The Sweet Singer of Israel: a collection of hymns and spiritual songs, usually sung at camp, prayer, and social meetings, and revivals of religion (New ed. much enlarged)

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1Why stand ye here idle, my friends, all the dayPage Scan
2Hail ye hosts of seraphs brightPage Scan
3The Son of Man they did betrayPage Scan
4This world is all a fleeting showPage Scan
5This world's not all a fleeting showPage Scan
6What happy children, who follow [wait on] JesusPage Scan
7To leave my dear friends, and with [from] my neighbors [kindred] to departPage Scan
8'Tis my happiness belowPage Scan
9There is a school on earth begun, Supported [Instructed] by the Holy OnePage Scan
10Since man by sin has lost [gone from] [strayed from] his GodPage Scan
11My brethren all, on you I callPage Scan
12Hail the blest morn when [see] the great MediatorPage Scan
13Of all religions that are foundPage Scan
14Native land, in summer smilingPage Scan
15Cast thy burdens on the LordPage Scan
16From whence doth [does] this [the] union arisePage Scan
17Go forth to distant landsPage Scan
18Look not upon the wine when itPage Scan
19Dash the drunkard cup in piecesPage Scan
20Holy Book, thy sacred pagesPage Scan
21Trust thou not in worldly pleasuresPage Scan
22Savior, slain, and slain for mePage Scan
23The song of salvation it is so divinePage Scan
24Hark! hark! what sounds are these so pleasingPage Scan
25In all my Lord's appointed waysPage Scan
26Let others, wrapt in self conceitPage Scan
27We are but young, yet we may singPage Scan
28There is a book, I've heard them sayPage Scan
29Thou changing, terrestrial statePage Scan
30Farewell to thee, brotherPage Scan
31Go, my brother, God doth call theePage Scan
32From all that's mortal, all that's vainPage Scan
33What poor despised companyPage Scan
34How painfully pleasing the fond recollection Of youthful connections [emotions]Page Scan
35Luke warm souls, the foe grows strongerPage Scan
36Young people, all, attention givePage Scan
37Farewell, my dear brethren, the time is at handPage Scan
38See the Lord of glory dyingPage Scan
39What think ye [you] of Christ, is the testPage Scan
40A soldier, Lord, Thou hast me madePage Scan
41Author of mercies, God of lovePage Scan
42Poor trembling sinner, tell me whyPage Scan
43Hear, gracious God [Lord], a sinner's cryPage Scan
44Ye sons of war, I pray, draw nearPage Scan
45Jerusalem, my happy home, O how I long for theePage Scan
46The Lord into his garden comesPage Scan
47Dark and thorny [stormy] is the desertPage Scan
48Holy Bible, book divine, Precious treasure, thou art minePage Scan
49Once more, dear brethren, join to singPage Scan
50Like a ship, see the churchPage Scan
51Brethren, we have met to worship, and adore the Lord our GodPage Scan
52Awake my heart, my soul arisePage Scan
53Guide me, O thou great JehovahPage Scan
54Begone, unbelief, [for] my [our] Savior is nearPage Scan
55Inquiring souls, who long to findPage Scan
56How firm a foundation, ye [you] saints of the LordPage Scan
57Drooping saints no longer grieve, HeavenPage Scan
58Though in the outward, earthly church belowPage Scan
59Ye children of Zion that's [who are] aiming for gloryPage Scan
60Hear the royal proclamation, the glad tidingsPage Scan
61Come tell me wandering sinnerPage Scan
62Brother soldier, still fight onPage Scan
63Ye angels who mortals attendPage Scan
64Come, Thou long expected Jesus [Savior], Born to set thy people freePage Scan
65Hosanna to Jesus, I am filled with his praisePage Scan
66The trump of the gospel resounds through the landPage Scan
67Whither goest thou, pilgrim strangerPage Scan
68Hear the gospel trumpet soundingPage Scan
69Who will go to rear the standardPage Scan
70Hail, thou everlasting SaviorPage Scan
71Morn is the time to wakePage Scan
72My thoughts on awful subjects rollPage Scan
73Come, we [ye] [you] that love the Lord indeedPage Scan
74Come weary soul [souls] with sin [sins] distressedPage Scan
75Throughout the Savior's life we [I'll] tracePage Scan
76Savior, I do feel Thy merit, sprinkled with redeeming bloodPage Scan
77Ye weary heavy laden soulsPage Scan
78Ye happy souls, whose peaceful mindsPage Scan
79O thou in whose presence my soul takes delightPage Scan
80His vestments of righteousnessPage Scan
81Come, and taste along with mePage Scan
82Afflictions, though they seem severePage Scan
83My days, my [and] weeks, my [and] months, my [and] yearsPage Scan
84Awaked by Sinai's awful soundPage Scan
85How lost was [is] my [our] conditionPage Scan
86Jesus, engrave it on my heartPage Scan
87Jesus, dear name, how sweet it [the] sound(s)Page Scan
88Come, ye poor and thirsty sinnersPage Scan
89Whatever disasters of naturePage Scan
90I long to see the season [seasons] come when sinnersPage Scan
91When blooming youth is [are] snatched [called] awayPage Scan
92While angels strike their tuneful stringsPage Scan
93How sweet is the cordial of lovePage Scan
94Farewell, my dear brethren, I bid you farewellPage Scan
95Come, humble sinner, in whose breastPage Scan
96Hark, the jubilee is soundingPage Scan
97Ye jewels of my MasterPage Scan
98In evil long I took delightPage Scan
99Saw ye [you] my Savior, saw ye [you] my SaviorPage Scan
100As near to Calvary I passPage Scan

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