Wartburg Hymnal: for church, school and home

Editor: O. Hardwig
Publisher: Wartburg Publishing House, Chicago, 1918
Denomination: Norwegian Lutheran Church of America
Language: English
Notes: The hymnal skips some numbers
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1Blessed Jesus, at Thy wordTextPage Scan
2To God be glory, peace on earthTextPage Scan
3Ye lands, to the Lord make a jubilant noiseTextPage Scan
4Speak, O Lord, Thy servant hearethTextPage Scan
5Lord Jesus, tho' but two or threeTextPage Scan
6With the Lord thy task beginTextPage Scan
8Lord Jesus Christ, be present nowTextPage Scan
9Lord, a little band, and lowlyTextPage Scan
10Holy, holy, holy, Lord!TextPage Scan
11All glory be to God on highTextPage Scan
12Abide in grace, Lord JesusTextPage Scan
13And now we must bid one another farewellTextPage Scan
14And the grace of God our FatherTextPage Scan
15May the grace of Christ our SaviorTextPage Scan
16Amen! be His Word and SpiritTextPage Scan
18Savior, again to Thy dear name we raiseTextPage Scan
19Safely through another weekTextPage Scan
20Praise to Thee and adorationTextPage Scan
21How blessed is the little flockTextPage Scan
22Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessingTextPage Scan
23Lord, Thy blessing send usTextPage Scan
24God be with you till we meet again!TextPage Scan
25Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!TextPage Scan
26Let me be Thine foreverTextPage Scan
27Awake, my soul, and with the sunTextPage Scan
28My heart its incense burningTextPage Scan
29Great God in heav'n, who by my bedTextPage Scan
30How lovely now the morning starTextPage Scan
31When morning gilds the skiesTextPage Scan
33From east the sun, in splendor dressedTextPage Scan
34In the early morningTextPage Scan
35God, who madest earth and heavenTextPage Scan
36Now that the sun is beaming brightTextPage Scan
37Evening and morningTextPage Scan
38Refreshed by gentle slumbersTextPage Scan
39Dayspring of eternityTextPage Scan
40Lord God of morning and of nightTextPage Scan
41Awake, my heart, rejoicingTextPage Scan
42Lord, for the mercies of this nightTextPage Scan
43Heav'n and earth, and sea, and air TextPage Scan
44O holy, blessed TrinityTextPage Scan
45Abide with me: fast falls the eventideTextPage Scan
46Father Almighty, darkness now is deep'ningTextPage Scan
47Now the day is overTextPage Scan
48O Christ who art the light and dayTextPage Scan
49And whither wilt Thou, Pilgrim dear?TextPage Scan
50The sun has long departedTextPage Scan
51Now God be with us, for the night is closingTextPage Scan
52Lord, to Thee I lift my eyesTextPage Scan
53The sun has gone downTextPage Scan
55The day is past and overTextPage Scan
56The day is done; O God the SonTextPage Scan
57The sun is sinking fastTextPage Scan
58Softly now the light of dayTextPage Scan
59Now to gain a night's reposeTextPage Scan
61Savior, breathe an evening blessingTextPage Scan
62Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear usTextPage Scan
64Sunk is the sun's last beam of lightTextPage Scan
65Now rest beneath night's shadowsTextPage Scan
66Since now the day has reached its closeTextPage Scan
67Thou who art Three in UnityTextPage Scan
68Sun of my soul, Thou Savior dearTextPage Scan
69Dear Father in heavenTextPage Scan
70Lord, keep us safe this nightTextPage Scan
71As o'er the realm of natureTextPage Scan
72Hallelujah! Fairest morning!TextPage Scan
73God Himself is presentTextPage Scan
74This is the day of lightTextPage Scan
75Open now Thy gates of beautyTextPage Scan
76Glory to the blesséd Jesus!TextPage Scan
77Arise, sons of the kingdom!TextPage Scan
78O come, O come, ImmanuelTextPage Scan
79O that I had an angel's tongueTextPage Scan
80O how shall I receive Thee TextPage Scan
81Sing Hosanna! Blessed be He that comethTextPage Scan
82Sing Hosanna! Zion, sing!TextPage Scan
83Lift up your heads, ye mighty gatesTextPage Scan
85Zion's daughter, O rejoice!TextPage Scan
86Once He came in blessingTextPage Scan
87O Thou Redeemer of our race!TextPage Scan
88Come,Thou Savior of our raceTextPage Scan
89A Babe is born in BethlehemTextPage Scan
91O thou joyful day, O thou blesséd dayTextPage Scan
92There came a little Child to earthTextPage Scan
93Immanuel! we sing Thy praiseTextPage Scan
94Sleep, my Savior, sleepTextPage Scan
95Lo, how a rose e'er bloomingTextPage Scan
96What is new upon the earth?TextPage Scan
97The happy Christmas comes once moreTextPage Scan
98The Babe in Bethl'em's manger laidTextPage Scan
99O come, little children, O come, one and allTextPage Scan
100Unto us a Child is bornTextPage Scan
101Praise God the Lord, ye sons of menTextPage Scan
102O let us praise the Christmas treeTextPage Scan
103Now sing we, now rejoiceTextPage Scan
104Thou Holy Jesus, meek and mildTextPage Scan
105O come, all ye faithful, Joyful and triumphantTextPage Scan
106Joy to the world! the Lord is comeTextPage Scan
107It came upon the midnight clearTextPage Scan
108O holy Child, we welcome TheeTextPage Scan

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