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A Baptismal Song

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Scored for Congregation, Flute, Organ

Focusing on the Rite of Baptism in corporate worship, this unique hymn setting combines two hymns, "See This Wonder in the Making" (set to an accesible new tune, HANNAH'S SONG, written for the baptism of the
composer's daughter) and "Children of the Heavenly Father" using the Swedish folk song, TRYGGARE KAN INGEN VARA.

Following an Introduction for organ and optional flute, the two hymns are sung in alternatim-the stanza of the first hymn sung by the congregation with interpolations of the second sung by children's choir or soloist. The organ accompaniment reflects the texts throughout.

Voicing: Congregation
Instruments: Organ, opt. Flute
Topics: Baptism

Product Types: Shippable Product
Shippable Product
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Robert A. Hobby
Instrumentation: Congregation Flute Organ
Difficulty: Moderately Easy