The Vocal Companion: containing a concise introduction to the practice of music, and a set of tunes of various metres, arranged progressively for the use of learners

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1To God the King of heav'n preparePage Scan
2The glorious armies of the skiesPage Scan
3Eternal Spirit, mighty LordPage Scan
4There is a land of pure delightPage Scan
5Lord we adore thy namePage Scan
6Behold the bright morning appearsPage Scan
7Sing to the Lord, let praise inspirePage Scan
8Come hither all ye weary soulsPage Scan
9Welcome sweet day of restPage Scan
10We bless the prophet of the LordPage Scan
11Why does your face, ye humble soulsPage Scan
12Shout to the Lord, and let your joysPage Scan
13Come, let us join a joyful tunePage Scan
14Lo! what a glorious cornerstonePage Scan
15The Lord, the sov'reign kingPage Scan
16Great is the Lord our GodPage Scan
17Come, sound his praise abroadPage Scan
18Hosanna, with a cheerful soundPage Scan
19Now for a tune of lofty praisePage Scan
20Gentiles by nature, we belong Page Scan
21My Saviour God, my sov'reign PrincePage Scan
22Nor diff'rent food, nor diff'rent dressPage Scan
23Thus saith the Ruler of the skiesPage Scan
24There is a land of pure delightPage Scan
25Behold the glories of the LambPage Scan
26Ye nations round the earth, rejoicePage Scan
27Songs of immortal praise belongPage Scan
28O Love divine, what hast thou donePage Scan
29Infinite grief! amazing woe!Page Scan
30The glories of my Maker GodPage Scan
31Alas! how fast our moments flyPage Scan
32The God of glory sends his summons forthPage Scan
33Great God, the heav'ns well order'd framePage Scan
34My soul with joy attendPage Scan
35Lord, hast thou cast the nation offPage Scan
36I hear the voice of woe!Page Scan
37Then winter throws his icy chainsPage Scan
38Methinks the last great day is comePage Scan
39Thou whom my soul admires abovePage Scan
40In solemn state, O God, descendPage Scan
41Praise, everlasting praise be paidPage Scan
42Glory and honor be to theePage Scan
43'Tis but a few, whose day amountPage Scan
44The God of glory sends his summons forthPage Scan
45Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to standPage Scan
46Lord, how delightful 'tis to seePage Scan
47Give me the wings of faith to risePage Scan
48I give immortal praisePage Scan
49Begone unbeliefPage Scan
50Lord of the worlds abovePage Scan
51I sing th'Almighty pow'r of GodPage Scan
52See the Lord of glory dyingPage Scan
53Sweet peace, descend and blessPage Scan
54See how the mounting sunPage Scan
55Firm was my health, my day was brightPage Scan
56That awful day will surely comePage Scan
57How should the sons of Adam's racePage Scan
58To God I made my sorrows knownPage Scan
59Behold the wretch whose lust and winePage Scan
60Death, 'tis a melancholy dayPage Scan
61Who has believ'd thy wordPage Scan
62Behold the love, the gen'rous love that holy David showsPage Scan
63I'll tidings never can surprizePage Scan
64Jehovah speaks, let Israel hearPage Scan
65From age to age exalt his namePage Scan
66Thou great and sacred Lord of allPage Scan
67O wonder of wonders, astonish'd I gazePage Scan
68Jesus with all thy saints abovePage Scan
69Faith! 'tis a precious gracePage Scan
70Jesus, our soul's delightful choicePage Scan
71O thou that hear'st when sinners cryPage Scan
72God is in heav'n, and men belowPage Scan
73Lo, he cometh; countless trumpetsPage Scan
74Come and let us ascendPage Scan
75Hearts of stone, relent, relentPage Scan
76Come, thou Almighty KingPage Scan
77When Christ to judgment shall descendPage Scan
78Lord of the worlds abovePage Scan
79Now let our pains be all forgotPage Scan
80Stoop down, my thoughts, that us'd to risePage Scan
81Come, and let us sweetly joinPage Scan
82Ye servants of th' almighty KingPage Scan
83Thrice happy man, who fears the LordPage Scan
84To Sion's hill I lift mine eyesPage Scan
85Son of God, thy blessing grantPage Scan
86The morning dawn, the rising sunPage Scan
87Not to our names thou only just and truePage Scan
88Thron'd on a cloud our god shall comePage Scan
89Life like a vain amusement fliesPage Scan
90Great God, while nature speaks thy praisePage Scan
91Sweet is the day of sacred restPage Scan
92Come, let us recordPage Scan
93Lord, thou art good, all nature showsPage Scan
94O tell me no morePage Scan
95Head of the church triumphantPage Scan
96On wings of love the saviour flewPage Scan
97Hail thou once despised JesusPage Scan
98Weary world of sin and anguishPage Scan
99We bless the God, whose bounteous lovePage Scan
100Mighty God, while angels bless theePage Scan

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