Temple Themes and Sacred Songs: with the Christian workers' training class lessons

Editor: Charles H. Yatman
Publisher: John J. Hood, Philadelphia, 1888
Notes: 't' indicates songs in the hymnal under the "Themes" section of the book. 's' indicates the hymns located in the "songs" section.
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t1Joy to the world, the Lord is comePage Scan
t2Saviour, like a shepherd lead usPage Scan
t3Jesus loves me! This I knowPage Scan
t4Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayerPage Scan
t5In the Christian's home in gloryPage Scan
t6Though troubles assailPage Scan
t7Around the throne of God in heavenPage Scan
t8Jesus, the weary and wandrer's restPage Scan
t9Soldiers of Christ, arisePage Scan
t10I love to tell the storyPage Scan
t11Work, for the night is comingPage Scan
t12O happy day, that fixed my choicePage Scan
t13Who are these in bright arrayPage Scan
t14In the cross of Christ I gloryPage Scan
t15Blow ye the trumpet, blowPage Scan
t16More love to Thee, O ChristPage Scan
t17Alas! and did my Saviour bleedPage Scan
t18My faith shall triumph o'er the gravePage Scan
t19We are but strangers herePage Scan
t20Hark! the herald angels singPage Scan
t21O could I speak the matchless worthPage Scan
t22O for a faith that will not shrinkPage Scan
t23Jesus, lover of my soulPage Scan
t24Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morningPage Scan
t25Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dearPage Scan
t26A charge to keep I havePage Scan
t27O the bitter shame and sorrowPage Scan
t28Amazing grace! how sweet the soundPage Scan
t29Watchman, tell me, does the morningPage Scan
t30O for a closer walk with GodPage Scan
t31Arise, my soul, arisePage Scan
t32How solemn are the wordsPage Scan
t33O for a heart to praise my GodPage Scan
t34Look ye saints the sight is gloriousPage Scan
t35Bring the tithes into the storehousePage Scan
t36How tedious and tasteless the hoursPage Scan
t37Love divine, all love excellingPage Scan
t38There is a fountain filled with bloodPage Scan
t39In the silent midnight watchesPage Scan
t40My soul, be on thy guardPage Scan
t41How happy are theyPage Scan
t42I'm not ashamed to own my LordPage Scan
t43There is a happy landPage Scan
t44Come, ye sinners, poor and needyPage Scan
t45Holy Spirit, faithful GuidePage Scan
t46Today, if you will hear his voicePage Scan
t47Today the Saviour callsPage Scan
t48Almighty God, thy word is castPage Scan
t49From all that dwell below the skiesPage Scan
t50One sweetly solemn thoughtPage Scan
t51Glorious things of thee are spokenPage Scan
t52One more day's work for JesusPage Scan
t53Salvation! oh, the joyful soundPage Scan
t54Cling to the Mighty OnePage Scan
t55When shall we meet againPage Scan
t56I'm a pilgrim, and I'm a strangerPage Scan
t57Jesus, and shall it ever bePage Scan
t58Sow in the morn thy seedPage Scan
t59Guide me, O thou great JehovahPage Scan
t60O mother dear, JerusalemPage Scan
t61From every stormy wind that blowsPage Scan
t62All people that on earth do dwellPage Scan
t63Jesus! the name that charms our fearsPage Scan
t64Fade, fade, each earthly joyPage Scan
t65Jesus, I my cross have takenPage Scan
t66Walk in the light! so shalt thou knowPage Scan
t67I love thy kingdom, LordPage Scan
t68God is my strong salvationPage Scan
t69From Greenland's icy mountainsPage Scan
t70That blessed law of thinePage Scan
t71Jesus wept! those tears are overPage Scan
t72Oh, do not let the Word departPage Scan
t73I was a wandering sheepPage Scan
t74Grace! 'tis a charming soundPage Scan
t75Hark, ten thousand harps and voicesPage Scan
s3In thy cleft, O rock of ages[In thy cleft, O rock of ages]Page Scan
s4I love my Saviour, his heart is good[I love my Saviour, his heart is good]Page Scan
s5My soul for light and love had earnest longings[My soul for light and love had earnest longings]Page Scan
s6Are you ready for the Bridegroom[Are you ready for the Bridegroom]Page Scan
s7Should the death angel knock at thy chamber[Should the death angel knock at thy chamber]Page Scan
s8Be earnest, my brothers[Be earnest, my brothers]Page Scan
s9One more day its twilight brings[One more day its twilight brings]Page Scan
s10O, think of a home over there[O, think of a home over there]Page Scan
s11Repeat the story o'er and o'er[Repeat the story o'er and o'er]Page Scan
s12Cast thy bread upon the waters[Cast thy bread upon the waters]Page Scan
s13Praise ye the Lord, the hope of our salvation[Praise ye the Lord, the hope of our salvation]Page Scan
s14Beyond the silent river[Beyond the silent river]Page Scan
s15Friends of yore have flown to heaven[Friends of yore have flown to heaven]Page Scan
s16We are pilgrims looking home[We are pilgrims looking home]Page Scan
s17Weary pilgrim on life's pathway[Weary pilgrim on life's pathway]Page Scan
s18In vain in high and holy lays[In vain in high and holy lays]Page Scan
s19Should the summons, quickly flying[Should the summons, quickly flying]Page Scan
s20I want to be a worker for the Lord[I want to be a worker for the Lord]Page Scan
s21Brother for Christ's kingdom sighing[Brother for Christ's kingdom sighing]Page Scan
s22Sound the battle cry[Sound the battle cry]Page Scan
s23A ruler once came to Jesus by night[A ruler once came to Jesus by night]Page Scan
s24There are songs of joy that I loved to sing[There are songs of joy that I loved to sing]Page Scan
s25Hover o'er me, Holy Spirit[Hover o'er me, Holy Spirit]Page Scan
s26We shall reach the river side[We shall reach the river side]Page Scan
s27I have heard a most wonderful story[I have heard a most wonderful story]Page Scan

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