William J. Kirkpatrick

William J. Kirkpatrick
Short Name: William J. Kirkpatrick
Full Name: Kirkpatrick, William J. (William James), 1838-1921
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1921
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Texts by William J. Kirkpatrick (45)sort descendingAsInstances
ضيعت يا ربي الهناWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)1
Away in a manger, no crib for a bedWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)3
Beautiful day, lovely thy lightWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)14
Come, come to the Savior (Kirkpatrick)William J. Kirkpatrick (Author)2
Fr'lsad fullkomligt, min Herres jag arWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)3
Go preach to every creatureWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)2
Hallelujah, praise Jehovah, From the heavens praise His nameW. J. K. (Arranger)2
Hear the footsteps of JesusW. J. K. (Author)46
Help me, help me, precious SaviorWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)1
I am looking, Lord, to theeWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)5
I bring to Thee, my Savior, My weak and wandering heartW. J. K. (Author)4
I have found a precious Friend, on whose wordW. J. K. (Author)13
I have labored for thee, O sinWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)6
I hope to meet you all in gloryW. J. Kirkpartick (Author)1
I'll sing of Jesus' wondrous love, and whatWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)4
I've wandered far away from GodWilliam James Kirkpatrick, 1838-1921 (Author)174
Jesus, my Savior, is all things to me, O whatW. J. K. (Author)29
Jesus, Savior, great exampleW. J. K. (Author)26
Just as Thou wilt, Lord, thisWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)2
Let the redeemed of the Lord say so (Kirkpatrick)William J. Kirkpatrick (Author)2
Like a lost sheep on the mountain astrayW. J. K. (Author)3
My Father's voice was callingW. J. K. (Author)2
Nuestra vida acabaráWilliam Kirkpatrick (Author)2
O for a soul, aglow with loveW. J. K. (Author)14
O, hør Frelserens fodtrinWm. J. Kirkpatrick (Author)2
I left it all with JesusW. J. K. (Adapter)1
O Jesus, Thou Shepherd divine!Wm. J. Kirkpatrick (Author (attributed to))1
O'er squander'd wealth and wasted yearsWm. J. Kirkpatrick (Author)1
Praise the Lord, sing hallelujah, From the heavens praise God's nameWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Adapter)1
Que mi vida entera estéWilliam Kirkpatrick (Coro)3
Redeemed, how I love to proclaim itWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)2
Saved to the uttermost: I am the Lord'sW.J. Kirkpatrick (Author)117
Savior, who in love divineKirkpatrick (Author)5
Sweetly I'm resting in JesusW. J. K. (Author)2
Take my life and let it beWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)10
The comforter is here todayWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)3
There stands upon the landing placeWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)1
There's a firm sheltering rockW. J. K. (Author)11
There's a land, beautiful land, just beyondW. J. K. (Author)2
To the cross of Christ, my SaviorWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)24
Vom Heiland irrte ich so weitW. J. K. (Author)2
Weary pilgrim on life's pathwayW J. K. (Author)23
Weary with walking aloneWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)1
What are the words that we must sayWilliam J. Kirkpatrick (Author)6
Who, who is he, who, who is he that overcomethW. J. K. (Author)14

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