The Shenandoah Harmony: A collection of shape-note tunes, ancient and modern, for singing groups large or small

Publisher: The Shenandoah Harmony Publishing Company, Boyce, VA, 2012
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176Glory to God on high; Let earth and skies replyWORTHY THE LAMB
177Thy words the raging winds controlCOROMANDEL
178Lord, I am come! thy promise is my pleaEFFORT
179Our cheerful voices let us raiseSEPARATION
180While shepherds watch'd their flocks by nightGLORY SHONE AROUND
181How lost was my conditionGOOD PHYSICIAN
182When on my beloved I gazeSWAIN
183This spacious earth is all the Lord'sPARIS
184Lord, when thou didst ascend on highSINAI
186O could our thoughts and wishes flyWORLDS BEYOND THE SKY
187In the bright season of thy youthBRIGHT SEASON
188Sweet is the day of sacred restLEWISBURGH
190Come, Christians, be valiant, our Jesus is near usHAREWELL
191My beloved! haste awayRICHMOND
192We are expos'd all day to dieBUNKER HILL
193O were I like a feather'd doveSOLITUDE IN THE GROVE
194Deep in a cold, a joyless cellDESPAIR
195Awake, my soul, to meet the dayHUDSON VALLEY
196Hark! don't you hear the turtle doveTURTLE DOVE
197O come, and to his temple hasteSIXTY-FIVE SOUTH
198I send the joys of earth awayNEWPORT
199Deep in our hearts let us recordCARLISLE
200Hark! from the tombs a doleful soundATTENTION
201To thee, in youth's bright morningDIANA
202Death with his warrant in his handMORPHEUS
203Ye weary heavy laden'd soulsFORSTER
204Wake up, wake up, ye drowsy sleeper!WAKE UP
205I have a loving old father at homeMARION
206Come all ye saints and sinners nearEXPERIENCE
207When shall we meet again?FRIENDSHIP
208Shall we go on to sinINTERROGATION
209Why do we mourn departing friendsCONSOLATION
210Death, like an overflowing streamAMANDA
211O now Amanda's dead and goneDESPAIR
212O God, our help in ages pastAUGUSTA
213How pleasant 'tis to seeMACHIAS
214Behold the splendor, hear the shoutNORTHBOROUGH
216Now let our lips with holy fearSOUTHBOROUGH
217Jesus, I love thy charming nameJUNIATA
218ACome all, who love my Lord and masterREDEEMING GRACE
218BBehold the Rose of Sharon hereROSLIN CASTLE
220How splendid shines the morning starMORNING STAR
221Friendship to ev'ry willing mindFRIENDSHIP
222My life's a shade, my daysFUNERAL HYMN
223When God reveal'd his gracious nameAMERICA
224Awake, arise, behold thou hastPREPARATION
225Our life contains a thousand springsSURPRISE
226Dark and thorny is the desertTHORNY DESERT
227Hear me O Lord, nor hide thy faceBERNE
228In vain the wealthy mortals toilMILINDA
229I'd rather live a beggarBEGGAR
230Broad is the road that leads to deathSOMERSET
231The world recedes, it disappearsOLIVET
232Jesus, and shall it ever beDAVISSON'S RETIREMENT
233Hosannah to Jesus, I'm filled with his praisesHOSANNAH
234Dismiss us with thy blessings, LordWASHINGTON
235Let all the earth their voices raiseBALTIMORE
236AMy God, the visits of thy faceWANTAGE
236BHow strange the works! How great thy skill!MAQUOKETA
238My soul, thy great Creator praiseDOVER
239From regions of love, lo! an angel descendedVOICE TO THE SHEPHERDS
240Ye careless sons of Adam's raceSONS OF WAR
241ANow the Savior stands a-pleadingSINNER, CAN YOU HATE THE SAVIOR
241BThe sun and moon proclaim thy pow'rSTRIZAK
242God will arise in all His mightBOULDER
243Father, I stretch my hands to TheeBALM IN GILEAD
244Death shall not destroy my comfortCONCERT
245Methinks I see a heav'nly hostBOSTON
246ACome, descend, O heavenly SpiritPALMS OF VICTORY
246BTis joy enough, my all in allAMELIA
247Through dangers thick and hell's alarmsCRUMBLY
248ASin, and the pow'rs of hellSINGING PILGRIM
248BChristians, I am on my journey!TRIUMPH
249I'll praise my maker with my breathSPRING VALLEY
250I love my blessed SaviorCARNSVILLE
251On Jordan's stormy banks I standJORDAN'S SHORE
252While shepherds watch'd their flocks by nightNEW BETHLEHEM
253Yes, my native land, I love theeMY NATIVE LAND
254The God of glory sends his summons forthPENNSYLVANIA
256Wide as the world is thy commandWINDSOR
257The spacious firmament on highVOICE OF NATURE
258Millions of years may roll awayLAMENTATION
259Bright scenes of glory strike my senseMECKLINBURG
260AI am a stranger here belowCONFLICT
260BI long to see the seasons comeBOWEN
262While shepherds watch'd their flocks by nightCHARLSTON
263What if the saint must dieSUDBURY
264ALord, vouchsafe to us thy blessingANIMATION
264BHow long, thou faithful God, shall IMILLBROOK
265The day is past and goneEVENING HYMN
266Is this the kind returnAUSTRIA
268My God, the spring of all my joysTRANQUILITY
269Behold, the blind their sight receiveBROAD STREET MINISTRY
270Come all ye tender-hearted ChristiansTENDER-HEARTED CHRISTIAN
271When shall we all meet again?WHEN SHALL WE ALL MEET AGAIN
272Joy to the earth the Savior reignsSOUNDING JOY
273Draw us, O God with sov'reign graceCHOCKSET
274How did my heart rejoice to hearZION
276AWeak is the effort of my heartSALEM
276BHow painfully pleasing the fond recollectionFAMILY BIBLE

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