Silver Trumpets

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d1At the ending of the journey we will lay our burdens down
d2Behold the lamb, for sinners slain
d3Bells of love from above
d4By an eye of faith I see sweet heaven
d5Darkest clouds may hang above you
d6Darkness fall around me
d7Father, lead me by the hand
d8Have you a burden too hard to bear
d9Here on earth you may talk and brag
d10How sweet will be the promised land
d11I am a pilgrim and a stranger in this land
d12I am a poor pilgrim of sorrow
d13I am going to a city where the streets with gold
d14I am rolling, rolling
d15I dare not try to walk alone
d16I have found a Friend in my dear Lord and King
d17I have often heard how it's goin' to be
d18I know that foes will oft assail me
d19I long to be just like my Lord
d20I love the blessed Savior divine
d21I soon shall leave this world of sin
d22I want my life to testify
d23I want to go to the city where Jesus dwells
d24I will get the best that heaven has for me
d25If you are burdened down with care
d26I'll lean on Jesus day by day
d27I'm looking very soon for my blessed Lord to come
d28I'm now on a journey
d29I'm on my way to Canaan land
d30In all my sin, there was not one
d31In the garden bowed one night
d32In the morning of joy what a great happy day
d33I've a home up yonder
d34I've a longing in my heart for heaven
d35I've a story to tell, 'tis the story of Jesus
d36I've been blue the whole day through
d37Jesus came from his home above
d38Jesus, Lover of my soul, Greatest story ever told
d39Jesus, my [mine] [our] all, to heaven is [has] gone
d40Jesus, the Savior, came down from above
d41Just a few more days
d42Just a few more days to roam
d43Let thy banner be unfurled
d44Lord, I want to be a Christian in [in-a] my heart
d45Lord, I've been praying to thee
d46Lost in the night, cursed by sin's blight
d47Man was made the image of his Maker
d48Mansions are prepared above
d49Many times bent low by a heavy load
d50Many times here we suffer along
d51Many years I've traveled on this weary road
d52My country, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty
d53My heart was full, full of despair
d54My stay down here will not be long
d55Never a doubt should we entertain
d56O I had a little talk with my dear Jesus
d57O I have been made whole
d58O soul, if you are tempest tossed
d59O [Sweet] land for [of] rest for thee I sigh
d60O think a moment, careless one
d61O yes, the Savior is good to me
d62Oft we meet with disappointment
d63Often below we ahve seen pain and woe
d64Often times it seems my joy I'd lose
d65On the rugged cross of Calvary, Jesus gave
d66Once a slave in the bondage of Satan
d67Once I wandered alone in blackness of night
d68Once I wandered, lost in sin
d69Once I was a sinner, in darkness all alone
d70Once I was lost with soul cast down
d71Once I was straying in sin's dark valley
d72Once my life was empty, I was lone and sad
d73Once my soul was drifting in the shadows
d74Out on the perilous deep
d75Peace like a river flows through my soul
d76Peace, perfect peace from my guilt I am free
d77Sad is the plight of one lost in the night
d78Satan led my soul astray
d79Search me, O God [Lord], and know my heart today
d80Since I am saved from sin
d81So many have longed for the blessing
d82Some day I'll pass from earth
d83Some day when this life on earth is ended
d84The Bible oft declares the matchless story
d85The joy of heaven is swelling in my soul
d86The love of God has been extended
d87The weight of our sin no mortal can bear
d88There are people everywhere that sympathize
d89There is a flame within my soul
d90There is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Immanuel's vein [veins]
d91There is a land beyond the river
d92There is a thought that gives me cheer
d93There will be a happy meeting in heaven
d94There's a lovely country where saints shall never grow old
d95There's a time that's surely coming
d96This short life will soon be over
d97Thy will, dear Lord, be done
d98Time is passing by, my race will soon be run
d99'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus
d100'Twas alone in the garden

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