on highPage Scan
aH.CCXXXVIIIThere is a house not made with [by] hands, EternalPage Scan
aH.CCXXXIXThe Savior comes, no outward pompPage Scan
aH.CCXLThese glorious minds [ones], how bright they shinePage Scan
aH.CCXLIThe spacious firmament on highPage Scan
aH.CCXLIIThis do in memory of your FriendPage Scan
aH.CCXLIIIThough frightful snares beset me roundPage Scan
aH.CCXLIVThou, Lord, by mortal eyes unseenPage Scan
aH.CCXLVThou Refuge of my [the] weary soulPage Scan
aH.CCXLVIThou vain, intruding world departPage Scan
aH.CCXLVIIThou whom my soul admires abovePage Scan
aH.CCXLVIIIThe uplifted eye and bended kneePage Scan
aH.CCXLIXThus saith the first, the [and] great commandPage Scan
aH.CCLThus saith [speaks] the high and lofty OnePage Scan
aH.CCLIThus saith the Lord, who built the heavensPage Scan
aH.CCLIIThus saith the mercy [promise] of the LordPage Scan
aH.CCLIIIThus spake the Savior, when he sentPage Scan
aH.CCLIVThy wisdom, power and goodness, LordPage Scan
aH.CCLV'Tis wisdom's earnest cryPage Scan
aH.CCLVITo God the only wise, our Savior and our KingPage Scan
aH.CCLVIITo heaven my grateful soul ascendsPage Scan
aH.CCLVIIITo Jesus our exalted Lord, dear [that] [the] name by heaven and earth adoredPage Scan
aH.CCLIXTo Jesus, our victorious LordPage Scan
aH.CCLX'Twas on that [a] dark, that [and] doleful [awful] [dreary] night [day]Page Scan
aH.CCLXIVain are the hopes the [that] sons of menPage Scan
aH.CCLXIIUnvail [Unveil] thy bosom, faithful tombPage Scan
aH.CCLXIIIWelcome, thou day of restPage Scan
aH.CCLXIVWe sing our Savior's wondrous deathPage Scan
aH.CCLXVWhat cannot resignation do?Page Scan
aH.CCLXVIWhen all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]Page Scan
aH.CCLXVIIWhen pale with sickness oft has thouPage Scan
aH.CCLXVIIIWhen verdure clothes [robes] the fertile valePage Scan
aH.CCLXIXWhence do our mournful thoughts arisePage Scan
aH.CCLXXWhen death appears before my [our] sightPage Scan
aH.CCLXXIWhen doubts and fears prevailing risePage Scan
aH.CCLXXIIWhen fainting in the sultry wastePage Scan
aH.CCLXXIIIWhen I review the crooked [devious] waysPage Scan
aH.CCLXXIVWhen I survey the wondrous crossPage Scan
aH.CCLXXVWhen sin and sorrow, fear and painPage Scan
aH.CCLXXVIWhen sinners quit their wicked waysPage Scan
aH.CCLXXVIIWhen the blest Comforter is nighPage Scan
aH.CCLXXVIIIWhen true religion gains a placePage Scan
aH.CCLXXIXWhen wild confusion wrecks the air [world]Page Scan
aH.CCLXXXWhere shall the tribes of Adam findPage Scan
aH.CCLXXXIWherewith shall guilty man appearPage Scan
aH.CCLXXXIIWhilst shepherds watched their flocks by nightPage Scan
aH.CCLXXXIIIWhilst some in folly's pleasure rollPage Scan
aH.CCLXXXIVWhilst thee I seek, protecting powerPage Scan
aH.CCLXXXVWho, from the shades of gloomy night [gloomy shades of night]Page Scan
aH.CCLXXXVIWho shall the Lord's elect condemnPage Scan
aH.CCLXXXVIIWhy do we [ye] [you] mourn departing [departed] [for dying] friendsPage Scan
aH.CCLXXXVIIIWhy should the world's alluring toysPage Scan
aH.CCLXXXIXWith cheerful voices rise and singPage Scan
aH.CCXCWith deep contrition, grief and shamePage Scan
aH.CCXCIWith flowing eyes and bleeding heartsPage Scan
aH.CCXCIIWith joy we meditate the [thy] gracePage Scan
aH.CCXCIIIWith restless agitations tossed [tost]Page Scan
aH.CCXCIVWith wonder, Lord, our souls proclaimPage Scan
aH.CCXCVYe golden lamps of heaven, farewell [adieu]Page Scan
aH.CCXCVIYe humble souls, approach your GodPage Scan
aH.CCXCVIIYe humble souls complain no morePage Scan
aH.CCXCVIIIYe thirsty souls, approach the springPage Scan
aH.CCXCIXYe wretched, hungry, starving poor Behold a royal feastPage Scan
aH.CCCZeal is that [the] pure and heavenly flamePage Scan

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