Vep B. Ellis

Vep B. Ellis
Short Name: Vep B. Ellis
Full Name: Ellis, Vesphew Benton, 1917-1988
Birth Year: 1917
Death Year: 1988

Vesphew Benton Ellis (1917 - 1988)

Vep Ellis was one of the most prolific and beloved songwriters in Southern Gospel. He served as a Church of God minister for 49 years. He also published more than 500 songs over the course of a career that also saw him record five albums and numerous singles of his own. Vep served for several years as music director for the Oral Roberts Ministries and as music director of the Tennessee Music And Printing Company. He also owned his own publishing company, Vep Ellis And Sons Music. His songs have been recorded by nearly every Southern Gospel artist.

SGMA Hall Of Fame (2001)
Solo Discography


Vep Ellis, Jr. and his wife Lavone are the senior pastors of Sheridan Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pastor Vep Ellis has a great heritage of gospel ministry and music. He was the Minister of Music at Sheridan Christian Center for 14 years then went on to serve as the Music Director and Dean of Music for the Kenneth Hagin Ministries and RHEMA Bible training center for eight years. In 1984, he returned to Sheridan as Senior Pastor. While at RHEMA, Pastor Ellis formed the RHEMA Singers and Band and recorded several albums. Pastor Ellis is the son of internationally known V.B. “Vep” Ellis, Hall of Fame songwriter and recording artist. Vep Jr. and his brothers occasionally tour the country promoting their own CD’s of their Dad’s music. They have sung at the Palace in Branson, MO; Lee University; and other venues. They were recently invited to appear on the Bill Gaither videos.
He and his wife Lavone have two beautiful daughters, Tiffani and her husband Barry Owens and Tara and her husband Rodney Crum, and five wonderful grandchildren who live in the Tulsa, OK area. Eleven years ago Lavone was diagnosed with a serious liver disease and was given 2 years to live. She was at the point of death many times, but through a miracle of prayer and faith in God’s Word, she received a liver transplant in 1994 and is a living miracle.

