The Voice of Triumph (19th ed.)

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Publisher: J. H. Lamb, Cleveland, Oh., 1903
Editor: Joshua Gill, Geo. A. McLaughlin, Jno. R. Sweney, W. J. Kirkpatrick
Language: English
Notes: There are unnumbered hymns in the hymnal that have been given the preceding number followed by "b" by the editor.The first page is missing from the page scan.
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1There is one mighty to save you today
2Take my life, and let it be, consecratedPage Scan
3Sinner, the Savior is calling todayPage Scan
4No one but Jesus can cleanse me from sinPage Scan
5I turned from broken cisternsPage Scan
6Jesus is living, and reigneth on highPage Scan
7I am saved, the Lord hath saved mePage Scan
8There is [There's] sunshine in my soul todayPage Scan
9Redeemed, how I love to proclaim itPage Scan
10When the curtains are lifted, O what shall IPage Scan
11Savior, come and dwell in mePage Scan
12When I shall awake in that fair morn of mornsPage Scan
13On the mount of wondrous gloryPage Scan
14In this vale of mists and shadowsPage Scan
15Great is the love that brought mePage Scan
16We shall walk with him in whitePage Scan
17How oft in holy conversePage Scan
18In the blood of Jesus that was shed for mePage Scan
19I bring to Thee, my Savior, My weak and wandering heartPage Scan
20Sing on, ye joyful pilgrimsPage Scan
21On the happy golden shorePage Scan
22Awake, my soul, in [to] joyful [joyous] laysPage Scan
23I see my Savior hanging on the bloody treePage Scan
24Be not afraid, only believePage Scan
25Full salvation, full salvation, lo, the fountainPage Scan
26I've reached the land of corn and winePage Scan
27O sinner, are you seeking that country in the skyPage Scan
28Loving kindness ever lastingPage Scan
29Jesus, thine all victorious lovePage Scan
30Come, mourner, dry thy tears, Bid unbelief be gone; Christ will dispel thy fearsPage Scan
31Lord, open thou mine eyesPage Scan
32Come with a promise to Jesus your LordPage Scan
33Savior, we come to Thee, in lowly prayerPage Scan
34While we bow in thy namePage Scan
34bO how happy are theyPage Scan
35Will your anchor hold in the storms of lifePage Scan
36Though dark the pathway, Jesus is our LightPage Scan
37When we reach those bright mansions in gloryPage Scan
38Trust on, is not the Savior at thy sidePage Scan
39Jesus saves me, this I knowPage Scan
40Beautiful city beyond the tidePage Scan
41I was far away in the paths of sinPage Scan
42We walk by faith, and O how sweetPage Scan
43To thy cross, dear Christ, I'm clingingPage Scan
44Are we walking, daily walkingPage Scan
45Jesus is waiting his grace to bestowPage Scan
46O bless the Lord, He cleansed my soulPage Scan
47Since I came at Jesus' biddingPage Scan
48I'm kneeling at the mercy-seatPage Scan
48bJesus, thine all-victorious lovePage Scan
49Be careful, O be carefulPage Scan
50In that fair land where no shadows fallPage Scan
51Room for the world at the cross of the SaviorPage Scan
52O mourner in [of] Zion, how blessed art thouPage Scan
53Pass not by, O Savior minePage Scan
54Do you love the blessed SaviourPage Scan
55There's a message from the LordPage Scan
56All my life long I had pantedPage Scan
57I was once out of JesusPage Scan
58I'll work for Jesus, for he saves my soulPage Scan
59Sing, O sing the love of Jesus, boundlessPage Scan
60Of him who did salvation bring I could for ever think and singPage Scan
61There'll be music over Jordan, such as ear hath never heardPage Scan
62Help me to sing, O Lord, help me to singPage Scan
63In the secret of his presence I am kept from strife of tonguesPage Scan
64Come to JesusPage Scan
65My Savior with his blood hath boughtPage Scan
66There's a wideness in God's mercyPage Scan
67While I am praying for grace day by dayPage Scan
68When once I mourned a load of sinPage Scan
69In perfect peace thou keepest himPage Scan
70My life, my love I give to theePage Scan
71Wonderful words of blessingPage Scan
72There's a cleansing stream, and it flows for allPage Scan
73Do you know the blessed SAviour's at the door?Page Scan
74O day of rest [peace] and gladnessPage Scan
75He sat by the well at the noontidePage Scan
76Nearer the cross my heart can sayPage Scan
77Thanks be to Jesus, his mercy is freePage Scan
78There is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Immanuel's vein [veins]Page Scan
79What mercy at the cross we seePage Scan
80Bring all your sin to the Crucified OnePage Scan
81O glorious hope of perfect [heavenly] lovePage Scan
82O this uttermost salvationPage Scan
83I have the witness, Lord, within That Thou hastPage Scan
84Lord, I seek thee, heavy ladenPage Scan
85We are never, never weary of the grand old songPage Scan
86When Jesus laid his crown asidePage Scan
87Walking with Jesus, from morning till nightPage Scan
88There is perfect cleansing in the precious bloodPage Scan
89O the glory hallelujahPage Scan
90All praise to him who reigns above In majesty supremePage Scan
91The fountain of life we have foundPage Scan
92Jesus, Thine all-victorious lovePage Scan
93What a fellowship, what a joy divinePage Scan
94There's a city that looks o'er [on] the valleyPage Scan
95No work, no merit of my ownPage Scan
96My heart was once heavy with sadnessPage Scan
97There's a spring of joy unfailingPage Scan
98I have heard my Savior callingPage Scan

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