Songs for Sunday Schools and Gospel Meetings

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3All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallPage Scan
4Amid life's wild commotionPage Scan
5Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of lifePage Scan
6Give me Jesus and his lovePage Scan
7Thine forever, God of lovePage Scan
8The way is long and drearyPage Scan
9Would you be as angels arePage Scan
10Master, the tempest is ragingPage Scan
12I have found him at lastPage Scan
13I am coming to the cross, I am poorPage Scan
14Joy ye in Jesus, seek ye to proclaim himPage Scan
15Fairest Lord Jesus, Ruler of all naturePage Scan
16Savior, more than life to me, I am clingingPage Scan
17Lord, I believe thee, yes, I believe theePage Scan
18Take the name of Jesus with you, child of sorrowPage Scan
19Beside the well at noontime, I hear a sad onePage Scan
20Oppressed with noonday's scorching heatPage Scan
21My heart has heard the SaviorPage Scan
22In seasons of grief to my God I'll repairPage Scan
23Rest of the weary, joy of [to] the sad [soul]Page Scan
24Waiting is the golden harvestPage Scan
25Speak, speak for JesusPage Scan
26There's not a star whose twinkling light shines [illumes]Page Scan
27Why not, why not give thy heart to JesusPage Scan
28Shall peace on earth be waitingPage Scan
29Fade, fade, each earthly joyPage Scan
30By and by, O feeble heartedPage Scan
31More love to thee, O Christ [God]Page Scan
32O weary was the load I borePage Scan
33Jesus, meek and gentlePage Scan
34Jesus, I love thee better than tongue can tellPage Scan
35Thou hast heard, beloved, that gentle callPage Scan
36There was joy in heavenPage Scan
37Art thou weary, art thou languidPage Scan
38Lord, weak and impotent I standPage Scan
39Any little corner, LordPage Scan
40Wake the anthem wild and freePage Scan
41Bring your every care to Jesus, Jesus, your almighty friendPage Scan
42All is light and beauty on the other sidePage Scan
43God's tender care for those he lovesPage Scan
44Jesus, nearer to thy side, nearer alwaysPage Scan
45Now I have found a friendPage Scan
46Awake, my soul, in joyful laysPage Scan
47Speed thou on, happy dayPage Scan
48The music of heaven is sweeter in measurePage Scan
49On the threshold, lo there standeth OnePage Scan
50In heavenly love abidingPage Scan
51Memories of the past come swellingPage Scan
52O soul, come to the mercy seatPage Scan
53I have strayed away from JesusPage Scan
54Now crucified with Christ I amPage Scan
55These are the crowns that we shall wearPage Scan
56There's a land that is fairer than thisPage Scan
58Come, let us sing of Jesus, While hearts and accents blendPage Scan
59Children of Jerusalem sang the praisePage Scan
60Able to save, yes, able to savePage Scan
62Long did I toil and knew no earthly restPage Scan
63Holy Father, hear my [our] cryPage Scan
64Sad and weary with my longingPage Scan
65Still with thee, O my GodPage Scan
66There's a beautiful shining riverPage Scan
68There were ninety and nine that [who] safely layPage Scan
69Brother hast thou wandered farPage Scan
70After many days, so the promise standsPage Scan
72Jesus, lead us with [by] thy powerPage Scan
73Sun of my soul [our souls], thou [my] [O] Savior [Father] dearPage Scan
74O Jesus, sweetest namePage Scan
75Something, my God, for theePage Scan
76O, far, far away, in the quiet low valleyPage Scan
77Take me O my Father, take mePage Scan
78Ring the bells of heaven, there is joy todayPage Scan
79What a friend we have in JesusPage Scan
80Of all God's tender promisesPage Scan
81Come, brother, Jesus saith, I am the wayPage Scan
82Christian, toil on in lovePage Scan
83Angels from the realms of lightPage Scan
84No tears in heaven, assurance sweetPage Scan
85With quickly fading laurels charmedPage Scan
86Love for all and can it bePage Scan
87Is thy trembling heart awearyPage Scan
88While we journey, swell the chorusPage Scan
89No surrender to the foePage Scan
90We sing the precious tidingsPage Scan
91Nearer, my God, to TheePage Scan
92If only I have TheePage Scan
93Savior, I follow on, guided by TheePage Scan
94Have we not reason to rejoicePage Scan
95The Lord is my refuge and strengthPage Scan
96Jesus, Jesus, much I need theePage Scan
97O thou to whom all creatures bowPage Scan
98Cling to the Mighty OnePage Scan
99He leadeth me, I need not fearPage Scan
100Sweet the words that greet my earPage Scan
101O for the robe [robes] of whiteness, O [And] for the tearless eyesPage Scan
102When the clouds hang darkly o'er usPage Scan
103With quickly fading laurels charmedPage Scan
104Higher yet and higherPage Scan
105Lean thy weary head on JesusPage Scan
106Up and away, like the dew of the morningPage Scan
107Our glad voices let us raisePage Scan

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