Texts by Vep B. Ellis (111)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A morning thought to guide my stepsVep B. Ellis (Author)2
All that I expect to beVep B. Ellis (Author)2
All the day long, as I go onVep B. Ellis (Author)4
All you ever talk aboutVep B. Ellis (Author)2
At the end of the trailVep B. Ellis (Author)4
Brother, why are you sadVep B. Ellis (Author)4
Christ is everything I'm needingVep B. Ellis (Author)4
Daily walking in the blessed light of loveVep B. Ellis (Author)1
Day by day, on my way, I meet problemsVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Down here we have our disappointmentsVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Drifting along in the shadows of nightVep B. Ellis (Author)3
For many years I walked aloneVep B. Ellis (Author)2
For many years I wandered outside the Master's foldVep B. Ellis (Author)2
God's holy word with truth unfurledVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Have faith in God, believe in [on] JesusVep B. Ellis (Author)English7
Have you a burden too hard to bearVep B. Ellis (Author)6
Have you a heart that's wearyV. B. E. (Author)5
He never said I'd have silver or goldVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Heavenly love was all that could help meV. B. (Vep) Ellis (Author)English10
I am changed today, for all my sins are washed awayVep B. Ellis (Author)6
I am looking forward to a timeVep B. Ellis (Author)2
I am out on life's oceanVep B. Ellis (Author)2
I am traveling through a world of sadnessV. B. E. (Author)English6
I have forsaken allVep B. Ellis (Author)3
I have started out to walk in the lightVesphew Benton Ellis (Author)English2
I travel God's highwayVep B. Ellis (Author)2
I want to serve my blessed LordVep B. Ellis (Author)2
If the road before you offers naught but toil and painV. B. E. (Author)English8
If you could see past the great divideVep B. Ellis (Author)2
I'll bear my load, I'll press alongVep B. Ellis (Author)2
I'm a pilgrim, I'm a stranger, Through a strange landVep B. Ellis (Author)English2
I'm feeling so much betterVep B. Ellis (Author)2
I'm going to that land so bright and fairVep B. Ellis (Author)3
I'm happy serving JesusVep B. Ellis (Author)3
I'm only on a visit in this vain world of careVep B. Ellis (Author)1
In the desert of this creationVep B. Ellis (Author)2
It may not be in morning's lightVep B. Ellis (Author)4
I've a home that's far above the trouble of this lifeRev. V. B. (Vep) Ellis (Author)1
I've enlisted in God's army fightingVep B. Ellis (Author)2
I've left the path of sin and shameVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Jesus holds the keys of life in heavenVep B. Ellis (Author)3
Jesus knows all of your trials, knowsVep B. Ellis (Author)4
Jesus knows my sorrowVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Jesus Savior hear my cryVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Let me touch Him, let me touch JesusV. B. Ellis (Author)English4
Liberty, liberty, 'tis my pleaVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Look to the Lord he's comingVep B. Ellis (Author)3
Looking toward the sunsetVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Lord, if I'm living a life all my ownV. B. E. (Author)3
Lord, I've been praying to theeVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Many things will come to give you grief and sorrowVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Many times bent low by a heavy loadVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Moonbeams shining keep remindingVep B. Ellis (Author)4
My Savior knows my troublesVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Now listen to me, friend, you're coming to the end of life in this old world of sinVep B. Ellis (Author)2
O what a joy in Christian living day by dayVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Old Moses saw the burning bushVep B. Ellis (Author)2
On earth we cope with sin and with trialsVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Once I was a sinner dying deep in sin's embraceVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Once I was lost in deep despairVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Once my life was empty, I was lone and sadVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Once upon a time, not a joy was mineVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Over the wild restless seaVep B. Ellis (Author)3
Press along on the homeward wayVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Satan led my soul astrayVep B. Ellis (Author)8
Sing, brother, sing, make praises ringVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Singing for Jesus, he is my songVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Sin's pleasures are behindVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Some glad morning when I leaveVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Some happy day this life will all be o'erVep B. Ellis (Author)3
Sometimes I feel so happyVep B. Ellis (Author)3
Sorrows all gone, Dark shadows all flownVep B. Ellis (Author)2
The Bible oft declares the matchless storyVep B. Ellis (Author)3
The clouds have passed awayVep B. Ellis (Author)6
The Lord has been so good to me, He set my captive spirit freeVep B. Ellis (Author)English4
The love of God has been extended to a fallen raceVep B. Ellis (Author)7
There are people everywhere that sympathizeVep B. Ellis (Author)2
There are times when we must say goodbyVep B. Ellis (Author)2
There is a thought that's ever ringing in myVep B. Ellis (Author)4
There is a way that seemeth right, The steps go on with easeV. P. Ellis (Author)1
There was once a time when in my heart I was condemned to dieVep B. Ellis (Author)English11
There's a home beyond the sky (Ellis)Vep B. Ellis (Author)2
There's a time that's surely comingVep B. Ellis (Author)3
There's a wonderful peace from heaven aboveVep B. Ellis (Author)2
They tell me of a cityVep B. Ellis (Author)1
Though angels may not greet youVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Though others would be lonelyVep B. Ellis (Author)3
Thy will be done, dear Lord, in meVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Traveling homeward, tired, weary and wornVep B. Ellis (Author)2
¿Vives cansado y triste?V. B. Ellis (Author)Spanish4
Wandering from God and rightVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Wandering from God and right, my soul was lostV. B. E. (Author)8
We are fighting with all our heart and soulVep B. Ellis (Author)2
We are headed for that greatVep B. Ellis (Author)2
We often see people who started the raceVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Well, I have been reading, and I've been feeding upon the precious word of GodV. B. E. (Author)2
What would Jesus doVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Whatever comes and whatever goesVep B. Ellis (Author)2
When I was struggling against the powers of sinVep B. Ellis (Author)2
When I'm heavy ladenVep B. Ellis (Author)5
When the moon and the sun, shall declare day is doneV. B. (Vep) Ellis (Author)English4
When to the Lord I did prayVep B. Ellis (Author)3
When we leave this lowlandV. B. E. (Author)10
When you are in the trialVep B. Ellis (Author)2
While going down o'er life's rugged pathwayVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Why be weary, why be sadVep B. Ellis (Author)2
Why seek the living among all the deadVep B. Ellis (Author)2
With our Lord we are talkingVep B. Ellis (Author)2
You ask me why I keep on going day by dayVep B. Ellis (Author)2
You may have chosen to travel in sinVep B. Ellis (Author)3
You've got to be humbleVep B. Ellis (Author)2
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